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A Sativa Marvel of Lemon Pound Cake Strain

The Lemon Pound Cake strain is one of the tastiest Sativas on the market, although this has nothing to do with the delectable delicacy of the same name. Lemon Pound Cake is a tasty and potent strain that may be just what the doctor ordered.

Citrusy and tangy, with a hint of funk from the cheese, Lemon Pound Cake is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. Users report feeling sociable, at ease, and joyful when under its influence. While the history of Lemon Pound Cake is shrouded in mystery, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this tasty treat. Learn about the Lemon Pound Cake strain completely here.

Lemon Pound Cake Strain Profile

This hybrid has average THC and CBD concentrations and Sativa dominance. CBD concentrations may reach up to 1%, but most often around 0.3%. The THC level might vary substantially because various growers handle the strain differently. The THC content in lemon pound cake ranges from 15% to 22%.

Some Sativa-dominant varieties are more like a 50/50 hybrid, but this strain is a Sativa. About 80% of the plant is Sativa; thus, it might stimulate you and improve your concentration.


Both the origin and the name of Lemon Pound Cake strain have been subject to debate. Heavyweight Seed cultivators are widely credited as the creators of the hybrid Lemon Pound Cake, a cross between the Lemon Skunk and Cheese strains. The cross between Lemon OG and Jesus OG is a possible ancestor of this variety; however, it is unusual. The Lemon Skunk and Cheese hybrids are the most common source for Lemon Pound Cake strains sold in dispensaries.

Although “Lemon Pound Cake strain” is the most common moniker, there are numerous names for this kind. This variety goes by various names depending on where you find it. The difficulty is that the names of these strains are also used for other hybrids, making it difficult to tell them apart.

Know the strain you’re receiving by knowing the strains its parents were. One popular hybrid is derived from the union of Exodus Cheese and Super Lemon Haze, known as Lemon Cheese. Lemon cheese is technically inaccurate when referring to Lemon Pound Cake. Lemon Cake and Lemon Cheesecake are the most often used aliases.

The terpenes are a key component of this strain’s composition. For instance, the citrus fruit terpene limonene is particularly abundant in this kind. But the strong scent also comes from other terpenes, including phellandrene, myrcene, humulene, carene, and valencene.

A Sativa Marvel of Lemon Pound Cake Strain

Traits of the Lemon Pound Cake Variety


The buds of the Lemon Pound Cake strain of cannabis, which are medium to big, are fluffy and vibrant green with lighter green and yellow highlights and are coated with dark and burnt orange pistils. Plus, the trichomes give it a beautiful, vivid spectrum of hues ranging from blues and purples to olive greens.


The Lemon Pound Cake strain is excellent for individuals who want to relax and enjoy a rich high. The taste is sweet and earthy, with hints of vanilla cake and lemon cheesecake. According to the reviews, it is Skunky with cheese and lemon.


Among hybrid strains, the scent of this cannabis is among the most potent. It has notes of cheese, skunk, musk, and even lemon. Smells strongly like orange, with a tinge of pine and a cheesy, musky finish.


The immediate impact of ingesting the Lemon Pound Cake is a burst of energy and a pleasant state of exhilaration. It makes it a great choice for boosting vitality and appetite. Lemon Pound Cake is consumed by consumers when they have errands to do or workouts to complete. A snack of Lemon Pound Cake is the perfect accompaniment to a day of socializing, strolling around the park or the city, or simply people-watching.

The medical benefits of this strain include easing muscular spasms and reducing tension. Lemon Cake is so delicious that it can even beat headaches and sadness. A hit of this strain is said to provide a surge of mental vigor comparable to that seen in a caffeinated energy drink. Users often feel joyful, energized, and prepared to take on the world.

Lemon pound cake may stimulate your hunger, calm your nerves, or encourage you to go out and mingle, depending on your specific situation. Using the mind-body link of Lemon Pound Cake as a taste incentive may make hiking and working out a lot more enjoyable.

Lemon Pound Cake Strain growing instructions

The outdoor harvest for both sativa and indica strains occurs in the middle of October after a 9-10 week blooming cycle. Due to its modest to medium height and long branches, this flower is cultivated inside, and the plants produce more than the typical blooms. This strain is intense; thus, ventilation systems and carbon air filters should be in place. The Sativa dominance of the genetics is seen in cultivating Lemon Pound Cake strain seeds, which may produce up to 25 ounces per plant when grown outdoors.

Lemon Pound Cake Yield

  • 18 oz/m2 is the average indoor harvest
  • Outdoors, each plant may produce up to 25 ounces.

Professional growers that desire consistent yields year after year utilize feminized marijuana seeds.

Best Growing Techniques for Lemon Pound Cake Strain


The goal of every cannabis producer, whether indoors or outdoors, is to produce a crop of the highest quality possible. Although it may seem easy, time is of the essence when topping cannabis plants. When to top a plant depends on soil quality, plant health, available light, plant size, age, and desired growth pattern.

Growing experts agree that topping cannabis plants improves the quality of the final product. It controls the plant’s overall shape by restraining its tendency toward vertical growth and encouraging it to branch out laterally instead. Therefore, the cola is denser and more robust because of the supporting branches. Topping is only one factor among several that ensures great quality and high yields.


Building a “green carpet” of as many identical plants as possible is the goal of SOG, a method of horizontal intensive gardening. Since the plant forms a single core bud, growers won’t need to allow any space between them. Utilize cuttings from the mother plant you’ve been growing in the closet, and choose the strongest and healthiest ones. If this proves problematic, you may always utilize seeds from a respected bank, which often yield more uniform plants, for your SOG harvests.

Low-stress training

Low-stress training (LST) method involves tying and bending the canopy at strategic intervals to encourage balanced growth. The spherical top and robust side branches formed by LST are an advantage of the training technique. Furthermore, the axillary branches that would have produced tiny blooming sites cannot develop upward and toward the light while the plant grows laterally. In addition, LST is crucial when using a screen because it’s a fantastic method to transform little nugs into massive colas.

Lemon Pound Cake has a taste and scent will likely appeal to those who appreciate cannabis strains with a fruity, funkier profile. Although inexperienced smokers may experience paranoia, this Sativa-dominant strain is soothing and energetic.

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