5 Rules You Must Follow

Cannabis consumers have come a long way since its legalization in the country. They are far more confident and aware of the health value of these products. Moreover, the education around storage, dosage, and safety has increased. But the pandemic has changed the consumption etiquette significantly as the focus is beyond safe dosage and consumption precautions now. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned consumer, you must follow some rules to stay safe and have a good time. Here are the ones you must stick with in the new normal.

Sharing is not caring

If you are accustomed to the puff and pass culture, it is time to change your perspective. Sharing is no longer caring as it elevates the risk of infection. The best way to consume cannabis now is by not sharing your stash and devices. It is equally important to follow the social distancing rules at get-togethers. Moreover, you must avoid crowded venues and enjoy your sessions in small groups at home. 

Brush up on your basics

You may be a seasoned cannabis consumer, but it is the right time to brush up on your basics. Know your strains and products well so that you have realistic expectations. It becomes even more crucial when trying a new product. Make sure you start small when experimenting, as it enables you to manage the high. Besides dosing carefully, follow all other precautions religiously. 

Stick with quality products and brands

Pandemic or no pandemic, you should never compromise with product quality as it translates into safety. Shop only from reputed stores and brands, even if you have to pay a little extra. You can explore online stores like buy my weed online to shop in a few clicks. Get smarter by checking the reviews of products and sellers to ensure you stick with top quality.

Keep devices clean

Keeping your devices clean is another rule you must follow in the new normal. Even if you do not share devices, cleanliness ensures good health. The last thing you want to encounter is an infection from a dirty surface. Moreover, clogged bongs and pipes can damage your lungs if you vape or smoke regularly. Commit to cleaning your devices before and after every use to stay at your healthiest best. 

Respect choices

When it comes to cannabis etiquette rules, do not forget to respect the choices of other consumers. Never force a friend to try a product or method you like. Leave it to them, and let them make their own decisions. You can help them with tips and recommendations, but do not try to influence their choices. If you host a cannabis party, ensure you have different products for the guests. Also, mention the content and ideal dosage so that they can make conscious choices. 

The basic cannabis etiquette remains the same, but you need to go the extra mile with pandemic precautions. Follow these tips, and you can have safe and enjoyable experiences with your gang without worrying about the virus.