For a little over ten years, Storz & Bickel have securely sat upon a throne made entirely of the best desktop vaporizers the world has ever seen. These, as you probably already know, were called the Volcano Classics. Well (and by ‘well’ I mean ‘medical-grade well’) made, outstanding quality, and excellent functionality have been things the Volcano Classic made us almost take for granted. It’s hard to think that this absolute powerhouse of a brand could improve upon such utter perfection.


But even when things are perfect, in true fashion, Storz & Bickel are relentlessly looking for where things can be tweaked, made faster, made with better materials, and of course, made more modern. And so if you would please turn your attention to the Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid, a truly remarkable desktop vape.

What about the Volcano Hybrid, besides sounding deliciously like a super high tech car, makes it surpass even the Volcano Classic? What does it take to dethrone a well established king? The reasons are resonant of the Storz & Bickel ethos as a whole, so read on to discover why the Hybrid blows other desktop vapes out of the water, and why it stands for everything Storz & Bickel have tirelessly worked to establish.

Why the Volcano Hybrid is the New King of Desktop Vapes

What Makes the Volcano Range So Excellent?

The Volcano Hybrid is not a total departure from the Storz & Bickel desktop vapes that came before it, the Classic and Digital. This is most certainly because there is absolutely no reason why Storz & Bickel would want to discard such flawlessness. The brand created their original desktop vape design with perfection in mind, and their first break into the market of vaporizers introduced the first certified medical grade desktop vape, which is to this day used for medical studies and purposes.


Exclusively manufactured in Germany, their renowned convection heating systems produce smoke-free, medical grade vapor that is consistently excellent, and their renowned easy valve system is known for allowing for instant connection or disconnection to and from your vaporizer for effortless sessions and a vapor storage time of up to 8 hours.


The Volcano’s vape system is made of high-quality, food-safe materials all around. The heating element is steel-clad ceramic, the heat exchanger is aluminium alloy, the heat-tempered polymer balloon is 100% food grade polythene, and the cellulose air system used for insulation is 100% food grade silicone. All of these elements combine seamlessly to create a top quality, versatile, functionable mechanism that is more friend than machine.

Why the Volcano Hybrid is the New King of Desktop Vapes

What Has the Hybrid Improved?

So what has the Hybrid improved upon? Well, the Hybrid flaunts improved airflow management, even more rapid heat-up times (due to a redesigned heat exchanger that’s quicker and more efficient) than the original, precise touch display, app control with Bluetooth connectivity, and a brand new, state-of-the-art dual inhalation system so you have the choice between valve balloon or tube. This means that you can fill up vapour in balloons, or use the new tube attachment to access the vapour immediately.


The digital display is verging true aesthetic beauty, and features an easy-to-use control panel and super precise temperature readings throughout your whole session. The controls are touch-sensitive and don’t require any pressure to be activated, giving the Hybrid an almost futuristic ease of use.


This improved display and touch buttons make adjusting your temperature settings effortless, but are also, of course, customizable. The Bluetooth app feature gives you complete functionality from afar, and allows you to control all the settings offered on the touch buttons, and even allow you to set up advanced session flows. These unique flows can be customized in terms of temperature variation at your own timed intervals.


The double-helix heat exchanger can pre-heat to your preferred temperature even faster than older models and is ready to go in under 40 seconds. The highly praised and incredibly effective convection heating system is still reigning champion so that the well defined aromatics and flavours you’ve come to recognise aren’t going anywhere. And it still guarantees an excellent quality vapour that isn’t just smooth and dense, but will slash your consumption by ⅓ at least. If smaller is better, just use the filling chamber reducer, an ingenious device specifically made for smaller dry herb vape sessions, with perfectly sized dosing capsules that fit the reducer snugly.


The Volcano Hybrid is certainly luxurious, and is a force to be reckoned with no matter how easy it is to use. This piece of kit is made for the connoisseur not easily satisfied with anything less than heavenly. Its medical grade components, great delivery options, unreal programming options, and durability and performance that will not be challenged, the Volcano Hybrid is the perfect new testament of Storz & Bickel’s utter dominance in the vaping world.