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In this review of the Yocan Magneto Wax Vaporizer we’ll look at where value meets performance at a price level must other manufacturers won’t go. For those enthusiasts that may not be familiar with the name, Yocan Technology Co. specializes in “value vaporizers” – quality e-devices offered at reasonable price points. The concept itself is hardly unique. Many, if not most vape companies distribute value vapes, either through their original brand identity or through what is known as a “fighter brand.”


Utilizing a fighter brand, though, has its shares of pitfalls. While a company can actualize strong revenues from attractively-priced vaporizers, it’s also an admission that the products themselves aren’t that great. After all, if they were, why would the manufacturer require a fighter brand in the first place? The answer between the lines is that they don’t want cheap vaporizers to sully their reputation.

Yocan Magneto Wax Vaporizer Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Yocan Vaporizers forwards a different approach. Rather than treat value vapes as something to be scorned, they embraced the category with open arms. That doesn’t mean that they’re proud to be cheap. Rather, they’re putting their best foot forward to deliver a competent vaping experience at a cost that no one can deny.


In particular, the Yocan Magneto Vaporizer is gaining grassroots popularity among high-octane lifestyle vapers, who require a quick, convenient, and affordable platform. Additionally, industry critics also note that the Magneto produces surprisingly flavorful vapes. Is the Magneto right for you? Read on to find out!

A Magnetic Personality for a Great Price

Yocan’s entry into the wax-pen segment is warmly welcomed. Sure, plenty of competitors exist in the space, and many of them forward advancements improving upon prior vaporizer iterations. At the same time, many vape manufacturers have forgotten the whole point about portable vaping. As the number of features rise, so too does the price point.


Typically, many vape enthusiasts who maintain busy, hectic schedules prefer lower-cost wax pens. As people who have dropped an expensive smartphone can attest, stuff happens in the real world. Breaking a value vaporizer doesn’t carry anywhere close to the distress that an irreparably-damaged premium device would cause.


Of course, most vapers are not going to gravitate towards a platform simply on the basis of price. A vaporizer must have a number of user-centric features to justify a transaction. And this is exactly why I’m excited for Yocan. Establishing a reputation for solid engineering at reasonable valuations, Yocan often displays the ideal balance between price and performance.


The Yocan Magneto Wax Vaporizer takes this dynamic and dials it up a notch. Working with a higher MSRP than some of its other products, the Magneto invests these extra dollars to superb use. The most conspicuous example of this investment is the magnetic connections underpinning the chassis. Not only is it quicker and more convenient than the traditional 510 threading of most wax pens, it’s easier to load your choice flavors into the heating chamber.


Another great feature of the Magneto is its “wide-body” platform. While most wax pens go for the tall, lithe look, the Yocan went with a shorter and robust package. The aesthetic appeal is something that will be different from user to user; more importantly, the Yocan Magneto is able to integrate a larger battery than the standard-sized 650 mAh. As you might expect, vapers can enjoy more sessions throughout the day without needing a recharge.


By no means is the Magneto perfect. One of the biggest challenges is branding. Although Yocan prices the Magneto well below higher-end wax pens like the KandyPens Galaxy, other vape competitors have forwarded their own mid-tier wax-pen vaporizers around the same price range at which the Magneto is offered. Even KandyPens themselves provide a diverse range of vape options, which may lure sales away from the lesser-known Yocan.


Still, the Magneto offers a distinct approach which I believe will ultimately sway many enthusiasts.

First Impressions of the Yocan Magneto Wax Vaporizer

Yocan is a no-fuss manufacturer. They bring you what you need, and very few, if any, components that you don’t. If you’re expecting fancy aesthetic accoutrements that don’t do anything to improve the vaping experience, the Yocan Magneto Vaporizer Kit will be underwhelming to say the least. But if you simply want a great experience at a great price, the Magneto is worth your consideration.


As is typical of Yocan, the Magneto Wax Vaporizer arrives in a spartan, all-black package. Aside from the corporate name and address, no other information is provided. Literally, this is about as discreet of a packaging as you can get!


Fortunately, the aesthetic appeal improves dramatically once you open the package. Now, the Yocan Magneto Wax Vaporizer isn’t a flashy device; it still maintains the discretion that on-the-go vapers frequently demand. Underpinned with classic lines with the hint of avant-garde artistry, the Magneto is a clean device that is a wonderful complement to your vape portfolio. Furthermore, if an outsider happens to come across it, the Magneto looks like a fancy pen or laser pointer.


Another strong attribute of the Yocan Magneto is its solid construction. Thankfully, we’re dealing with a wax pen that not only looks competent, but actually is. The magnetic connections are well engineered: the atomizer lid and mouthpiece are integrated with powerful magnets that snap the components shut tight. It’s a welcome change to the usual twisting motion that the vast majority of wax pens incorporate.


As previously mentioned, the Yocan Magneto features a wide-body chassis. While this is purposely designed to accommodate the larger-capacity 1,100 mAh battery, I also like how the Yocan fits my hand. Although the tall, thin wax-pen format is quite popular these days, it’s not necessarily the most comfortable to hold. With the Magneto, you have a substantive base to grab, which adds to the overall enjoyment of the device.


Similar to premium wax pens, the Yocan Magneto is offered in a variety of color schemes. For vapers seeking to maximize discretion, I recommend going with the silver or black layout. Both colors blend in nicely with the magnetic connection points, further accentuating its classic looks. However, red, blue, and orange colors draw more attention, if that’s the way you roll!

Sweet Vaping with the Magneto

Aesthetic appeal and construction are always powerful attributes that help determine the decision to buy or walk away. Nevertheless, it’s the vapor quality that really settles the debate as to whether or not an e-device is worth consideration.


I would imagine that most vape enthusiasts are hesitant to buy a value device on the basis of perceived poor vapor quality. But I also believe that anyone from that category would be pleasantly surprised with the Yocan Magneto. The device produces rich draws that allow you to savor some of the nuances and tones of your flavors.


Cloud chasers in particular will really love the Magneto. Because Yocan engineered a dual-layered ceramic coil atomizer, this portable wax pen delivers clouds that belie its diminutive size. The first layer is heated just right to melt down your wax concentrates; the second then vaporizes it. Yocan designed this process to accelerate vaporization, all the while reducing the risk of combustion.


Of course, I wouldn’t say the vapors are desktop quality. Some aspects need to be tightened down a bit. For example, while the Magneto does produce clean rips thanks to the dual-layered atomizer, it also gives off a hint of an artificial, “factory flavor.” Does it overwhelm the broader flavor profile? That wouldn’t be a fair assessment. However, if I can detect it, I’m sure others can as well. Depending on your preference, this is either a no-biggie or an important point of consideration.


Furthermore, some of the marketed features are a bit underwhelming. For instance, the dual-layered ceramic atomizer system does generate a distinctly smooth vapor profile. But the system doesn’t necessarily speed up heating time in a practical sense. While you can start vaping fairly quickly, some time passes before substantive cloud production begins. This is likely due to the thermal energy required to start melting the wax onto the Magneto’s ceramic coil.


And while I like the fact that the integrated dab tool keeps my wax-pen components under “one roof,” so to speak, the actual usability of it is questionable. Some might find the feature nifty. Others will discover that the integrated dabbing process is not as efficient as simply placing the dab directly onto the ceramic coil.


Brought under the broader context of portable vaping, I’m sure most vape enthusiasts will enjoy the Magneto’s cloud production and draw quality. You just have to be aware of the benefits and some of the oddities of the platform.

Convenient Vaping but at a Maintenance “Cost”

First and foremost, a wax-pen vaporizer must be able to function and perform well under a variety of circumstances. In my opinion, the Yocan Magneto deserves flying colors in this department. But as your long-term portable solution, you’re going to need some patience with this device.


For starters, the Magneto’s maximum load is no more than 0.2 grams. While this beats out some vaporizers within the wax-pen category, it’s not remarkable by any stretch. Indeed, some enthusiasts might say that the chamber size is deceptively small, given that the chassis itself is widened to accommodate the 1,100 mAh capacity battery.


On an additional note about the integrated dab system, using the Magneto as advertised leads to plenty of wax concentrates that are left remaining on the chamber walls. This inefficiency requires you to scoop up the remainders and vape them directly. As a result, the Magneto’s coil cap clogs up and is difficult to keep clean. This also impacts air flow quality, which streams freely at the beginning of your sessions, but becomes impeded as the session wears on.


Cleaning and maintenance are typically not the favorite functions for vape enthusiasts; however, to get the Magneto to operate as it should requires frequent cleaning.


But on a positive note, the 1,100 mAh battery works like a charm. This is almost twice the capacity of your standard 650 mAh battery-powered wax pen, which extends the Magneto’s range. If you use the device judiciously, you can make it last for a few days before requiring a recharge. The Magneto incorporates a micro-USB port, which facilitates easy and convenient replenishment.

Final Thoughts about the Yocan Magneto Wax Vaporizer

Purely on its own merits, the Magneto wax pen is a solid device. It evokes enough of its strong qualities right to overcome the weaknesses of its platform. But the drawbacks are notable, and they may be substantial depending upon vaper preference and expectations. So no one should be under any illusions with the Magneto – the device works like a charm, but prepare yourself for its quirks.


With that stated, we would be remiss to overlook the fact that the Magneto is priced well below its competition. Given more resources, the Magneto could eliminate the aforementioned quirks. However, that would defeat the purpose of its value-vaporizer status. It would be unfair to grade the Magneto on its physical performance without mentioning its tremendous value.


Assessing the Yocan Magneto depends largely on what you’re looking for. If you’re a vape aficionado, this device isn’t going to cut. But please keep in mind that nothing under $100 will satisfy the rigorous standards of demanding vaping experts. But if you’re looking for a quality platform that will get you going, the Magneto fills that role quite well. In addition, the relatively easy operation makes the Yocan e-device ideal for beginning vapers.

Conclusion & Score

Overall, I’m impressed with what Yocan is able to deliver in a low-priced vape unit. Although the Magneto Wax Vaporizer has nuances and quirks, it’s not a real deal-breaker for Vapers who need a reliable platform to keep up with their hectic schedules. So long as you understand what the Magneto is, and what it isn’t, you should be very pleased with your purchase.  You can pick one up at now at a great price with free shipping on your entire order.

Performance:  B+

Value: A+

Yocan Magneto Wax Vaporizer Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Magneto - Specs, Features, Package Contents

Yocan Magneto Wax Vaporizer Kit Features:

Magnetic Attachments – No threading

Compact all-in-one design

Integrated wax container

Dual layer ceramic atomizer

Unique magnetic attachment system

Simple, intuitive format

Yocan Magneto Wax Vaporizer Specifications:

Dimensions: 1.75in x 5.5in x 2.25in

Weight: 0.40 lbs

Compatibility: Waxes

Battery: 1,100 mAh

Voltage: 110 V


Magneto Vaporizer Wax Vaporizer Kit Contents:

1 x Magneto Vaporizer

1 x Magneto Atomizer

1 x Micro-USB cord