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When history writes about the year 2020 there can be no doubt that there won’t be many nice things to write, or read, about. The Pandemic, the riots, political corruption, and much more. Though for every Vaper in 2020 there is one shining light that has shone its artistry and brilliance for 8 years now… and today we award The Plume Room with Spinfuel’s 2020 Brand of the Year recognition.


You would think a decision like this would be a difficult one. After all, there are thousands of e-liquid flavors, and hundreds of brands. For the vast majority, we’ve vaped them all. Many, more than 300, you’ll find reviews for inside Spinfuel. That said, for what it’s worth, the vast majority of brands have outsourced their e-liquids to one of a handful manufacturers that pump them out at ridiculously low prices. Appealing to the lowest common denominator.

The Plume Room is Brand of the Year

The Plume Room has, over the years, honed and perfected many (but not too many) e-juice flavors that never come close to introducing a hint of chemical before or after taste. In addition, by perfecting a varied, but award-winning flavors, they are excellent choices in today’s modern pod mod systems as well as high-wattage, low resistance sub-ohm tanks. Simply put, The Plume Room e-liquids will vape deliciously in ANY vape device at any resistance and any wattage. Just some of the reason for being our Brand of the Year.

Spinfuel Choice Awards and Brand of the Year

Shortly after Spinfuel launched in early 2012 we experienced for the first time the amazing flavors from The Plume Room. In fact, it was The Plume Room that made us want to do something above and beyond a “good review”. We created the Spinfuel Choice Award, and it was this incredible company that was given the first awards.


Since 2012 The Plume Room has earned more than 20 Spinfuel Choice Awards. In all honesty, they should have won awards every single year. But, like many other vapers in the business of writing about vape gear and e-liquids, we too were sucked up in the MaxVG craze and went looking for equivalent brands and flavors.

The MaxVG Craze2020 Brand of the Year - The Plume Room

And while, for a time, we waded into the pool of 250W-300W Coils and Tanks, and 300W Box Mods that, when used with a MaxVG e-liquid produced clouds so thick it was dangerous to drive a car and vape (with the windows up). A MaxVG e-liquid can create massive clouds of vapor, but none have been able to deliver the pure, non-chemical flavors like The Plume Room.


Our publisher, John Manzione, has this to say: “A few years back, I think in the middle of the MaxVG craze, I talked to Andrea and Troop at The Plume Room and asked them to consider reformulating their incredibly delicious flavors into higher VG blends.  While they understood where I was coming from, they could in good conscious reformulate to some of their flavors to 60:40 VG/PG. Looking back, I was so wrong, and they were so right.

Today, it’s a different, and unfair story.

New flavors and sizes are not possible if an e-liquid brand is trying to play by the rules and stick around for the long haul, as The Plume Room certainly will. The FDA froze the market in 2016. While many brand completely ignore this freeze, TPR has played by the rules.


The Original Pod Mod


It’s no secret that in the early days of pod mods (2018/2019) everyone at Spinfuel VAPE hated the pod mod. The reason was simple, they could not produce any flavor and vapor that made the act of vaping enjoyable. Even The Plume Room flavors didn’t work that well in these awful devices. Additionally, we believed, and still believe, the 40/50/59mg of nicotine salt e-liquids is taking vaping in the opposite direction it needs to go.


The idea of the pod mod was to produce inexpensive ways for smokers to become non-smokers. Instead, they introduced tens of thousands to high nicotine e-juices that aggravated the already sensitive standing vaping held among the money and power-hungry politicians. (you know how we feel about corrupt politicians)


The New Pod Mods


In late 2019 a new kind of pod mod began to appear with the SMOK RPM series. Mid-wattage mods with replaceable coil pods. Suddenly the pod mod began producing flavor and vapor like the big boys. We felt then, as we do now, that The Plume Room e-liquids were perfect for this type of pod mod.


While reviewing the new pod mods we always used TPR e-liquids because we knew these flavors like the back of our hand. If these new pod mods were to succeed, they had to pass muster with Citrus Crème, Banana Pudding, Raspberry Peach Iced Tea, Blueberries and Cream, and several more flavors from TPR. Each pod mod had to give us the same flavor profile that we’ve come to expect from TPR flavors.


The Official New Pod Mod E-Liquid – The Plume Room


Because The Plume Room blends are perfect for any coil, the new higher power pod mods soar with these blends. If you’re like us, and you’re looking to avoid the 50mg nic-salts, the answer, the only answer, is The Plume Room. Again, could any other e-liquid company win Brand of the Year with these accolades?


The new 60mL Plume Room Unicorn Bottle


The Plume Room is extremely conservative when it comes to creating new flavors. We can’t remember the day a new flavor was introduced. But that doesn’t mean they folks there aren’t thinking about the future. The new 60mL Unicorn bottles are a major move in the direction of the new pod mod era.


Recognizing that more and more pod mod users were finding The Plume Room e-liquids to be a great fit, the old glass bottle and glass droppers had to go. Pod Mods are notorious for tiny fill holes on the pods, but the new unicorn bottle drippers fit so well even the 5.5mL pod for the Voopoo Drag X could be filled in under 5 seconds.


And yea, because most of us here still use large sub-ohm tanks with 7 or 8mL of e-liquid capacity, we would love to see The Plume Room offer a 100mL or 120mL bottle. Maybe someday. We can wait.


Brand of the Year


When you think about it, an e-Liquid brand that satisfies both flavor and vapor from the small pod mod to the largest sub-ohm tanks, that delivers nothing but pure honest flavor, and if offered in 10mL, 30mL, and 60mL bottles with nicotine strengths of 3, 6, 12, 18, and 24mg, including ZERO nicotine, at affordable prices… it’s only natural that in 2020 the best, most deserving brand is The Plume Room.