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This is a book review long in the making. We received our copy (purchased, not given, well worth the $25) several weeks ago and it has made the rounds here at Spinfuel . You can’t help but to apply what is so fully researched and so thoughtfully laid out, to other areas of our lives where freedoms are under assault. Is the main theme of TobakkoNacht – The Antismoking Endgame authored by Michael J. McFadden about antismoking zealots and their agenda-driven lies, or does it reach beyond that, and explain how insidiously the nanny-state culture has changed our society for the worse? This is a book that has opened my eyes to more than the mindset of the anti-smoking zealots; it has shown me just how far power brokers can, and do, go to manipulating the population into believing whatever it is they want them to believe. – JL

TobakkoNacht – The Antismoking Endgame is an important book. Not because it reveals the truth about the antismoking zealots, though that is a big part of it, but because it reveals an even bigger truth, a truth that will surely lead to a world you and me, in short order, no longer recognize. A world where personal choice, personal responsibility, and personal freedoms no longer exist. A world where those in power force those that elected them to yield to the new world order, where the nanny-state takes over your life, where we become so weak, so powerless, that we allow politicians to monitor and make every decision in our lives for us. It is a sad end where socialism is no longer a dirty word, no longer a scary word, but instead a word that means we will all live longer, healthy lives, full of mundane nothingness, stripped of joy, ambition, and responsibility. It’s a world I want no part of.

TobakkoNault - The Antismokers' Endgame - Book Review Spinfuel eMagazine

If you’ve had enough of the government’s intrusion into your lives, if you don’t want the politicians to have access to your email, phone conversations, IRS records, and even your medical history, this is a must read book. Yes, it’s a book where the topic is tobacco, but the fundamental truths reach so much further.

TobakkoNacht — The Antismoking Endgame, is a book that strips away the games the politicians, scientists, big corporations, and ‘busy bodies’ play.  It takes on the woefully misused knowledge of science, the double-speak ‘1984’ language used to promote unjust paranoia concerning the frantic lies for smoking bans and cigarette taxes levied against innocent people making innocent life choices, without regard, or need, of compassion.

Michael J McFadden, an expert in statistical analysis and propaganda, attended Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, a prestige school where businessmen of means are churned out every year. His education, and his ability to think beyond the obvious are on display is this incredible, and masterful, work of deconstructing the lies told by those in positions of power.

With real, honest information, McFadden scrutinizes the admittedly frightening anti-smoking studies that have made the headlines globally for well over a decade, and strips away the fog. He shows us, in each case he takes to task, just how the “data” and carefully chosen “language” in the data have been manipulated to reach the conclusions of those in power. He lays bare the ones who pull the purse strings and embrace the immorality of twisting facts to fit an agenda.

Then, McFadden supports his arguments against such agenda-filled propaganda with real science that visibly explains the real truth in a way that both you and I can understand. (While this book, like his earlier foundational work, Dissecting Antismoking’ Brains, focuses primarily on tobacco smoking, it adds a very strong chapter titled “Of Vapors and Vapers” that will be of special interest to those who prefer electronic cigarettes and are angry about how the facts about them have been twisted).  

In the case of both traditional and electronic smoking preferences, McFadden punches through the veil of hidden and corrupt science and lays it before us, the truth bared for all to see. A nightmare come true, where ‘agenda’ supersedes freedom, where the data is twisted so ferociously, that it chills you to the bones. Knowing full well that it doesn’t stop there, you can’t help but wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes, and how many areas of our lives this kind of manipulation is being used to mold us into sheep.

TobakkoNacht – The Antismoking Endgame opens with a monstrously dystopian future account of something called the “Endgame”.  A future where the antismoking movement has gained maximum and complete power and smokers are generally treated as criminals. (Doesn’t this happen in many modern offices today?) McFadden investigates the roots of the brave new world of false truths and layers upon layers of lies that could make this dystopian reality a modern and very real reality and what that world could, or perhaps ‘probably’, will look like sooner rather than later.TobakkoNault - The Antismokers' Endgame - Book Review Spinfuel eMagazine

The mock science that is used to push agenda’s like the outdoor smoking bans is also criticized and lampooned in the form of short ‘essays’ delivered as “Letters To The Editor“, concentrating on all the arguments used by antismoking zealots and fanatics who would cheerfully apply the same methodology to other areas of society that needed to be controlled and regulated. The problem is that it is already taking place everywhere, and Americans, the British, the French, and other “first worlders” are so trusting of the governments, without the will or even the desire to fight. Hell, more people than you might think don’t even see this manipulation as wrong. They WANT a nanny state, they want to be told what to do, and as long as it doesn’t interfere with “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Big Bang Theory” then have at it, regulate the hell out of us all.

Michael J McFadden doesn’t think the war is lost however. He believes that maybe we can wrestle our freedoms back from those who so easily took them.  He shows us how to approach local, state, and federal government with the real truths exposing the false arguments and showing us how to successfully confront the “power brokers” who’s mission is to quiet those that challenge authority while pushing for ever widening bans and even higher taxes against those that choose to live the way they want to live.

TobakkoNacht – The Antismoking Endgame demonstrates how the de-normalization of smokers and smoking has twisted science and torn holes in the social fabric of society while altering the truthful public health warnings into a destructive social welfare that is assailing our lives with lies, attacks on our freedom to choose the kind of life we want, and it shows us how, if there are enough of us that want to fight, to fight back hard and win.

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TobakkoNacht – The Antismoking Endgame ends with a brilliant section that shows the way forward toward a persuasive “endgame” for those of us that want our freedoms back. He guides us to the various weaknesses of the anti-smoking zealots and suggests ways we can attempt to beat them back, ways to turn the tide back from this reality that is closer to the vision of “1984” then any of us would ever have thought possible just ten years ago.

Is it enough? Can the truth found in TobakkoNacht be used to widen our awareness that it is not only tobacco, or even
electronic cigarettes, or alcohol and other “sins” that are under attack, it is every faucet of our lives. Will the reader be able to read between the lines and see how the players are using the same game plan to justify everything they want to change about the way we live our lives? Maybe. I know one thing; after reading TobakkoNacht it is easy to imagine how so many have become so weak, so willing to follow, and so easily willing to exchange ‘freedoms’ for the illusion of safety. Was it inevitable?

You need to read this book.

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About Michael J. McFadden

Michael J. McFadden studied statistics and propaganda analysis at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Graduate School. He has published two books (so far), Dissecting Antismokers Brains, and TobakkoNacht – The Antismoking Endgame. More can be found at