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Slapz Strain Review

[ez-toc]The Slapz strain from Exotic Genetix delivers exactly as promised. This mostly Indica variety of cannabis is very powerful and has a fascinating history. Some users have noted that this strain has a strong diesel pine flavor and smells quite piney.

The origin of Slapz Strain

Exotic Genetic, a Washington-based American firm, is responsible for creating the Slapz strain. The quality of Slapz is consistent with their previous work. This exceptional hybrid originates from the crossing of two heavy hitters: Grease Monkey and Runtz.

Grease Monkey is one of Exotic Genetic’s inventions. It’s a hybrid strain with very high THC content. The combination of Gorilla Glue and Cookies & Cream yielded this result, and it is also the foundation around which many hybrid cannabis strains have been developed for enthusiasts.

On the other side, Runtz is among the most sought-after varieties. The Zkittlez and Gelato hybrid is the product of breeding two dominant species. The strain’s widespread appeal might be attributed to its sweet, fruity aroma and taste. The THC content is rather substantial and provides a mildly stimulating effect.

The Indica and Sativa ratio in Slapz strain is 60%:40%. THC levels are around 34.22%, CBD levels are about 0.291%, and total cannabinoid levels are about 35.23%. It is a high-THC variety, so its effects will quickly become more potent. You should proceed with care when first using this cannabis strain.

There’s a lot of THC, so the high will come on faster and stronger than expected. Despite its popularity among those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes, inexperienced users should exercise caution.

Taste, aroma, and appearance


Slapz strain contains the characteristic sweet-and-sour taste of lemon citrus, with an exhalation of lavender and diesel aftertastes. Users have reported tasting notes of skunk, diesel, and pine.


Slapz strain has robust earthy undertones, unlike its candy-flavored parent strain, the Runtz strain. It has a pleasant diesel aftertaste and a sweet, creamy, smooth finish.


The nuggets of the Slapz strain in the blossom are thick and spherical; they are dark olive green and have a deep blue hue. In addition, thin amber hair and a fine coating of tiny, blue-white crystal trichomes cover its surface.

Effects and Health Benefits


Slapz Strain Review“Slapz” refers to the sensation one experiences after ingesting the drug. It’s like being slapped in the face, not because it hurts or is unpleasant, but because it comes on so suddenly. It has an almost instantaneous euphoric effect. You’ll experience joy and ecstasy, and your imagination will flourish.

Feelings of tingling joy and contentment will replace the initial high. The initial prickling sensation gives way to blissful relaxation and inattentiveness. After a while, your body and mind will be relaxed to a comfortable degree, allowing you to focus on abstract ideas.

Consumers of Slapz strain have reported feeling stimulated, innovative, and hungry. Anxiety, a dry tongue, and dry eyes are potential side effects. Slapz’s exceptional qualities are due, not unexpectedly, to THC. The pleasure, memory, and cognition-related neurons are all influenced by this cannabinoid. THC also aids in restful sleep and can be used to alleviate pain. Scientists are even investigating the potential of cannabis as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Health benefits

Slapz strain has a high THC content (about 30%) makes it effective for treating various medical issues, including but not limited to chronic stress, anxiety disorders, loss of appetite, nausea, depression, mood swings, migraines, headaches, and chronic pain.

Slapz strain grow information

Slapz strain, as was previously indicated, is an Indica-dominant hybrid. The plants require around sixty days of indoor cultivation before producing flowers. It is also viable in an outdoor setting. The seeds can produce female plants. It develops as a bushy shrub with many tiers. Slapz strain may bloom in as little as 63 days, depending on the environment.

“Yield” refers to the total buds harvested from a cannabis plant. Several variables may affect how much cannabis grows. Plants’ genetic makeup and surrounding environment are two of the most influential. Growing healthy cannabis plants requires enough light and a well-balanced diet. If these requirements aren’t met, the yield will suffer.

The positioning of the plants, the amount of sunlight they get, the temperature, the humidity, the availability of irrigation, and the quality of the soil all influence production while growing plants outdoors. The presence of pests is also crucial. One of the most detrimental garden pests to marijuana plants is spider mites. Remember that if you want to cultivate your plants outside.

The Slapz strain is quite productive. If given enough time in the sun, water, and nutrient-rich soil, each plant should have many buds. Spreading the branches out will enable more of the plant to soak up light, increasing the yield. The enhanced size and volume of the flowers should come from this.

Grow techniques for Slapz seeds

Sea of Green

Growing Slapz strain seeds in a sea of green (SOG) setup is a great technique to maximize yield per square foot. This may be achieved by growing many little plants in a compact area. Due to the close quarters, a canopy of buds forms as the plants mature together, leading to the moniker “sea of green.”

By maximizing canopy utilization, plants are coaxed into flowering ahead of schedule. Because of their small stature, these plants focus their limited resources on producing a single, spectacular bloom rather than several smaller ones. Since they only have to maintain one massive cola, they may begin flowering much sooner than plants that have to feed multiple smaller ones. This quickened maturation phase allows for a greater harvest in less time.

The SCROG method

The screen of Green (SCROG) technique may help indoor growers maximize their yield per square foot. As is typical for cannabis plants, the Slapz seeds will produce plants that grow vertically rather than horizontally. This approach helps limit upward growth while fostering outward expansion. The screen is employed to weave the higher branches down and outward to make consistent canopies while knotting the lower ones up and outward. Since the flower’s nodes are all in the same plane, more of the plant may be able to take advantage of the optimal lighting conditions.


You can prune your Slapz cannabis plants with little effort and fuss. The ideal way to prune cannabis plants is using sharp scissors or a special pair of pruning shears, which may be used to remove the fan leaves and top the plants. When it comes to harvest, many seasoned gardeners prefer to use fine scissors or pruning snips to cut away the innermost, lowest leaves.

Removing just a few fan leaves at a time throughout the vegetative and flowering stages is important. Careless leaf removal may cause stress to the plant, leading to premature flowering and a diminished harvest. Improve your plant’s health by paying attention to any yellowing or wilting leaves.

Slapz is a predominantly indica strain that has the potential to provide a potently soothing head and body high. Because of its intensity and perhaps relaxing effect, it is best smoked at night or when you need to de-stress. Consumers adore Slapz and believe the strain lives up to its moniker.

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