Over the last decade, vaping has grown popular and is not stopping any time soon. A huge number of individuals find vaping so fascinating as a hobby and lifestyle as well. Some confuse the hobby with a lifestyle as vaping satisfies both. It has turned out to be a recreational activity that no one is willing to miss. You might be wondering why it is being considered as a hobby as well as a lifestyle. Well, this article answers all of your questions concerning this.

Lifestyle of Hobby? Vaping Doesn’t Reek

A person who has spent a lot of time with a smoker can confirm that being around them and smelling that secondhand smoke or even the smoker’s clothes is intolerable. Trust me, there is no smoker who notices how bad they smell when you cross paths with them or they enter a room.

If you are a smoker, you are probably tired of people avoiding you due to your foul smell, and you might consider making a move to vaping. When vaping, there is no noticeable smell. You will not have to worry about the smell on your clothes, fingers, or even the breath because vaping smoke, which is just steam, doesn’t stink.

You Can Vape Anywhere (Well…)

When vaping, no scent is noticeable. Due to this, you will not have to move around looking for a good place to vape. This becomes very essential, especially for folks who are in cold areas and smoking for them is nothing but pleasure. It is also beneficial to those people who live in tropical climates as they will not have to leave the comfort of their air conditioning to go out and smoke.

Lifestyle? Vaping Can Stop Tobacco Addiction

Many individuals are vaping to either stop smoking traditional cigarettes or to get a healthy option for smoking. We are all aware of how addictive nicotine can be no matter the form it’s in. Those vapers who choose a level of nicotine that is the same as the one on the regular cigarette can quickly adapt to a vaping lifestyle that is great for them. Many vapers have confirmed a better feeling from the e-cig juice and all of their urges for smoking are still met.

You May Choose Any Flavor (except where flavors are ignorantly banned)

Traditional cigarettes have limited options as far as flavors. On the other hand, vaping gives many flavor options that you will probably want to choose from. Many retailers are now selling hundreds of flavors to their customers so that all of their needs are met.

You might even consider mixing the available flavors to create new experiences in your vaping world. Examples of flavors you will come across are dessert and fruit flavors. This makes vaping enjoyable as a lifestyle as well as a hobby.

Lifestyle or Hobby – Vaping Is Acceptable in Many Communities

To many people, vaping is not just an activity, but a lifestyle as well. You will instantly notice how close of a community is knitted when you visit a vape shop. All vapers in such a community enjoy being close to each other. They share their experiences and tactics with vaping. The vaping community is great for you to be part of if you want to be trendy.

The community where you live and work however, may feel the opposite. Many states in the US and several countries are so tied into Big Tobacco “mafia” that they have banned flavored vapes. Which is funny when you think about it. Tobacco vapes are fine, despite the fact that to create tobacco e-liquid, you need certain flavor combinations. Doh!


The above can guide you in knowing where you lie in the vaping world you are in. You should always consider them. Most people who have vaped for more than a year are hobbyist vapers. Using e-cigs to get off deadly tobacco and then quite vaping is perfectly fine. Long term Vapers enjoy it too much to consider it a temporary fix, to them (me) it’s a lifestyle and a hobby.

Vaping as a Hobby and Lifestyle