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The New E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer possesses a wicked fast heating technology that allows users to start vaping dry herbs (cannabis) faster than any other vaporizer I own, and I own many. The E-CLIPSE vaporizer also has a fairly large, but very effective ‘ceramic’ heating chamber that allows for a pleasant, and long-lasting session of vaping your favorite strains.  This vaporizer sports an easy to read OLED screen that displays temperature, battery life, and more. As a small vaporizer, I like it a lot. But it’s not perfect. At about 4-inches long (or tall, depending), this pocket-friendly vaporizer has a lot going for it, even if it’s not perfect.


Mouthpiece Choices


The E-CLIPSE comes with two mouthpieces. The default mouthpiece is short, too short really, though several friends seem to prefer it to the “glass straw” mouthpiece the kit also comes with. Me? I prefer the glass straw for two reasons; I vape at high temperatures, so I want to avoid any potential heat, and the glass straw just makes the whole process easier.


When I said above that the E-CLIPSE is not perfect, the short mouthpiece was one of the things I was thinking about. It does look good, it fits the whole design concept for the E-CLIPSE, but either the manufacturer should have made the default mouthpiece a bit more heat resistant or a bit longer.

E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

Breaking in the Ceramic Chamber

If you’re anxious to try out the E-CLIPSE or that new OG Kush you just picked up at your local dispensary, you can begin vaping right away. However, I need to warn you that despite the high-quality ceramics used for the chamber, the flavor of the cannabis is slightly off for the first couple of days.


It’s been my experience that while ceramic chambers like the one on the E-CLIPSE last forever and a day, it produces better flavor once it’s vaped through a few bowls. The best thing about a ceramic chamber is the even temperature inside. As long as your cannabis is ground properly, you’ll enjoy every bit of it because of the evenly distributed heat through the ceramic chamber.

Sharpstone Grinder

This isn’t me throwing shade at the E-CLIPSE, but rather a warning for anyone just getting into dry herb (cannabis) vaping. Especially with a vaporizer like the E-CLIPSE, you can’t have a good vape unless you properly grind the cannabis. You can’t crush between your fingers, you can’t feed the chamber pure buds, you need to grind it, and grind it correctly.


Grinders can be somewhat affordable, or somewhat expensive. More so than they need to be, if you ask me. Priced from as low as $29 all the way to $79, NYVapeShop sells a variety of Grinders, and they all do a very decent job of creating nicely ground cannabis for your E-CLIPSE.

SHARPSTONE GRINDER 1I picked up a Sharpstone Grinder for $24.99 and it has done a fantastic job preparing my cannabis for my E-CLIPSE Vaporizer.

Features and Specifications for the Sharpstone Grinder

  • 2 Part Grinder with razor sharp teeth on the top and bottom
  • Dimensions  38mm Diameter x 17.3mm Height
  • Annodized for a smooth finish
  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum rod using the newest in cnc machining technology

Personal Vape Experience with the E-CLIPSE

I’ve already touched on the mouthpiece issue, no need to go over it again. So, more importantly, how does it vape?

In a word, brilliantly….  But with a caution.


When using such a small, ceramic chamber vaporizer, the thickness, or abundance, of vapor will never approach that of the larger, desktop models, or actually going all archaic and smoking it. You can maximize the vapor production with careful grinding, and it will get better with age, but don’t expect the billowing clouds of those huge e-nails or glass bongs.


Most of the cannabis I use is of the Indica strain, and a couple of Hybrids. I vape mostly at night, to relax, and release the stress of the usual day. I don’t want to mess with some of my more complicated, and larger vaporizers when I want to relax, so I’ll fill my chamber with my pre-grinded herb, set the temperature to 435 (I vape a lot of high THC strains), and after two, maybe 3 hits from the E-CLIPSE, I’m ready to sit back and take the rest of the night off.  Here is where the E-CLIPSE truly shines as a portable vaporizer.


There are hundreds of dry herb vaporizers on the market, and more are released every week. The idea, at least to me, is not to be on the hunt to always upgrade to the next best thing, but to find out what you need, what you like, and grow with it. The E-CLIPSE is definitely going to be my go-to nighttime vaporizer.


The ceramic chamber seasons really well, and after a couple of weeks the flavor from your favorite strains will taste unbelievable, and that is the best thing about the E-CLIPSE dry herb vaporizer.


For its size, battery life, and quality of the ceramic chamber, I give the E-CLIPSE a score of “A”. With a better mouthpiece the E-CLIPSE would be an A+ device.


Please look below for the full specs, and a copy of the manual. Even before you decide to buy, always try to read the manual for a dry herb vaporizer to learn its secrets. You would be surprised.


The E-CLIPSE Vape Kit Includes

The E-CLIPSE  Vape kit Includes

FREE USA SHIPPING – Priority & International Shipping Available Too

1 E-CLIPSE Vaporizer

1 Flat Mouthpiece

1 Glass Mouthpiece

4 Silicone Rings

1 USB Charger

1 Cleaning Brush

1 Scraping Tool

1 User Manual

1 Protective Box

Features & Specifications

For use with dry herbs and flowers

Vape Pen Dimensions 90 x 40 x 20 mm

Ceramic Heating Chamber Dimensions cylindrical in shape, 5/8 inch Deep, 3/8 inch Diameter

Lithium polymer battery capacity  2200mah

Customizable temperature settings  adjust your heat setting by a single degree from 300F – 435F

Heat up time  within 20 seconds

Lock/Unlock safety feature press the power button 5 times quickly in a row

Quick Review

The E-CLIPSE Manual Courtesy of NY Vape Shop

Vape Pen Introduction:

The E-CLIPSE vaporizer for dry herbs has an advanced OLED display with full temperature control (300F-435F). Fine tune your vapor experience by a single degree and with the high grade ceramic heating chamber, you will experience and exceptional true vaporization process. To ensure optimal performance and safety of the device, please read the entire instruction manual.

How to load herbs into the vape chamber:
1. Especially with vapes, make sure to use a Herb Grinder to grind up the buds into smaller, evenly ground pieces. Try to avoid manual break up with the fingers, especially with dense nugs.
2. Remove the mouthpiece from the top of the heating chamber be gently pushing or pulling it off.
3. Fill the chamber with the ground up herbs. Pack the herbs in, but do not stuff them in because you will need airflow circulation.
4. Once packed, re-attach the mouthpiece to the top of the heating chamber.

How to turn the vape ON or OFF:

To turn the unit on and get started, just press the power button 5 times very quickly in a row. This is more or less standard for a Dry Herb Vaporizer, and even for the whole vape space. To turn the unit Off, just do the same thing and press the power button 5 times quickly in a row, and do not worry about pressing a sixth or seventh time.  Do Note, the Auto-Shutdown is a safety feature that will automatically turn the vape pen OFF after 5 minutes – just turn it right back on if still needed, but this is just to make sure the unit does not continue to operate unattended in a bag, pocket or something else.

How to adjust and read the temperature settings:

1. The temperature range for the E-CLIPSE vaporizer is from 300°- 400°F.
2. When the vaporizer is powered on, two temperatures will be displayed on the OLED screen.
3. The larger number is the desired temperature. To change the desired temperature setting, press the buttons to increase or decrease the temperature setting. You can also hold the button to change the temperature at a faster pace.
4. The small number is the current temperature of the heating chamber. That number will increase and decrease as the chamber heats and cools.
5. As the chamber is heating it will display the word “HEAT”, and once you reach your desired temperature, the screen will display “WARM”.
6. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to shift the temperature measurement from the Fahrenheit (°F) system to the Celsius (°C) system.
7. The E-CLIPSE comes with memory data function, so when you turn the vaporizer on again, it will automatically heat to the last set temperature setting.

How to charge the Vape and Battery Information:

1. During operation, a Low Battery will be indicated by a flashing red light. That means that you will have to recharge the device. The vape pen will shutdown if the battery becomes excessively low.
2. To charge the device, plug the provided USB cable into the micro usb port on the side of the vaporizer. ONLY use the charger provided with the vaporizer. Use of any other charger can be dangerous and damage the device.
3. As the vape charges, the blue lights will blink. A solid blue light indicates a full charge.
4. A full charge can usually be achieved within 3 hours. DO NOT overcharge.
5. DO NOT leave the vaporizer charging overnight.
6. DO NOT use the device while charging.

Cleaning and Maintaining my vaporizer:

1. Make sure to power down the device before cleaning.
2. Remove the mouthpiece and empty the chamber completely.
3. Use the scraping tool and the cleaning brush to gently remove any excess particles inside and around the chamber.
Important note: While using the vaporizer, parts of it will reach high temperatures. DO NOT clean or disassemble the vaporizer until all parts have cooled down completely. DO NOT immerse or subject the device to liquids of any kind.

Important Safety Information about the E-CLIPSE portable vaporizer:

Warning: Internal Parts of the Vape Pen can reach high temperatures. Use caution when accessing the heating chamber.
1. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Do Not puncture or incinerate.
3. Do Not dismantle for any cleaning or maintenance.
4. Do Not use if damaged.
5. Do Not touch the heating chamber area for at least 10 minutes after use because it will be very hot.
6. Use only provided power supply to charge the battery. Using any other power supply is dangerous and can damage the device.

Herb Grinders for use with Herbal Vapes:

1. Sharpstone Grinder with Hand Crank
2. Sharpstone Grinder with Clear Top