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Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen Review

Dr. Dabber – Intro

The Dr. Dabber Aurora vape pen is designed for a particular kind of vaper and it doesn’t involve e-liquid. This is for cannabis users and only works with wax and specially-designed oils. Vaping cannabis has become popular in recent years, thanks to the semi-legalization of cannabis for medical purposes in various locations, resulting in many consumers looking for a safe way to ingest that doesn’t involve tobacco or carcinogens. Alongside this, a new process has been developed that can convert cannabis into a more potent, condensed form, otherwise known as concentrates. These include wax, shatter and BHO (butane hash oil). If you have no interest in cannabis, the Aurora pen isn’t for you. However, if you want to consume your cannabis concentrates in a clean safe way, without using tobacco or resorting to the delayed hit of edibles, the Aurora could prove very appealing indeed. It has a host of advanced features that we’ll look at in more detail below.

Note: The name of this pen was changed from the Aura to the Aurora earlier in 2016. There is no difference in the product itself.


Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen Review

The Dr. Dabber Aurora vape pen comes in Dr. Dabber’s impressive packaging, which comprises of a sheer plastic covering, boxes that slide apart and three separate layers. It’s a well-designed pack that bodes well for the product itself. It contains the following items:

  • Dabber Aurora vaporizer pen
  • Three different types of atomizer (dual quartz rods; dual ceramic rod; ceramic halo)
  • Two styles of ceramic mouthpiece (thin tipped; round shotgun style)
  • Loading tool
  • Silicone storage container for your wax or oils
  • Magnetic USB charger
  • Dabber keychain


If you’re aware of Dr. Dabber (the predecessor to the Aurora was the highly-successful Ghost vape pen) you’ll know that equal attention goes into the design as the technology itself. This is a wonderfully-styled product, with a satin black finish and a sleek low-profile design. It has one button that you press five times to turn on and off, and press three times to switch between the heat settings (low, medium, high). The lights are subtle and the whole product is discreet, with a real air of class. The choice of mouthpiece means you aren’t limited to one style, but both look and feel satisfying.

Ease of Use

There’s one major difference between the Dr. Dabber Aurora vape pen and other pens. It uses magnets instead of threading. I was initially skeptical, suspecting magnets wouldn’t be strong enough to keep the parts connected. I’m happy to say I was wrong. After extensive use the pen stayed together, with no sign of loosening whatsoever, but came apart easily when it needed to. Using magnets instead of standard screw threading is a game-changer, and it’s easy to imagine aspects of it adopted in standard vaping set-ups.

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen Review

The instructions are clear and well-written, telling you everything you need to know without having to resort to searching online. The included dabbing tool is a neat addition, putting an end to sticky wax on your fingertips. The three included coils are designed for different types of concentrate, making this the most versatile vaporizer kit on the market to date.

Vaping itself couldn’t be easier. Choose your heat level, press the button and go. Even if you’ve never vaped before, whether wax or juice, the Aurora makes it a smooth intuitive process. Even the charger is magnetic, putting an end to fumbling about with annoying sockets and screw threads.

Vaping with Dr. Dabber Aurora 

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen Review

The vape quality is up there with the best and this is largely because of the high-quality atomizers. There are three kinds and each has a capacity of around 0.5gm (it’s advised to fill it less than half-full to avoid clogging up the mechanism). First up, the dual quartz rod atomizer which consists of two quartz rods wrapped in a titanium wire coil. This is intended for thinner, less viscous wax and oils and the performance is exceptional. It looks fantastic, with substantial vape production.

Next, we have two styles of ceramic coil. One is dual rod based and the other is the ceramic disc. These are designed for thicker concentrates and, as such, don’t absorb the oil and work well at lower temperatures. Temperature is one of the key features of the Aurora. Dr. Dabber’s approach is that the lower the heat, the better the flavor, and as such, these coils work best at a lower than average heat level. This might not be everyone – it takes a longer draw to produce a thick cloud of vaper – but it is a fair trade-off for the advantages in taste and aroma.


The Aurora is priced fairly for such an advanced vape pen, retailing for around $99. Every part of the product is impressively well-designed, and innovations such as magnets and different types of coils for concentrates of varying viscosity, puts this product miles ahead of its competitors. You can find cheaper vape pens on the market but they pale into comparison. You wouldn’t cut costs on your cannabis concentrates, so don’t cut corners on your equipment either.

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen Review


  • Innovative and superbly-designed use of magnets rather than screw threads
  • Low heat for better flavors
  • Easy to use


  • Lower cloud production due to reliance on less heat


 Everything about the Dr Dabber Aurora, from the packaging to the vape itself, is top quality. It’s a gorgeous item, packed full of innovative features and an excellent variety of atomizers for different purposes. Medicinal cannabis can be life-changing for many people, and it’s pleasing to see a company put so much effort into making a product with so many advanced features, as well as being instantly accessible and easy to use. Whether you’re new to cannabis concentrates or an experienced user, Dr. Dabber’s Aurora is the best vape pen of it’s kind on the market.

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