The first time I vaped an eJuice that contained mango fruit flavoring I hated it. Generally speaking, the first time I try anything new that is somewhat exotic, I sort of hate it… probably because it’s so foreign to my tastebuds. Anyway, that was 5 years ago from a now defunct eliquid brand based out of Miami. Today, things are very different. Today I’m going to dive into Mango Milk by I Love Milkman.


Since that first encounter with mango flavoring, I have vaped a few dozen mango blends, some I liked, some I loved, and some I still despised. Most importantly, mango flavorings have been more refined, more authentic, natural. These days I don’t fear a new mango blend, I’m actually excited to explore a new one.


For the past week I’ve been filling my Sub-Ohm Tanks with Mango Milk from I Love Milkman. Available at MyVaporStore, Mango Milk is a collaboration between The Milkman (oh how I love this brand) and Mad Hatter, makers of I Love Donuts fame. While not the very best mango blend in my collection, it’s still worth telling you about because there is a right way and a wrong way to vape this B+ eLiquid.

Mango Milk by I Love Milkman
The Milkman and Mad Hatter Collaboration
100ml Bottle

Two of the biggest names in e-liquid, The Milkman and Mad Hatter, come together to give you Mango Milk, the first ever 100ml Milkman e-liquid. Sweet and succulent mango blended with fresh milk. Quantities are limited so grab it quickly while supplies last!!

Flavor Profile: Sweet and succulent mango blended with fresh milk.

  • Child-resistant cap
  • 70% VG / 30% PG
  • 1 x Bottle
Vaping with Julia – The Case of the Mango Milk

Mango Milk by I Love Milkman uses the most authentic mango flavoring I’ve ever encountered. That is both good, and bad. Let me explain…


Most of the popular mango eLiquids on the market today are delicious because the mixologist sweetens the mango flavoring so that the Vaper tastes the equivalent of sliced mangos topped with granulated sugar. While sliced mangos with sugar, and a bit of light cream poured over the fruit slices is an amazing dessert (or breakfast if I’m being honest), it’s an altered version of what a mango taste like. These versions are my favorite because they are sweet, yet the flavor of honest mangos is still there.


So, when Mad Hatter and The Milkman decided to partner up and develop something that would please most mango lovers, they created something similar to what I describe above.


The Milkman is known for creating deeply flavorful eliquids like Strudelhaus, Strawberry Churrios, and Vanilla Custard. Each of thick with flavor, each are sweet and ideal for sub-ohm tanks, and each have mass appeal.


Mad Hatter has so many sub-brands it’s hard to keep track. The flavor range is one of the widest in the industry. I Love Donuts, as well as I Love Taffy, are ardent fans, and an almost equal number of detractors.


Mad Hatter goes for flavors that are not attempted by most brands. They take risks, and they are always creating something new. I don’t know many people that didn’t go nuts over I Love Donuts (reviewed here), but the ones that didn’t like it… they hated it. Maybe because I Love Donuts tasted a little too much like a blueberry donut. (at least it did to me).


When Mango Milk first arrived for my review, I saw the ‘milk carton’ that identifies every bottle of The Milkman and I instantly believed that this was a new The Milkman eJuice. As such I expected a deep, sweet milk base with sweet, ripe mango bits mixed in. And it was…. But not right away.


With any eJuice from The Milkman all a vaper needs to do is prime a coil, fill a tank, wait a few minutes and start vaping. From the beginning to the end, the flavor of any The Milkman blend is exactly the same. However, when it comes to Mad Hatter, the true flavor, the best potential, happens later, sometimes an hour, sometimes two. And this is exactly what happened with Mango Milk.

The one thing I knew even before I cracked open the Unicorn bottle was that whatever sub-ohm tank I was going to use had to be geared more toward flavor, although this 70/30 VG/PG blend does produce huge clouds, flavor was preferred.


I chose 4 sub-ohm tanks that I knew could deliver the best flavor when combined with the right coils. I also had to make sure the coils were Kanthal, the best heating element for flavor. While there are dozens of excellent sub-ohm tanks this year alone, the 4 I chose would give me a chance to get the best flavor, but in very different environments.


All the sub-ohm tanks I used in my review came with Mesh coils. A Mesh Coil is designed to deliver accurate flavor without sacrificing vapor production. If you’re not sure what a Mesh Coil is, here’s a bit an of primer…


The Mesh Coil


The most important aspect of a Mesh Coil is surface area. A Mesh Coil is not a “coiled” strip of wire, it’s actually a true mesh-type coil. While there are a number of things that can affect the performance of any coil, it’s the surface area that is most important. A larger surface area increases both vapor density and flavor intensity. Because it is a real mesh the surface area is huge in comparison, and a 70/30 or higher eliquid covers every bit of its large surface area.


This new mesh design makes an incredible difference, but it is also what makes Mesh Sub-Ohm Tanks thirsty beasts. When a vaper takes a pull from the drip tip a whole lot more eJuice is being vaporized at once, draining even the largest capacity tanks faster. For myself, the trade-off is fine.


Because a Mesh Coil has a huge surface area, it also means the instant ramp up time is much faster than wire coils, even when vaping mid-level wattages. The heat coming from the mod is more evenly spread out over the mesh, thus causing improvements in flavor, vapor, and ramp up time.


A Fun Fact

 The very first sub-ohm mesh coil was the Freemax Fireluke Mesh tank. (reviewed here) The vape quality was instantly noticeable, and many of us here at Spinfuel Vape knew the Mesh Coil was going to be big. Today, every sub-ohm that comes to market is a Mesh Sub-Ohm.

GeekVape Cerberus Sub-Ohm Tank

The Geekvape Cerberus Sub-Ohm Tank  (reviewed here) features their Aero Mesh coil heads that are designed to produce astonishing amounts of flavor and vapor. The Cerberus has a 5.5ml e-Liquid capacity that is refilled from the top using a simple twist off cap.


The Cerberus features dual adjustable airflow slots for an even tighter focused flavor or an increase of vapor production. The Cerberus Sub-Ohm Tank includes (2) Aero Mesh X1 Kanthal 0.2ohm atomizer head for wattage mode. The Cerberus is also compatible with SMOK Baby Beast coil heads.


Horizon Falcon Resin-Artisan Edition Sub-Ohm Tank

The Horizon Falcon Resin Artisan Edition Sub-Ohm Tank (reviewed here) features a unique resin artisan pattern design that even includes a matching resin wide bore drip tip. Naturally, it’s also a Mesh Coil tank.


The Falcon Resin Artisan Edition has a full 7.0ml e-Liquid capacity which I am truly find the perfect size. The Falcon has an upgraded e-liquid “guiding system” that increase flavor and coil life in the Falcon coil heads.


The Horizon Falcon coil heads are made up of a special combination of cotton and wood pulp material which helps spread the e-liquid more evenly and produce a very consistent and flavorful vaping experience. E-liquid is sent straight to the coil, improving flavor to the point that I am still amazed.


The Falcon Artisan has triple airflow slots that can be adjusted using the bottom airflow control ring. The Falcon Artisan is in the top 3 of my favorite Mesh Tanks.

Augvape Skynet Sub-Ohm Tank

The Augvape Skynet Sub-Ohm Tank (reviewed here)is talked about, and written about, a lot in Spinfuel VAPE since the day we got them. The Skynet features a decent 5.1ml e-Liquid capacity while using the included bulb glass tank. The Skynet uses a top fill design with a simple twist off cap that allows for easy and fast refills.


The Skynet Sub-Ohm has triple airflow slots that can be adjusted using the bottom airflow ring. The Skynet Tank has a single resistance coil; the Skynet mesh coil 0.15ohm coil head designed for flavor and vapor performance and a much longer longevity, longer than any other coil head I’ve used all year. The Skynet Sub-Ohm also has a large 810 wide bore “frosted” drip tip that dissipates heat perfectly.

Aspire Cleito Pro Sub-Ohm Tank

The Sub-Ohm is currently being reviewed by me. The Aspire Cleito Pro is, so far, the best of the Cleito series. The Cleito Pro features a nicely redesigned modern look that will look great atop any mod. The Cleito Pro has a relatively small 3.0ml e-liquid capacity and a hidden top fill design.


The Cleito Pro has triple adjustable airflow slots for huge amounts of clouds. The Aspire Cleito Pro includes (1) Cleito Pro 0.5ohm coil head and (1) … wait for it…. the Cleito Pro Mesh Coil 0.15ohm atomizer head for incredible flavor and vapor production.


The Mod Used in this Review

I love Dual Cell box mods, and my collection is getting a bit ridiculous. However, this time I chose to use a Mod that would allow the above sub-ohm tanks to perform at their best.

While my choice might make a few of you do that “really? REALLY?” look, I chose the Vaporesso Polar for two reasons; the first being its size and power, the second being the best OLED display on any mod on the market today. A full 2” OLED with pure color and sharp graphics, this is my favorite mod, and has been for a while.


I know more than a few readers might have expected me to pick some newer mods, but for me, I’m all about tanks, not mods. I will buy any new sub-ohm to try it out, and if I like it, I’ll stock up with half a dozen tanks and a dozen packs of coils. But as far as Mods go, most sit on my shelf, alongside Kiera’s collection.

Let’s Bottom Line Mango Milk

Each of these Mesh Sub-Ohms have something regular wire coils do not have, a fast break in period. Within minutes you get the true flavor and optimal vapor when using a Mesh Coil. Now, having said that, Mango Milk played out a little differently.


In each of the tanks, with new coils, the first 30 minutes to an hour Mango Milk put out a very sharp mango flavor, not a soft, deep, sweet mango that I would expect from The Milkman. No, Mango Milk is very much a Mad Hatter blend, which is a brand that hits hard and softens later.


The good news is that once that sharp mango flavor calmed down, Mango Milk became a totally enjoyable blend. I vaped all 100mL of it during the review period.


I would rate Mango Milk a solid 4.75 Stars (based on my team’s 1-5 Star ratings), and although I hate to say this, I think The Milkman should try their hand on this same flavor, with a sweeter mango, because as good as it is, I believe some vapers will turn away from it if they don’t stick with it and wait for calming of the tart mango into a sweeter mango.


If you like mango flavored eJuice you will like Mango Milk if you vape it with a Mesh Coil and give it time to settle down. If this would be your first mango eJuice, I would stay away and instead grab a bottle of Mango & Cream French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics. This is a sweet mango with a heavy creamy flavor that is the perfect introduction to that special mango flavoring.