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Vape Story - A 2014 Incredible Vape Tale - Jenni Buchanan

Jenni Buchanan tells her vape story of how electronic cigarettes changed her life. Below, in her own words, is the truth our politicians, journalists, and certain advocacy groups don’t want you to hear. Share this story with others, share your story. Show the world we will not give up the only effective tool for so many addicted smokers without a fight. – Team Spinfuel

I stared hanging out with the wrong crowd when I was 15. We would go back into the woods, hang out by the creek and smoke cigarettes. Before I knew it I was stealing them from my parents.

A few years later, my boyfriend at the time, would tell me that I sounded like I was coughing up a lung. I never wanted to believe him. I just told him that I must be getting a cold. He was a smoker too.

“He was a smoker too.” – My Vape Story

When I turned 23, I went to the doctor for an exam. That’s when she told me I was 6 months pregnant. Saw a mid-wife weeks later, she confirmed I was 6 months pregnant. She also told me the thing that would break my heart. I couldn’t quit smoking, if I did my son could go into shock and could possibly die.

I went into a depression. I couldn’t sleep. I would just always ask myself, how could I have gotten so addicted to these things to put my unborn baby at risk like that! This is what prompted my Vape Story.

The looks I got while I light up a cigarette and took a puff off it. I was also called inconsiderate to my son, and much more mean and rude stuff. After a while I started to believe them, after all this was happening because I got so far into smoking.

Months later, I went to the hospital to be induced. The first didn’t stay, so they induced me again. Two days just trying to give birth to my son. Two days I couldn’t go out for a smoke. I derided from cigarettes while I was finally in labor. My baby boy was finally born and in surprise and relief he was perfectly healthy!

Weeks went by, I didn’t touch a cigarette. Then suddenly the cravings came back. I found out my husband had been smoking at work. We were suppose to quit together, be there for each other. I couldn’t stand these cravings any more. So I had him buy me a pack of smokes. Before I knew it I was addicted again.

My Vape Story – My Son

When my son turned 5 months old. He was on his way to being mobile. My husband looked at me and said, we’ve got to dig out them old e cigs. We walked into the Vape store that day. Came out with two new ego style batteries, a few clearomizers, chargers and a bottle of juice. It was good!

I had a little more issue giving up cigarettes for my vape. I had to force my husband to no matter what I say don’t buy any more tobacco. Two weeks after having my vape. I no longer thought of cigarettes or craved them.

I could smell again, I could breathe again, I didn’t need to go outside any more, I didn’t smell like smoke any more…. this was my vape story at its best. I can smell what people smoke as I walk by them. I can’t believe I walked around smelling like that. That I held my son smelling like that.

6 months later, I had gotten curious. My mother in law and her husband still smoked. My vape was almost dead. So I took a cigarette. It tasted like crap! It made me feel worse. I got light headed then dizzy and my stomach started to really hurt. This was after 1 puff off it. I put it out!

My Vape Story Conclusion

I have not touched a cigarette since! I’ve been vaping now for a year! I will take my vape over a cigarette any day!

My husband forgot his vape when he left for work yesterday. His co-worker gave him a few smokes. He said they were disgusting, made him feel like he was going to get sick. He said he will never go back to smoking again! He will also remember his vape too.

My husband still uses his ego pen, I past them down to him as I got the k100.


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