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Hurricane Vapor Team Review

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review – Dori Odosso Team


Hurricane Vapor has recently released several new flavors to the ever-growing line up original, Miami/Latin influenced e-liquids. Hurricane Vapor’s very first eliquid review appeared here nearly 4 years ago, and is certainly no stranger to Spinfuel, but it is my team’s first time taking a look at Hurricane Vapor flavors.

I thoroughly enjoyed every flavor and rated them all highly. There were a couple of eliquids that the team and I didn’t agree on, so IHURRICANE VAPOR-A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review IN DECEMBER 2015 suggest that, depending on your palate, you this into account when determining your overall view of the brand. If this is your first time encountering the Hurricane Vapor line we have included links at the end of this review to guide you to other Spinfuel Hurricane Vapor reviews.

Everyone on my team appreciated the selection and quality of ingredients that are used in Hurricane Vapor recipes. Straight out of South Florida, part of the Hurricane Vapor motto is, “We wanted to keep true to our south Florida and Latin roots. We decided to embrace the diversity of Miami and make it synonymous with the Hurricane brand.” Read on to see what we thought of their Storm Juice. All eliquids sent for review are 50% PG and 50% VG.

Hurricane Vapor NEW FLAVORS

Lychee Milkshake

Fog Milk: Pineapple

Dragon’s Fluff

Strawberry Horchata

Fog Milk: Mango

Strawnana Cheesecake

Spinfuel Protocols

If this is the first time you are reading a Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review headed up by me, Dori, I suggest that you take a look at the new protocols we’ve set up for each of the reviews my team will do moving forward. You’ll need to know how long we vape the eliquid, in what manner, what we look for, and how an eliquid may earn a coveted Spinfuel Choice Award. In addition, in order to understand the scores and our comments about each one, knowing the intricacies of our methods will give you a greater understanding of the process. Click here for those protocols.

Hurricane Vapor Particulars

Some of the Hurricane eliquid came in 15ml with childproof droppers and others in 30ml glass bottles with a tamper proof seal and droppers sent separately. They retail for $17.99/30ml and $32.99/60ml which is a very decent price, in my opinion, for a premium eliquid. Most premium brands run at $22/30ml retail. The 30ml price averages out to $.60/ml. I like that you can order the Storm Juice in three different PG:VG Ratios: 70vg/30pg, 50vg/50pg, and 30vg/70pg. Again, we will be reviewing the 50vg/50pg blend because that is what was sent our way. Our preference is for a higher VG ratio. The nicotine levels available are: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg.


We received one set of samples in 15ml clear glass bottles with tamper proof droppers and child resistant caps and the rest were 30ml clear square glass bottles with caps. I like that they sent the droppers separately for these as some companies do not. They just leave you without droppers. The clear glass and black/green labels are nothing special yet still have an eye appeal to them. The company name, flavor name, and nicotine level are all on the front while the ingredients, warning, and other information is placed neatly on the sides. There is also a UPC code on the side which I would assume is some way to track it to a batch code.


This is what it is all about: the flavor. We have six to cover. I will kick every flavor off with my thoughts as the team follows.  Remember as always, taste is subjective and  is in the mouth of the beholder. I do believe I’ve assembled a truly unique team. We all have different palates and I value each opinion of those on my team. Let’s see what we come up with for these for six tasty blends!! 

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LYCHEE MILKSHAKE: “Lychee Milkshake is a creamy blend of Fresh Lychee, vanilla bean ice cream, milk, and just a dash of cinnamon to add that delightful hint of contrasting flavors, as with our previous winning flavor. But make no assumptions, the marrying of this creamy blend with Lychee delivers a very different experience, as the Lychee and cream flavors compliment each other in different ways.”

Dori:  4.5 stars. I disagree with the rest of the team on this one. Lychee Milkshake is actually a good way to introduce the world to the lychee flavor because the vanilla bean ice cream really smooths out the flavor and makes this a tasty blend. I have tasted lychee in other blends before and not cared for the flavoring too much. I disagree with Louis and think that Hurricane Vapor has managed to combine it with flavors that compliment it and highlight the unique flavor. The cinnamon is truly just a dash and an undertone that I can taste here and there in the inhale. The exhale is a tasty and unique blend of flavors that is smooth. Lychee Milkshake has a mild throat hit and good vapor production. I enjoyed this best around 40-45 watts. I’ll be using my Production RDA with a .3 ohm coil build and the Lotus LE80 box mod for these reviews.

Alicia: 2.5 stars. Well, yuck. That’s pretty much my point of view. I’ve had lychee flavors that I have really liked, and I’ve had some that I haven’t liked. This is one that I just can’t like no matter what I try. It doesn’t taste like lychee to me at all. It’s a sour fruit taste, almost like the fruit has started to go bad. I can get hints of milkshake in the exhale, but I really have to pay attention to realize I can taste them. I’ll be using my HexOhm V2.1 and Sapor RDA with a .33 ohm coil build for these reviews. I ran them mostly around 60 watts.

Scott: 2.5 stars. I agree with Alicia, Dana, and Louis on this one. Lychee Milkshake had a really sour taste. It kind of tasted like something was spoiled. I’m not sure if it was the mixture of the flavors, but either way it was not a very good experience. I could smell a hint of vanilla when I opened the bottle, but when I vaped it, I get a not so good flavor in my mouth. It also leaves a weird after taste. I will be using an IPV3 and a Popeye RDA with a .3 ohms coil build.

Dana: 3 stars. Lychee Milkshake has a sweet, fruity aroma.  On the inhale, I get a very odd taste.  I have eaten Lychee before and this does not taste like them at all.  The exhale is a sour milk like flavor.  I tried this one on various wattages as well and still could not bring out a good flavor.  I’m with Louis on this one. Lychee Milkshake has a great vapor production and more of a harsh throat hit. I used my Smok M80 and my Popeye RDA built at .28hms for all of these reviews.

Louis: 3 stars. I have honestly never had a lychee fruit, but I am hoping that the real thing doesn’t taste like this eliquid. I could taste a milkshake heavy creamy flavor, but the fruit that accompanied it tasted like it had gone bad. The inhale was the sweet, but the souring fruit taste and the creamy milkshake flavor came on the exhale. It was a weird combination because it was sweet and creamy, but kind of sour. I think I got an upset stomach just vaping it. I used an unregulated box mod with a Popeye RDA and a .34 ohm coil build for these reviews.

FOG MILK: PINEAPPLE“Introducing “Fog Milk”, a deliciously creamy blend of decadent vanilla custard, swimming in luscious milk and cream, blended with juicy Pineapples. Your quest for an amazing custard and milk blend has come to an end.”

Dori: 5 stars. Pineapple Fog Milk is a really delightful and smooth pineapple flavor. I haven’t found too many pineapple flavors that are delicious, but this one has the sweetness and pineapple flavoring spot on. On the inhale, a creamy pineapple flavor that makes me wish it was the flavor of the week at the local ice cream joint. The flavor just continues throughout the exhale and leaves me wanting more. If you are after a good pineapple vape, this is your ticket…!! The vanilla custard flavor is nice and rich. When it is blended with the pineapple, it makes such a tasty combination. I would definitely try the rest of the Fog Milk line up as well after the Pineapple experience. The throat hit was mild and there was excellent vapor production. I enjoyed this around 45 watts as well.

Alicia:  3.75 stars. This is another one that I’m happy is paired with cream. I’m not a lover of vaping pineapple. It’s strong and normally completely takes over anything that may be mixed with it. The cream tones it down to where I can stand it. It’s not as bold as it normally is so that scores points with me. The pineapple flavor itself isn’t bad. It’s sweet with hints of tang mixed in, and there’s not too much of an artificial taste with it. Would I vape it? It’s pineapple, so no. However I would recommend it to people that like pineapple.

Scott: 4.5 stars – Pineapple Milk has a great pineapple flavor. From the smell, to the inhale and the exhale, the flavor is spot on. On the inhale, you get a cream flavor with a hit of pineapple flavoring. On the exhale, a great pineapple creamy milk taste. There is a nice balance between flavors, it smells just like dole pineapple juice, and tastes fantastic. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good pineapple flavor to vape.

Dana: 4.5 stars. The Pineapple Milk has the most amazing scent ever! It smells just like I cut open a fresh pineapple. It has a very sweet pineapple inhale and sweet creamy milk exhale.  Like Dori, I really enjoyed this flavor!! The vapor production is fantastic and the throat his is very mild.  The pineapple flavor was best at a lower wattage, 35 as it tasted like cooked pineapple on the higher setting.

Louis: 3.75 stars. I’m not really a pineapple flavored anything person. The pineapple is usually really strong and has that tartness that doesn’t go away. Adding the milk in this eliquid made me able to kind of like it. I got slight pineapple taste in the inhale with sweet and creamy pineapple in the exhale. It made me think of a pineapple yogurt smoothie or something of that sort. This was another interesting combination that works because even though pineapple and milk doesn’t sound like it would go together, this eliquid defies all odds and proves it’s really not that bad.

DRAGON’S FLUFF:  “Experience a NEW marshmallow combination. This is a blend of fresh & delicious dragon fruit, swimming in Marshmallow fluff. Sweet and fruity notes are rounded out with a light and creamy marshmallow backend, creating one of our most flavorful and satisfying vapes to date.”

Dori: 4.5 stars. Hurricane Vapor has done it again-and I seem to be on my own appreciating this one again too. I am not normally into dragon fruit vapes since they are blended in with fruity flavors most of the time. Some of them have been done rather well too, but they just aren’t my thing. I have even had some with cream, but I believe this marshmallow fluff is the perfect combination. On the inhale, a delicately dragon fruit flavored marshmallow cream that is very smooth hits my palate. It seems to just keep rolling strong through the exhale. This blend is just tasty and that is all there is to it. The vapor production is super and throat hit is mild. I enjoyed this one at 45 watts as well.

Alicia: 2.75 stars. Haha, this may be totally off the wall, but the inhale reminds me of a sour patch kid candy. It’s fruity but also sour and bitter. On the exhale, the cream kicks in, but it reminds me of the cream used in some of the other flavors, not marshmallow. Even though I like the cream flavor, the bitterness of the inhale stays through the exhale too and pretty much just ruins the entire flavor for me.

Scott:  3.5 stars. On the inhale, I tasted a sweet and light flavor just like I would if I was eating a marshmallow with out getting sticky. Fruity notes are rounded out by a good flavor of dragon fruit with creamy marshmallow at the back end of the flavor. I did get a bit of a bitter bite at the end of the inhale. The exhale was was sweet like marshmallow cotton candy, but that sweet flavor didn’t last long until the bitterness came back. It was enjoyable at times, I just wish it was more well rounded throughout the entire vape.

Dana: 3 stars. In my honest opinion, Dragon’s Fluff smells like chemicals.  On the inhale, I taste sweet, fruity flavor, but it is very bitter as well.  On the exhale, I can taste a minute amount of marshmallows, but then it is very bitter and leaves that taste in your mouth.  I vaped this on various wattages, but just didn’t care for it on any of them.  Dragon’s Fluff does have great vapor production and a little more harsh of a throat hit.
Louis: 3.25 stars. With a name like Dragon’s Fluff, I had no idea what to expect. I kind of was hoping for a dragons fruit and marshmallow like the description says, but I disagree with Dori and don’t think they quite hit the mark. The inhale was smooth, but didn’t have a lot of flavor. A sweetness came out in the exhale with an odd fruit flavor (possibly dragon fruit?) It was sweet enough to make me think of cotton candy. If there was more of a flavor on the inhale, I could have possibly rated it a little higher. It just simply lacked flavor for me.

STRAWBERRY HORCHATA“Enjoy this special blend of Fresh Strawberries and creamy Horchata; a traditional beverage from Spain, made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, and Barley. If you have been searching for unique vapes, look no further”

Dori: 5 stars.  I have tasted Horchata blends before, but never with the addition of strawberry flavoring. I have to say that this is rather tasty. Like Louis, I was worried about the combination and  about the spice from the Horchata overpowering the strawberry flavoring, but it compliments it nicely. There is always a note of cinnamon in any Horchata I’ve tasted and this one has it as well. I notice it as a flavor in the back of my throat during the inhale as the strawberry and creamy are blending together. The inhale is still a lovely flavor with all of this going on, and the exhale is just a milder, less spicy, version of the inhale. I would have to say this has a medium throat hit because of the spice, and an excellent vapor production. I enjoyed this at 45 watts once again.

Alicia:  2 stars. I am the odd woman out on this flavor. Being a lover of horchata flavors, this was a big disappointment to me. Strawberry is the dominant flavor that is very noticeable throughout the entire vape. The strawberry flavor isn’t one that I would choose to vape and my palate just isn’t getting what the other teammates seem to be getting out of it. It was sour and had an off taste to it that just wouldn’t go away. There is a tiny hint of cinnamon that came through on the exhale, but the strawberry doesn’t let it come through as it should so it pretty much ruins it. Also, there is no creaminess to this flavor, which I think would have helped maybe just a little. This is one that I couldn’t vape for long because it was just bad.

Scott: 5 stars. Strawberry Horchata has a good strawberry flavoring and the hint of cinnamon was not too intense. It gave the strawberry a unique taste. The strawberry flavoring, like with the Strawnana Cheesecake, is dead on and delicious. I’m not sure what to look for in the horchata though, but it seems like a less sweet version of a cinnamon flavored milkshake. This is a very good and unique flavor, and I think Horchata vape lovers will welcome a different flavor combination.

Dana: 5 stars. Upon opening the bottles in this line, just the aromas were amazing.  They were so true to their flavors.   The Strawberry Horchata was no exception.  After vaping, I tasted a sweet, mild strawberry flavor as well as a tiny hint of cinnamon from the horchata.  With the added touch of cream, I got the perfect vape flavor of  a horchata drink with the unique addition of strawberry flavoring. I enjoyed this flavor best at 45 watts.  It tasted good no matter what watts I tried it on, but the higher the wattage, it seemed to bring out more of the flavors. I experienced great vapor production and a mild throat hit.

Louis: 4.5 stars. This is definitely an interesting eliquid. Just the name makes it sound a little daring, but I was pleasantly surprised that it tasted like a strawberry fireball (if there was such a thing). I got the cinnamon taste as soon as I inhaled, but it wasn’t a really intense cinnamon. Then the sweet strawberry taste came in the exhale still leaving hints of the cinnamon. It even had an almost candy like aftertaste too. It sounds like a weird combination, but it is worth a try for sure. 

FOG MILK: MANGO“Introducing “Fog Milk”, a deliciously creamy blend of decadent vanilla custard, swimming in luscious milk and cream, blended with fresh Mango. Your quest for an amazing custard and milk blend has come to an end.”

Dori: 4.25 stars. I like that the mango flavoring isn’t too overpowering in this eliquid, but I do think there could be just a touch more. On the inhale, a delicious creamy vanilla custard blend hits my palate. I also taste a really nice subtle mango flavor.

Alicia:  4 stars. I love that this mango is paired with cream. The cream really takes the strong mango flavor and tones it down to where it’s not taking over the entire vape. It also takes away the sour ending that can usually come with mango flavoring. The inhale is a light mango and as it lingers the cream swirls in and wraps around it and really just turns it into a creamy smooth flavor throughout. I enjoyed it!!

Scott: 4.5 stars. If you enjoy mango flavors, go ahead and give this eliquid a try! I started out not really sure about this flavor, but as I vaped it, the more I liked it. The inhale gave me a sweet mango taste and I got a slight tart after-taste that made it taste realistic and kept making me want more. The milk part came out on the exhale. It was smooth with a slight sweetness and had the perfect eggyness for a custard (it doesn’t really taste like eggs, think more of like a creamy egg nog). The mango flavoring wasn’t over powering like it usually is in other eliquids.

Dana: 4 stars. The aroma of the Mango Milk was not as good as the other flavors. It does have a sweet aroma but doesn’t smell like mango in my opinion. The flavor on the inhale is very sweet and fruity, but has a  slight bitter aftertaste.  I do taste some milk, but it tastes like sweetened condensed milk, not real milk and the flavor was not creamy at all.  There was great vapor production and mild throat hit.  This flavor was best at 40 watts.

Louis: 3.75 stars. This eliquid had a good mango flavor. It wasn’t intense, but I think the milk had something to do with that aspect of the vape. I got a sweet, light mango taste on the inhale and a heavier taste of mango on the exhale. That was followed closely by the milky creaminess that smoothed it out right away. Mango and milk just doesn’t sound like it should go together, but this eliquid had a good combination of the two flavors to pair them just right.

STRAWNANA CHEESECAKE:  “Experience a deliciously blended cheesecake, with the delicious infusion of strawberries & ripe bananas. Taste the creamy indulgence of luscious cheesecake, with the inclusion of that crumbly cheesecake crust, all kissed in a creamy strawberry & banana blend.”

Dori: 4.5 stars. This is another hit. I love the addition of banana with the lovely strawberry flavor in the inhale. The cheesecake flavoring isn’t too powerful and blends nicely with both fruits, but I do agree with Louis that it could be a tad stronger. Strawnana Cheesecake is a smooth eliquid with a mild throat hit that has the perfect touch of sweetness. I can taste the graham right before the exhale and all of the flavors combine for a tantalizing exhale. I still suggest everyone try this one. It is right up the fruit lovers alley, but smooth enough for those who like custards, and still has that sweetness for those who like their vapes sweet. I enjoyed this best around 45-50 watts.

Alicia: 4 stars. Thankfully the strawberry in this comes through with a totally different taste than it did when blended with the Horchata eliquid. Hints of banana compliment it well and keeps it from becoming too strong. The inhale is full of this strawnana flavor followed by a bakery exhale. I’m not getting much of a cheesecake flavor though. It’s more along the lines of a vanilla custard with just a touch of crust added in. Even though it’s not cheesecake, it’s still good and really does go well with the strawnana.

Scott: 5 stars – Strawnana Cheesecake has a great strawberry banana flavor inhale. On the exhale, I tasted a little of a sweet creamy flavor mixed in with strawberries and banana, but not sure if I would consider it a cheesecake. It reminded more of a really sweet custard. I still thought it was a good flavorful vape with great flavor. I recommend that anyone try this no matter what your flavor preference because it is extremely smooth as well.

Dana: 5 stars. If you were to close your eyes and open the bottle of Strawberry Cheesecake and smell it, you would swear that is what was in front of you.  The aroma is amazing!  On the inhale, I taste very sweet ripe strawberries. On the exhale, I can taste the flaky crust of the cheesecake as well as the creaminess of it.  This eliquid has excellent vapor production and a mild throat hit.  I enjoyed it the most at 40 watts.  Grab a cup of coffee, a bottle of this eliquid and sit back to enjoy a truly sweet experience.

Louis: 4.5 stars. This is a nice, smooth, strawberry and banana flavored eliquid. Personally, I didn’t get a lot of the cheesecake flavor from this, but it did have a nice, creamy almost custard taste to it. On the inhale, I tasted the sweet, smooth strawberry, and then got the full flavor banana with the custard taste to finish up the exhale. The exhale made me think of banana pudding, or custard. Really good take on an original flavor, although I couldn’t tell it was supposed to be cheesecake. I did enjoy the creaminess that accompanied the strawberry and banana to make it nice and smooth and more dessert like.


The team and I as a whole definitely could tell that Hurricane Vapor uses quality ingredients, we just didn’t agree that some of the flavorings that were used were as up to par. That truly always depends on ones’ palate. The Strawnana Cheesecake was the big overall hit in this line up of flavors. It was the one that scored the highest rating and the one I am figuring we all finished up first. Take time to check out Hurricane Vapor if you see a flavor that catches your eye. They have many unique blends and I believe it is worth a chance for the price.

As always, the team and I all have a unique way of tasting flavors but you’ll know who you relate to most after you read all of the reviews. We all have our own style. These are our opinions and it is nice to have different views sometimes on the same product.


Dori Odosso and the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team

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