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Top 4 Cannabis Strains to Combat Stress 

Let’s talk about the top 4 cannabis strains to combat stress. With laws and attitudes changing in favor of cannabis use, many individuals have approached the plant as alternative medicine, particularly as a way to combat stress. And it has been used to treat chronic pain such as insomnia and reduce the symptoms of body tension and anxiety.  

Research on the effects of cannabis remains ongoing but results so far support the idea that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can help relieve stress and induce relaxation. Cannabis can also be used to lift mood, stimulate the mind to be more creative, and make you feel euphoric. You should get familiar with the most useful strains to look out for if you plan on using specific cannabis to make you feel more at ease.  

Here are the top cannabis strains you can try out to combat stress:

Blue Dream Strain

The Blue Dream cannabis strains is a hybrid strain of Sativa and Indica blends, with Sativa being dominant. It’s a favored choice for both long-time users and new users in the market looking to find their suitable cannabis preference.  

This strain was first developed in California and eventually gained popularity throughout North America. It’s considered some of the best Canadian cannabis strains grown in British Columbia. The 16% THC level can help lift your mood and ease feelings of tension, nervousness, and anxiety when taken in moderation. It’s also been known to offer better mental stimulation and a mild cerebral high that won’t induce sleepiness. As such, this hybrid can be a great choice when you need stress relief while you still need to work. 

Granddaddy Purple Strain

An Indica cannabis strains is a popular California staple where it’s also known as Granddaddy Purple (GDP). It’s created using a cross between the Purple Urkle and Bug Bud parent strains. The flavor is described by users as sweet and grape-tasting, with a satisfying intense burn aftertaste. It has a moderate THC level of around 17%, which means when you consume it, you’re more likely to feel the effects quicker and more intensity.  

Our Choice for Combatting Stress is Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is a frequently used strain to combat stress, anxiety, and pain relief. Once inhaled, it can deliver a cerebral euphoria that can make your mind feel more relaxed and at ease. When your mind feels calmer, it can reduce your stress levels. It can also be used to help you fall asleep when stress starts to affect your quality of sleep and causes symptoms of insomnia.

OG Kush Cannabis Strains

First grown in Florida a few decades ago, OG Kush is known as the ‘old school’ cannabis strain for long-time users. It’s another hybrid created by crossing several Kush plants, which include the Hindu Kush. Regular users describe its distinct aroma as earthy and spicy with a twinge of lemon flavor. 

Og Kush can be enjoyed at the end of a stressful workday when you need to relax both your mind and body. Additionally, this Kush concentrate can be used to relieve feelings of body tension and ease moderate to severe pain. As a cautionary measure, it should be consumed in low doses to keep you within safe usage levels and avoid an overdose; because its 18% THC content can pack quite a cerebral punch. Also, it’s not recommended to start with or use if you’re a cannabis newbie.  

Blue Cookies Strain

Blue Cookies Strain is an Indica-dominant-leaning hybrid that offers a excellent balance between the mental and bodily effects. The Blue Cookies Strain was created mainly for flavor reasons (a good enough reason as any), so you can expect Blue Cookies flavor to be pleasing . In addition, it also provides a clear-head and relaxed high, making it close to a perfect day strain, as well as being an enjoyable one at nighttime.

The way this marijuana strain got its name was simply taking the Blue from Blueberry and the Cookies Weed Strain from Girl Scout Cookies Weed Strain. It’s originally from Washington, which means that it’s probably a fairly new strain, as Washington only legalized marijuana in the last few years.

Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strains

More commonly known as GSC or Bergers Cookies, this strain is made from a mix of OG Push and Durban Poison. It’s recognized as one of the most potent strains of cannabis as its THC level can range from 16% up to 28%. It’s why the cannabis community advises that GSC should only be used by experienced consumers with a high THC tolerance.  

What makes GSC a go-to strain is its dessert-like sweet taste and its ability to relax your entire body. This effect is commonly used by medical marijuana patients looking for bodily pain relief, which has lingering stimulation as it can stay in your bloodstream for a longer time. It can be helpful if you’re looking for a prolonged duration of feeling stress-free. 

In Conclusion

Cannabis usage is on the rise as a natural medicinal choice and substitutes to pharmaceutical medicine. Regular users consume each strain for its unique properties and blends of aromas, tastes, and effects. As seen above, they’re also used to aid stress-related conditions.  

A key tip when trying out different cannabis strains is to start with the blends that have lower THC levels, and from there, you can test out higher doses to find the one that has the most desired effect in alleviating your stress.  

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