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Review – Vision Spinner O AIO Pod System – Let me come right out and say it – I despise fidget spinners. They’re the dumbest, most useless toys ever to take up space in children’s playrooms, dollar stores and landfills, and I’m going to celebrate their demise with cartwheels in the streets. So, why – oh WHY – is Vision choosing to model an adult VAPE MOD after one? Ladies and gentlemen, the Vision Spinner O pod mod kit is here.


On principle, I should end the review right now. But, because I don’t get paid if I don’t review the devices on their own merits, I’ll soldier on. But make no mistake, I don’t enjoy any vape device designed like toys, however innocent the company’s intentions may be. So, pardon me if I’m a little cranky.


Another thing that makes me cranky? The Vision Spinner O pod mod is a decent entry into this never-ending boom of AIO and pod devices. It’s not world-beating. It’s not the “most” or “least” anything. It’s just another entry – but for newcomers looking for something discreet, or veterans looking for something different, the Spinner O might have fit the bill.


(But they just couldn’t resist making it into a toy.)


At first glance, the Spinner O looks like a small disc-shaped whistle, or even a pill dispenser. From those comparisons, you can gather one thing – the Spinner O looks nothing like a vape device. Of course, with this surge of pod mods, who can be sure anymore?


My solid, gloss black test model was roughly the size of a poker chip, and was certainly well built, and even the rotating ring that “orbits” around the device serves a small purpose, covering the mouthpiece/pod cartridge when not in use, keeping out dust and other nasty things. The ring is stiff enough that it’s not going to randomly start rotating without a decent amount of user force. But it’s loose enough that you’ll find yourself playing with it more than expected.


Yes, even me – the guy that hates gimmicks on mature devices. 


But for those who want more discretion in their vape devices, the Spinner O is certainly going to be appealing, since the disc effortlessly slides into a shallow pocket and is light enough that you might not even remember it’s there.

I suppose I have to admit that even the very expensive high-wattage mods aren’t safe from the fidget spinner weirdness. If you remember, we reviewed the YiHi SXmini T Class (reviewed here), which is an excellent piece of vape precision, but it too was plagued by TWO spinners… just for the “fun” of it.


Surprisingly, the draw-activated Spinner O only comes with one refillable pod cartridge – a little weak if you ask me, considering the lifespan of pod mod cartridges is highly suspect, even in the supposed “big names.” But the pod is well-designed, and slides right into the open slot without much fuss, and stays in place until it needs to be removed and replaced.


Filling the pod presents the usual problems – filling and spilling. While the Spinner O’s fill port was noticeably larger than most pod mod competitors, the nature of these designs means very little air flows out of the pod while juice is going in. And, while I’m no physics major, I’m pretty sure that both things need to happen, otherwise messy spills occur.


I was happy with the Spinner O’s 1.8mL capacity, which is pretty good for a mod this portable. But I can’t help but wonder why Vision chose to use SS316 wire (stainless steel) in the coil, rather than trusty ol’ Kanthal. I know SS316 can technically be used for wattage vaping, but is there the possibility that the Spinner O is the world’s most basic temp control device? I doubt it, but I wonder.


The kit’s lone coil reads at a fairly snug 1.2-ohms, and for the most part, offered a warm, flavorful vape. The coil itself wasn’t THIRSTY, but it was hardly the longest-lasting offering I’ve seen, either. Under testing conditions, I went a decent amount of time before having to refill, and I imagine more casual vapers will be able to make it last even longer.


Flavor and vapor quality were par for the pod mod course, though the Spinner O seemed to have a slightly fuller, warmer mouthfeel than most competitors offer. For some less-discerning buyers, this may be enough to make a decision. For me, well… I still think the world’s best pod mod flavor and vapor production comes from a disposable, so this wasn’t boring me, but I wasn’t raving about it either.


The integrated 350mAh battery was a decent performer, neither setting records or disappointing me along the way. Again, under my testing, it was pretty weak, but those who only puff lightly throughout a workday should go a while between USB charges. And the solitary LED light indicator worked accurately enough for me to know when it was time to plug in.

Vision Spinner O Pod Mod Specs:

  • Size: 8.5 x 52m
  • Pod Size: 15.6 x 43.6 x 7.3mm
  • Capacity: 1.2ml
  • Battery: Built-in 350mAh
  • Charging Time: 1h
  • Coil Resistance: 1.2ohm, SS316L
  • Charging: USB Port
  • Unique round appearance
  • Extremely mini size
  • Spinning ring design
  • 370mAh built-in battery
  • Indicative light for Battery Life
  • Refillable pod with a 1.2ml capacity

Vision Spinner O Pod Mod Kit Contents:

  • Spinner O Kit
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual

Bottom Line

Ultimately, I found the Vision Spinner O to offer a decent pod mod vape with a unique form factor. I may hate that Vision chose to jump on a gimmick to try and make its product stand out on shelves, but I can’t argue that the Spinner O isn’t as good as many others. In a growing, yet ever-similar pod mod marketplace, that might be enough to move a few units.


Score: B+ for performance

Available at Element Vape