Simply Vapour eLiquid Review

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review


Simply Vapour uses pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, USP Kosher-Grade Propylene Glycol (PG), and USP Kosher-Grade Vegetable Glycerin (VG) in combination with the fine food-grade, natural and artificial flavor extracts. All eliquid from Simply Vapour e-liquids are made in Minnesota. This is a high quality brand, make no mistake about that.

Nicotine – 3mg, 6mg, 11mg, 18mg, and 24mg. A Zero-Nic blend is also offered.

Bottle Sizes and Price

We don’t see many High VG blends these days that are sold in 7mL or even 15mL bottles. 30mL and up are common. Because a High VG eliquid is used up faster in high wattage and low ohm vaping, these smaller sizes are more of a sampler size. As a first-time customer it makes sense to invest as little as possible, afterward the larger sizes are much more economical.

7mL – $5.99

15mL – $10.99

30mL – $17.99

60mL – $29.99

Once the size reaches 30mL the price per mL becomes more affordable for many.

The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team Scoring Method

The lowest score an eliquid can receive is 1.00. A score of 1.00 represents an eliquid that cannot be vaped by the member of the team that awarded the score. A 1.00 does not solely consider flavor, it includes any unpleasant aftertastes or other indicators that point to an awful eliquid. 

 A 2.00 score would represent a score for an eliquid that is not made with quality ingredients, and does not deliver a flavor profile that matches the brand’s official flavor profile, and proves to be an unpleasant vape experience, though not totally unvapeable.

 A 3.00 score represents an Average eliquid. That is, average for 2015-2016 Standards. It means the use of adequate quality ingredients, fairly similar flavor profile of the brand’s official profile, though sometimes written as hyperbole. A 3.00 score is not the median score, it’s just a non-special, okay eliquid found in many good budget brands.

 A 4.00 score represents a better-than-average eliquid for the 2015/2016 ejuice standards. The quality of the ingredients is apparent, and high-end. The official flavor description is an accurate description from the reviewer’s point of view. Many modern eliquid brands fall into this level. A score of 4.00+ is equivalent to the score of a 5.00 score in 2013 terms.

 A 5.00 score is just shy of a perfect eliquid. A 5.00 score eliquid is made of apparent premium ingredients and has a flavor profile that outshines the official flavor profile given to it from the brand. The eliquid delivers not only a great vape, but delivers vape satisfaction beyond the norm. When all members of the review team find an eliquid to be a 5.00 eliquid it is awarded the Spinfuel Choice Award.

 Vape Gear Used in This Review

 Julia: ProVape Radius – Riptide sub-ohm and Mermaid sub-ohm

Kiera: Joyetech Cuboid and Cubis tanks

Tom: iStick TC100W – Uwell Crown – Goliath V2

Jason: Vaporshark DNA200 – Uwell Rafale Tank

The eLiquids

 Flavor Characteristics

As disparate as these 4 flavors are they do share a couple of characteristics worth mentioning. First, all the eLiquids areSimply Vapour eLiquid Review A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review thick, thick enough for modern RDA’s and sub-ohm tanks. All 4 flavors produced enormous amounts of vapor.

They are also very flavorful. Most High VG blends are smooth, with very little throat hit, and Simply Vapour follows suit in these respects, but they are also stronger than many High VG blends we’ve reviewed recently. For some vapers that will be a welcome characteristic, but for others, not so much. As far as all-day-vapes go, we’re sure some vapers will find one or two here, but the team did not find any of the flavors, however good they were, to work as an all-day-vape.

Simply Vapour eLiquid Review A Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewMad Melon – A CRAZY, BOLD BLEND OF HONEYDEW AND WATERMELON. Spinfuel Choice Award Winner!

Julia: 5.00 – Excellent blend of sweet melons. I’ve had more than my share of melon blends and this one is right up there with the top 3. I would also consider Mad Melon as2016 Spinfuel Choice Award Winner an all-day-vape. This melon blend possesses something most others do not, depth. You won’t get a melon flavor that sort of sits above the VG like some do (especially melon flavors with lots of PG), Mad Melon blends the deepness of these sweet melon flavors to create a solid, delightful, all day vape.

Tom: 5.00 – I was really surprised by my reaction to Mad Melon. I’ve vaped so many melon flavors over the past 4 years that I would never have suspected a melon flavor to taste ripe with sweetness and authenticity. Quite an enjoyable flavor, one that I found myself vaping far longer than I thought I would. Mad Melon is also a producer of mad amounts of thick vapor. This is good stuff.

Kiera: 5.00 – Listening to Tom and Jason talk about a Melon blend with such positive attributes felt strange. These guys are all about the heavy, thick flavors of tobacco, coffee and similar tastes. At the same time, I agree with everything they said. Mad Melon is a truly wonderful blend of sweet melons, all but watermelon. I taste ripe honeydew, cantaloupe, and even a Crenshaw melon. What gives me the impression that Simply Vapour is using a Crenshaw melon flavoring is the deep sweetness with a touch of spiciness. A dead giveaway of a ripe Crenshaw melon. This flavor makes a terrific all-day-vape.

Jason: 5.00 – I did not expect to like Mad Melon as much as I did. Melon flavors can be a nice change once and a while, but I would use them as a way to break away from some heavy, dense eliquids. Mad Melon has a different type of melon flavor profile. The only way to explain it is that it possesses a dense melon flavor. I vaped the entire bottle and felt a tinge of concern when I ran out. I just may have to keep a bottle of this one around.

Simply Vapour eLiquid Review A Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewNilla Mint – A PERFECTED BLEND OF PEPPERMINT AND FRENCH VANILLA.

Julia: 4.00 – Certainly a high quality eliquid, Nilla Mint offers little in the way of peppermint and more in the way of traditional menthol. Nilla wafers and menthol, not a good mix for me. The flavor of vanilla is there, and it does lean more toward the vanilla wafer idea, but not as much as I had hope. Point lost for the official description

Tom: 4.00 – Sadly, Simply Vapour is going to lose a point from all of us because of their official description. This one just isn’t a peppermint and vanilla wafer profile.

Although I think there would be lots of vapers that enjoy menthol type flavors that would enjoy Nilla Mint, it’s just not an eliquid I can vape for long.

Kiera: 4.00 – Nice quality to it, thick, intense flavors, but way to menthol-like for me. I also don’t taste much vanilla or wafers (as implied by the word Nilla), but there are many that would like it. I’m not one of them.

Jason: 5.00 – This wild flavor combination hits me in a way that I wouldn’t think possible. It makes me think of vanilla wafers with candy cane pieces between them. Definitely a very different flavor. I loved it, but it’s not a flavor that I could vape all day. A real palate cleanser, and a cool flavor for sore throats.

Simply Vapour eLiquid Review A Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewBlue Raspberry – A VERY FRESH AND BRIGHT MIXTURE OF WILD BLUEBERRIES AND RASPBERRY CANDY. 

Julia: 4.00 – Blue Raspberry is a horrible flavor. But, as much as I would like to score it a 1.00, I cannot. Because Simply Vapour has other flavors that are top-quality and quite tasty, I cannot believe they would or even could, create an eliquid of lesser quality.

Some people might like this kind of very intense, very tart eliquid, but I found myself not able to vape it more than 2 or 3 puffs at a time.

Tom: 4.00 – Blue Raspberry is so strong it takes your breath away. I do taste the flavor components, the blueberries and raspberries, but they are so strong it’s an unmanageable flavor combination.

Kiera: 4.00 – WOW! In all the time I spent with Blue Raspberry I could get past 2 seconds with each vape. Talk about overpowering! What this flavor needs are a ‘calming down’ of the flavor components, more sweetness, and a lot less tartness. You’ll have to be someone that loves super intense flavors to enjoy this one.

Jason: 5.00 – I completely disagree with my team mates on Blue Raspberry. It is an awesome flavor and an eliquid that produces massive clouds. However, Blue Raspberry does need a couple of things to be done in the pre-vape period.

Blue Raspberry must breathe for a few hours. Shake the bottle for a good 30 seconds, open the bottle, stir it with the glass eyedropper, then push in on the dropper a few times to bring in more air. Then close the bottle after filling a tank.

Once you have a tank filled, fire the atomizer for a few seconds. Then allow it to sit in the tank for a few more hours, overnight is even better.

The idea of performing some pre-vape exercises is not to change the flavor, it is only because a strong blueberry and a strong raspberry creates an almost fevered flavor. Once it’s calmed down it is an amazing vape experience. I will admit though that this one is not for the faint of hearts.

Simply Vapour eLiquid Review A Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewPeanut Butter Parfait – AN AWESOME PEANUT BUTTER DESSERT TO INDULGE IN. DEFINITELY A FAVORITE AT SV!

A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Julia: 5.00 – Strangely delicious. No other way to describe the flavor then to say it tastes like a peanut butter parfait. There is a definite peanut butter flavor but it is blended into an almost creamy flavor that makes it so tasty in a high VG blend. This one is also the eliquid that produces the thickest vapor clouds.

Tom: 5.00 – Although I was not able to find it an all-day-vape, Peanut Butter Parfait is2016 Spinfuel Choice Award Winner so good its addictive. I can’t explain it, somehow this flavor blend hits the right spot, intensely, but after 30 minutes or so of steady vaping (3mg nicotine allows us to vape a flavor as long as we want) I had to switch up.

Probably one of the best Peanut Butter flavors I’ve ever had.

Kiera: 5.00 – Peanut Butter Parfait is a delicious blend of whipped peanut butter. If you’ve ever tried the “whipped” peanut butter you know what I’m talking about. There is a true creamy flavor to whipped peanut butter, and I believe that is why Peanut Butter Parfait tastes like a real parfait. Delightful in many ways, this is dessert blend for peanut butter junkies.

Jason: 5.00 – I just couldn’t make it all day with Peanut Butter Parfait, but I was able to enjoy it for several hours. The flavor is definitely not the same as peanut butter out of a jar, but rather a creamy peanut butter dessert.  The time I spent with it I tasted peanut butter fudge, peanut butter cake, peanut butter clusters, and a couple more.

Don’t approach Peanut Butter Parfait as you would other peanut butter eliquid flavors or you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Peanut Butter Parfait is a creamy dessert flavor, and one of the best.


Over the years we’ve reviewed some terrific brands, and some really bad ones. This is a good brand, some delicious eliquids, and what will stand out for us is the diversity of the flavors more than just about anything else. From a creamy peanut butter to a wildly powerful blueberry and raspberry concoction, these four flavors run the scale.

Kiera and I favored the Mad Melon, while Tom and Jason seemed to favor the Peanut Butter Parfait. That goes to show that when it comes down to it, everyone has their own ‘hot spots’ when it comes to favorites. Interested in trying some Simply Vapour eliquids? Click Here

Last Words: Flavorful blends with tremendous vapor production and individual uniqueness unseen in dozens of previous reviews.

Tom McBride, Jason Little, Julia Hartley-Barnes and Kiera Hartley-Barnes – The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team