Smoking using a bong helps you prevent messes, gives you a cleaner hit, and allows better dose control to enhance your Cannabis experience.


In the present day, thanks to technology, the best type of weed plants can be grown right in our homes. There are also many new creative ways to smoke weed and pieces of equipment to make the whole experience even better.

8 Reasons You Should Use A Bong


One such piece of equipment that you must have while smoking Cannabis is a bong. Bongs can help intensify the experience in so many ways that you will never smoke without one.


But before we take a look at how bong can enhance our Cannabis smoking experience, let us take a look at some health benefits of Cannabis.


Health Benefits Of Cannabis

Mitigates lung functions

One thing that must be clear that smoking cigarettes and smoking weed are not the same things. Cigarettes are harmful to your lungs, and that is a known fact. But Cannabis, on the other hand, does not affect the lung or its capacity.


A study by the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that people who smoked weed had no effect on their lung capacity. They could inhale and exhale more air than a normal person, meaning their blood gets more oxygen, and it may even reduce the chances of lung infection.


May Help Fight Cancer

Cannabis has been used as a herbal medicine for a long time. Now, scientists are trying to find ways if Cannabis can be used to fight cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, Cannabis helps prevent nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy.


Smoking Cannabis has also been shown to reduce nerve pains, and they require fewer painkillers to ease pain.


The THC or tetrahydrocannabinol can help prevent excessive growth of cells and thus prevent cancer to some extent.


Now, let us see how a bong can enhance your smoking experience and make you feel better.


1. Less Time To Prepare

When you prepare weed in a roll of paper, you need to do a lot of prep work. You need to grind the Cannabis and carefully place them on the rolling paper. Then you roll the paper. Put a filter if needed. Finally, you light the weed and take a puff.


Although this is the natural way of smoking weed, it is very time consuming, and if you do not grind Cannabis, your joint will not burn properly.


But using a bong or Water Pipes Made in USA is much easier. Just put all the weed in the herb bowl and light it up. No grinding, no rolling.


2. Prevents A Mess

Making weed with the rolling paper can sometimes be messy if you do not have prior experience. There can be Cannabis spread across, and after smoking, there will be a lot of ash. This can make the process messy.


This problem can also be prevented with the bong. Using a bong does not require any paper, so there will be no ash, and you do not need to worry about cleaning up after. Instead, you can completely relax your mind while you smoke.


3. Better Dose Control

Although Cannabis has a lot of health benefits, too much consumption can cause harm. The THC in Cannabis can cause a psychoactive reaction if consumed too much.


While grinding Cannabis in a rolling paper, there is no measurement to tell which is the safe amount. So an overdose might happen.


In a bong, however, the herb bowl has a measurement that allows you to see how many grams of weed you are consuming. This will tell you whether you can puff more or if you need to stop now.


4. More Effective Smoking

Cannabis in the legal market is pretty expensive. According to Budzu, one gram of medium quality Cannabis costs about $13, and high-quality Cannabis costs $15.


This can get pretty expensive even if you get a few grams of Cannabis. So, to save money, you either need to reduce your Cannabis consumption or use a more efficient smoking method.


Cannabis enthusiasts nowadays use bong as an effective method of smoking weed. On average, the amount of Cannabis needed to make one joint can give you five hits if you are using the bong.


5. Bongs can be a Healthier Smoking Method.

According to the state coordinator of NORML or National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Dr. Dale Gieringe, smoking strong Cannabis is much better than smoking less potent Cannabis.


Strong Cannabis means that a small amount of strong Cannabis can have the same effect as a larger amount of medium-class Cannabis.


If you are smoking with a bong, you will save a lot of money, as mentioned in the previous point; therefore, you will be able to buy high-quality weed.



Smoking with a rolling paper also means that you are smoking the paper as well as Cannabis. The paper may contain toxic materials. Using a bong will prevent that problem.


Using a bong will also prevent overdoses and allow a person to smoke the right amount. This is why bong is a much healthier smoking choice.


6. Great For Group Puffs

If you want to enjoy a good joint with your friends, then sharing a bong is much better than sharing a joint.


As mentioned, bongs can provide more hits than a joint, so everyone will get a good amount to smoke. Cannabis will last longer and ensure that you are having quality time.


7. Increase The Aesthetics Of Your House

Bongs are not just for smoking weed. They can also be used as an aesthetic accessory for your house. There are quite a few stylish bongs in the market that you can keep as a showpiece for when you are not using it.


Just as vases and sculptures increase the beauty of your house, bongs can complement that beauty and adorn your room.


8. Improves Your Senses

Smoking weed can improve all the sensors in your body. And you will need a clean hit to gain the most benefit out of this fascinating green plant.


This is where a bong shines. The water filter and the airtight delivery system will give you the purest and the smoothest hit, giving a higher sensory experience.


Final Thoughts

After the legalization of Cannabis, many people now are smoking Cannabis as a leisure activity. However, this leisure activity can be enhanced by a few notches if you are using a bong. Bongs make your smoking experience much better, and hopefully, this article has shown you how.