Last Updated on March 13, 2016 by Team Spinfuel

Spinfuel: How long have you been vaping?

Sunny z:  About 4 months.

 Spinfuel: What did you use to vape?

      Sunny Z: I started with 1 disposable blu cig and then based on the recommendation of ECF members got a smokeless image volt kit.

Spinfuel: What were your favorite eLiquids?

Sunny Z: I started with tobacco but then ventured out to bakery flavors and now I’m into fruit flavors but I’m still exploring.

Spinfuel: Why did you enter our giveaway? How did you find out about it?

 Sunny Z:  I am so curious to try the various vape devices and juices so I entered in hopes of possibly winning. I found out about it from ECF.

Spinfuel: What were the first thoughts running through you mind when you found out you won?

      Sunny Z:  I was beyond excited. I couldn’t believe that out of all those people I won – and such a huge prize. I was “all   smiles”.

 Spinfuel: When you opened the package what was your first reaction? Have you tried any of the eLiquids yet? What do you think?

 Sunny Z: My first reaction was OMG! The presentation was beautiful. It came in a beautiful wood treasure box. I tried the blue honey first and I loved how it smelled and tasted of blueberries. I think I need to let it steep though because something tells me there’s more complexity to come. I also tried the dark roast Turkish Coffee and it’s super aromatic and smooth. I tried Carolina last night and it’s very original, has a sweet cedar nutty taste– I like it a lot! I haven’t yet tried the RY4, though it smells excellent. I like to let RY4 steep.

 Also the Vapage Vmod is out of this world. Though I’m technically a newbie, it was very easy to put together and sleek for a mod. And if I had to use one word to describe the Vmod, it would be POW! It delivers so much throat hit, so much vapor, so much everything. It’s like a mini on SuperTurbo. Though I usually use 18mg-Nic in my eCigarettes, I think I can use 6mg in this one and still get the effect I desire, which is revolutionary.

 Spinfuel: Were you a tobacco smoker before you started vaping?

Sunny Z: Oh yeah…

Spinfuel: Why did quit smoking?

Sunny Z: I have always wanted to quit because it’s not healthy and when I joined the gym I realized how much of a toll it took on me. I also hated that I had to be so careful to not reek of cigarettes before going to meetings.

Spinfuel: What was your very first eCigarette like? Do you remember what it was, where you got it?

Sunny Z:  I bought it at my local Walgreens – the blu disposable – it was ok. Not enough to help me quit but I thought to myself, there must be something more powerful out there that I can get used to…and I was lucky to find it.

 Spinfuel: Only one more winner to go! We’ll be announcing the next winner on Wednesday, September 12, 2012. Will it be you?