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A Sweet, Yet Strong, Oreoz Cannabis Strain – A Review

What do you obtain when you combine Cookies & Cream with Secret Weapon? Oreoz strain (aka Oreos and Oreo Cookies) is a sweet and strong hybrid marijuana strain. Though the name implies it is a little more than a nice afternoon strain, Oreoz is enjoyable for more than just its sweet and spicy flavor. Below is an outline of everything you need learn about the Oreo marijuana strain.

Genetics of the Oreoz Strain?

Oreo is a Cookies N’ Cream and Secret Weapon hybrid with a strong Indica component. You may need to keep some food on hand because this strain is excellent for people who experience nausea or appetite loss. Your mood will improve as you experience a strong cerebral high and a light physical high. The Cookies and Cream lives up to its name’s delectable flavor. The strain’s 26 % THC content is the only thing that detracts from the nutty and sweet vanilla aromas.

After consuming these exotic feminized weed seeds, you will feel more at ease and improve your mood. Conversely, if you smoke Secret Weapon, you’ll want to wait before consuming again. The strain contains 28% THC and will leave you couch-locked. The tastes, which are sweet and creamy, are very enticing.

Effects of the Oreoz Strain

Even seasoned users who have developed a small tolerance to THC will experience a return to their initial state of inexperience. The strain produces a high that is intense, euphoric and lasts longer than average. Not that it matters since once you get caught up in this one, you won’t want the voyage to stop. Your body won’t either since it will be too busy savoring the pain- and stress-free sensation that Oreoz gives.

Bid farewell to the burden of ongoing worry, anxiety, and sadness and welcome positive, inspiring, and joyful ideas. Oreoz will get you talking, laughing, and unwinding if you’re prone to social anxiety in no time.

Oreoz penetrates your body and mind equally well, becoming increasingly strong with each dose. Most people describe it as having a peculiar blend of calm vitality. You won’t be completing large to-do lists or running marathons, but you won’t be confined to the sofa and incapable of thinking.

You’ll feel peaceful, serene, and at ease while being somewhat functional and attentive. Your body will tingle physically, and you’ll notice a heaviness behind your eyelids. This is an excellent combo to help you sleep (when you’re ready). Oreoz also works well for gastrointestinal problems and sleeplessness, and restless sleep.

Possible adverse effects

Most seasoned users are drawn to the Oreoz because it is a heavy hitter. Unfortunately, this implies that it can be extremely overpowering for those who don’t use it as often or who generally have a lesser tolerance to THC. Due to its high THC content, you run a greater danger of overdosing and passing out.

Also, the high is believed to linger longer than other strains () and get stronger and more intense the more you consume. This strain needs to be used in tiny, carefully regulated dosages.

Overconsumption can result in couch lock, brain fog, greening out, making you feel physically unwell, and other negative effects. If you’re still getting familiar with the Oreoz cannabis strain, take it slow unless you want to spend the rest of the day feeling like a zombie.

Use this strain later in the evening when you only have time to relax or watch a movie. Get lots of food and keep water handy to quench your thirst and reduce the symptoms of dry mouth. Don’t cut down on the snacks because you’ll have a case of the “munchies” unlike anything you’ve ever had.

Characteristics – Appearance, Aroma, and Taste

If you want to grow this weed strain, you’ll be relieved to hear that its scent, while strong, is enticing from the outset. It combines sweet and spicy earth smells with pepper, herbs, nuttiness, vanilla, and chocolate undertones. With only one sniff, you’ll understand why the strain is named after the renowned cookie. To acknowledge the strain’s strength, the predominant scent characteristic of creamy, chocolatey richness is accentuated with a punch of diesel.

This is how an oreo cookie would taste if it were a food cultivated directly from the soil. Nicely, a coating of new dirt coats the combination of creamy, milky, sweet chocolate.

The plants that develop from the Oreoz strain seeds are stunning, with almost-black-looking deep green leaves. The buds, which display bright green and purple hues with a scattering of burned orange pistils, contrast sharply with the leaves’ blackness. The tall, bumpy, and thick buds are packed with resinous trichomes when grown to their maximum potential, despite the moderate yields compared to most.

Growing information

The plant only takes up a little room because it grows to a height of 21.59 cm (8.5 inches). It may be cultivated outdoors, indoors, or in a greenhouse. The plant has a high level of resilience and is robust.

Some growers claim the plant prefers warm to hot temperatures of approximately 77°F and humidity levels of about 75%. This information is consistent with its genetic makeup, which indicates that the parent strain, Cookies & Cream, prefers Mediterranean climes (warm, humid weather). Others claim that a more temperate atmosphere can have positive outcomes.

Although some farmers claim that blooming takes just 53 days, the actual length is generally closer to 9 weeks. There are around 64 days till harvest. The Oreoz strain typically takes 65 days to finish blooming indoors. Yields range from 1 to 2 OZ/FT2.

The range of outdoor yields is 10 to 15 oz/plant. The Oreoz strain’s outdoor flowering period is most likely to occur in late September or early October, the same as its parent, Cookies and Cream strain.

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