A Dry Herb Vaporizer ReviewAs the vaporizer platform integrates further into the mainstream, the industry itself is beginning to split into two categories. On one hand, you have high-end manufacturers that largely produce only premium vape products, while on the other end of the spectrum are vaporizers that cater specifically to budget-sensitive enthusiasts.

But the problem with cheaply-priced vaporizers is that the end result is likewise cheap. A dearth of quality products at a reasonable valuation exists in the vaping industry. However, Boundless Vaporizers emerged seemingly out of the blue to fill this important gap in the vape-enthusiast market. Fusing modern, relevant design work with excellent vaping performance, Boundless achieved tremendous success in a short amount of time.


A cursory glance at the CFV Vaporizer is all you need to understand why people – including hard-to-please critics – are so enthusiastic about Boundless. Featuring an attractive chassis, smooth vapes, and a price point that can’t be beat, the CFV is sure to generate new fans. It has with me, and I am hard to please.

Vaporizer Review Boundless CFV Vaporizer Product Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Although a vast number of competitors exist in the portable vaporizer space, the one company that stands out is Storz & Bickel. Their Mighty and Crafty models lead the way in terms of sheer power and an effective balance between performance and compactness. All other herbal-vape manufacturers have their targets fixed on these devices, and Boundless is no different.


What makes the CFV unique in this chase is that it’s not engineered to be a direct competitor to either the Mighty or Crafty; rather, Boundless went for a blend between these two iconic vaporizers. The CFV blends some of the robustness and power of the Mighty platform, while incorporating the compactness and ease of portability of the Crafty. Unlike the Boundless CF, the CFV isn’t a miniaturized version of a bigger platform – instead, it holds its own as a distinct product offering.


The biggest example of this is that the CFV is a pure convection system. This contrasts with the company’s CFX and CF product lines in that both of these are technically hybrid convection/conduction platforms. Practically speaking, though, the CFX/CF is more conduction based, which has its own character and flaws. In a similar vein, the CFV’s 100% convection process has inherent pros and cons.


Another distinct attribute of the Boundless CFV Vaporizer is its full temperature range. Vapers can enjoy thermal ratings from as low as 140°F to a maximum of 446°F. Indeed, such a blazingly hot max temperature is unheard of in a portable platform. For comparison, the Mighty tops out at 410°F, whereas Boundless’ own CFX is limited to 430°F.


Because of its signature characteristics and engineering, the CFV Vaporizer also comes in at a price point higher than the popular CFX. At many vape shops and online retailers, the price differential between the CFV and CFX is a little over 20%.


Is it worth the extra premium? If you love the smooth flavors of a convection platform, but don’t want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for it, the Boundless CFV Vaporizer is your ticket to a satisfying vaping experience.

CFV Vaporizer’s First Impressions

Ever since Boundless introduced the CFX, I was incredibly enthused about partaking from the rest of their “CF” designated lineup. The manufacturer has done an excellent job of infusing personality into each of their products, thereby creating an ideal balance between product lineage and individual distinction.


First impressions are absolutely critical, and the Boundless CFV Vaporizer knows how to make an entrance, right from the get-go. The outer packaging is immaculate, featuring quality photos of the device and integrated with its design cues. Furthermore, the packaging box is made out of a “hard-shell,” reinforced cardboard material, which adds a certain heft and aura of quality.


While it doesn’t obviously impact the vape quality, I’m a firm believer that strong packaging and marketing adds intangible benefits to the overall product experience. Clearly, Boundless has done their homework, and such subtle attention to detail can be the difference maker between closing the deal, or letting opportunity slip away.


After opening the package, my first impression was that the CFV had “flair.” While similar in design to the CFX and CF (the conspicuous motif being the serrated “ridges”), the CFV is sleeker, and quite frankly, more attractive. The CFV stands slightly taller than the CF, and a little bit thinner at the edges, creating a more lithe or taut posture. In comparison, the CF is a bit “frumpy,” while the CFX looks boxy and dare I say, pedestrian.


Admittedly, these aren’t fair descriptions. Both the CFX and CF devices are attractive in their own right. However, when compared to the Ferrari-esque looks of the CFV, there’s no denying reality – the “V” just stands out more!


Another notable feature of the Boundless CFV is its digital display. For starters, it’s bold and bright, facilitating clear visibility irrespective of environmental conditions or a cloudy haze. More importantly, though, the display is integrated along the edge of the CFV’s chassis.


Opinions, of course, will vary, but I prefer Boundless’ minimalist approach, and integrating functions in accordance with the overall design’s “trajectory.” In other words, the display doesn’t artificially break the CFV’s sleek curves. Furthermore, the interface’s location is intuitive as a natural grip facilitates its visibility, not hinders it.


More vaping artisans and designers should glean some inspiration from Boundless.

The “V” is for Vape Quality

The core of the Boundless CFV Vaporizer’s experience resides in its convection system. As a quick overview, herbal vaporizers fall under two heating categories: convection and conduction. In layman’s terms, convection involves indirect heating, with the best example being steam-cooked vegetables. This process preserves food nutrients, and in vaporizers, it retains the terpenes, which is what gives cannabis its natural flavor.


Conduction, on the other hand, is surface-to-surface heating. A corresponding example is cooking steak on a frying pan. This method of heating is direct, and therefore, swift. However, one of the biggest risks to the overall experience is imbalanced burning – excessive on one side, not enough on the other. The end result is a less-desirable flavor for the true aficionado.


As you might expect, conduction vaporizers are less expensive than convection models; hence, the higher price point of the CFV Vaporizer. Still, not all conduction vaporizers are inferior, nor are all convection models superior. How does the CFV stack up against the competition?


For what Boundless offers you in this compact package, the CFV is largely unprecedented. With the major noticeable exception of the Flowermate Swift Pro, few legitimately and well-functioning portable convection vaporizers exist in the markets. Even the almighty Mighty utilizes a hybrid method. Thus, if you’re looking for the ultimate in flavorful vapes and portability, the CFV is right up your alley.


Because the heat source is never touching your herbal materials, you vape in only the purest essence of your choice flavors. Every note, every nuance hits your palette like a freight train – the experience, especially compared against a typical conduction vaporizer, is remarkable.


In addition, the CFV integrates an isolated air path. When combined with the native convection operation, the Boundless device produces cool, soothing vapors that virtually all enthusiasts will enjoy. Operationally, draw resistance is down to a minimum. In this manner, the CFV is a natural, almost effortless vaporizer to use, adding to the unit’s rich tonal production. If vape devices are graded only on flavor, the Boundless CFV would receive top marks.


However, multiple components go into vaping enjoyment, largely because of individual vaper preferences. Regarding the CFV, those who love big, bold clouds will find this platform to be a mixed bag. While the flavor is tremendously rich, the resultant clouds leave a lot to be desired. In the lower temperature ranges, the device is not up to snuff. When pushed to the max, vapor production improves, but not enough to the point to satisfy cloud chasers.


This is a department that mostly rests on predilections. Newcomers and those who are prone to coughing fits will absolutely love the cool, easy-to-draw vapes of the CFV. But if a cloud competition is on the horizon, this is not the most ideal platform.

High Value for Dollar Ratio

As with other Boundless products, the CFV is great value for the money. At a little over $200 in most vape shops, it’s extremely difficult to find a device that offers the same level of quality and enjoyment.


The prime example of the CFV’s value is the kit’s interchangeable chamber rings, which is unprecedented in a compact vaporizer platform. Boundless includes two types of rings, which are rosewood and quartz. The rosewood ring evokes a natural, earthy tone that plays delicately on your palette. It also serves to retain heat from the device, thus promoting the CFV’s signature smooth vapes.


Boundless CFV Vaporizer Product Review – Spinfuel VAPE MagazineDue to its inherently inert nature, the quartz chamber ring doesn’t add any nuances to your choice flavors. It does, however, give you an element of conduction, thereby offering a distinct experience under one umbrella.


Another feature that ups the value-for-dollar ratio is the CFV’s precision temperature control system. Aside from its wide thermal spectrum, the device allows the vaper to control every aspect of the heating process. Moreover, based on the engineering and design of the heat chamber, it’s virtually impossible to combust your materials, even at the highest temperature settings.


In terms of portability, the Boundless CFV Vaporizer really comes into its own because of its robust powerplant. Underlining the vape device are dual internal 18350 batteries, which can last for approximately one hour, to a maximum of an hour-and-a-half. The CFV includes a micro-USB port for convenient recharging.


One minor drawback I want to mention is the CFV’s pass-through technology. Technically, the platform allows simultaneous drawing and charging. However, you need a fairly significant amount of charge (roughly a quarter) for the device to work properly while charging.  This is one factor that you’ll want to consider before buying the CFV for travel or business use.


But against the complete picture, I believe most vapers will overlook the areas in which Boundless comes up a little bit short. We have to remember that we’re getting what we pay for; in the case of the CFV, we’re getting quite a bit. To receive any more would likely require an additional boost in the price tag, which then takes away from the device’s value proposition.

Final Thoughts on the Boundless CFV Vaporizer

Is the Boundless CFV Vaporizer absolutely perfect? No, but that’s a categorization that no platform has yet to achieve. Instead, we have to look at what the CFV is primarily designed for – vapers who frequently maintain busy schedules, and a flavorful device that can keep up with them, all at a very reasonable acquisition point. In that context, the CFV is damn near faultless.


Style-conscious vapers will adore the sleek lines of the CFV. Furthermore, the interface is well-integrated within the overall composition. The power button and the temperature-control operators are intuitively positioned; therefore, the focus is purely on the vaping experience.


The lithe design also facilitates portability. The uber-powerful CFX, while boasting tremendous vapor production, falls a bit short on discretion. Simply put, the much more compact CFV can slide into your pocket, or be quickly tucked away when the need for concealment arises.


Whenever you embark on the portable journey, compromise is the name of the game. Due to physical restrictions, no compact vape can deliver the full spectrum of vaping range available in a premium desktop format. But the CFV offers substantial modularity and flexibility that the desktop cannot reach. Again, it comes down to personal preference and deciding which attributes are the most important.

For vapers who are routinely out of the home, the CFV is one of the few convection vaporizers that satisfies the most critical demands. Best of all, one doesn’t have to break the bank to start enjoying a flavorful experience today.

Grade: A

Boundless CFV Vaporizer Product Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Boundless CFV Specs, Features, Contents

Boundless CFV Vaporizer Features:

Full Convection

Digital Display Screen

Heat Retention Rings

Swivel Mouthpiece

Wide Temperature Range

Micro USB Charging Port

Isolated Air Path

Boundless CFV Vaporizer Specifications:

Dimensions: 3.75in x 2.5in x 6in

Weight: 0.80 lbs

Compatibility: Herbs

Battery: Dual 18350 internal

Voltage: 110 V


CFV Vaporizer Includes:

1 x Innokin Scion Tank

2 x Innokin Scion Kanthal Atomizer Coils (0.28 Ohms)

1 x Replacement Glass Tube

1 x Pack of O-Rings

1 x Innokin Vape Band

1 x User Manual