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A lot of people nowadays are beginning to understand and appreciate the fact that marijuana is slowly showing its benefits. In the past, marijuana was notoriously at equal levels with crystal meth and cocaine. To know how and why marijuana made such a reputation, we must delve much deeper in the pages of history.

Pedro Cuadrado, a conquistador in the 16th century, brought the herb to Mexico sometime in the year 1550. He is the first to introduce it in the country. “Hemp” as it is more colloquially known, was a healthy and sturdy fiber. Ropes and paper were popular products that came out of it. Hemp fibers are even also a component in making dresses, garments, and clothing.

Interestingly, marijuana was soon rooted in the oldest traditions in Mexico. The herb was put to use in Godly rituals where it would induce visual and auditory hallucinations for supposed divine and supernatural encounters.

Due to the effects it would give to its users, Marijuana became associated with violence and madness. Surprisingly, due to the supernatural beliefs that came with it, Marijuana was labeled more dangerously with promoting violence despite alcohol having almost the same effects.

With a  reputation to behold, the focus shifted on the herb’s users. Smoking the plant became synonymous with crooks, soldiers, and prisoners who were part of the lowest classes at that time. Fear instantly came with it and a lot of people considered it a taboo to have anything to do with such a plant.

Fast forward to the year 1876, Porfirio Diaz has the country in his hands. Being negatively associated in the past before, Liberals who were opposing Diaz’s dictatorship labeled marijuana as the symbol of his regime, a fact that pushed the reputation of the plant even lower.

Fast forward again in 1971, The United States which was headed by President Richard Nixon, announced on what was known by many as “The Final Prohibition.” Marijuana and its uses became illegal. Cultivation and Maintaining the plant became at equal levels with the sale and distribution of Crystal Meth.

Eventually, for almost five centuries, the negativity of marijuana became the norm for most of us. The Past still makes its way today, wherein the use of marijuana becomes associated with delinquency.

Amazingly, Marijuana is slowly making its comeback. In 2012, Washington became the first official State to legalize cannabis in a state law. Although still considered illegal by the federal law, its regulated and correct usage is surprisingly being acceptable.

With advances in science, people have begun to understand the essence of the plant, down to its most essential elements. In modern medicine, research from the plant is showing a lot of promising results. One of these potentials is that marijuana can eliminate cancer cells.

Along with the United States, a lot of countries also see the possibility that the herb has. Instead of viewing the use of cannabis as a criminal act, several institutions now see it more of a health problem. Canada, Ecuador, and the Czech Republic are some of the nations that have legalized and decriminalized its use.


With an impending trend set to descend upon us, the reputation that cannabis a.k.a. marijuana has is slowly becoming confident. The late 16th century and its early association of the plant in promoting violence and insanity proved to be the point in making the plant notoriously dangerous for almost five centuries.

With technological advancements, we now see the benefits that come with the proper and responsible use of cannabis. A valid argument also presents itself when one is weighing on the positives and negatives brought to us by the herb.

Although alcohol and marijuana seemingly have the same uplifting effects, it is also a surprising fact that while Alcohol is legal, Marijuana is not. Cases of Car accidents, which are primarily caused by drunk drivers, tend to have a more concerning tone rather than the effects of marijuana which in most cases are mild. Due to this, Marijuana is given more focus and tends to become sensationalized.

Sharon Reyer

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A fan of Technology and entrepreneurship, Sharon Reyer is a researcher currently based in Michigan. She has lots of interests, such as culture and society. She devotes her free time in reading and acquiring more knowledge for her to share with her many readers.

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