As of today corrupt politicians around the country continue to prepare and execute e-cigarette bans, as well as the ban on e-juice flavors, all based on a handful of homemade THC cartridges and e-juice made with a weird Vitamin E acetate. Just writing this sentence makes me think I entered the Twilight Zone.

Even worse…

…in Massachusetts a 4-month complete ban on ALL vape products (not surprisingly  just long enough to force the closing of every single Vape Shop in the state, so that when the ban is lifted the only stores that will be selling them are gas stations and convenience stores) with more states jumping on the bandwagon every other day. Yet, despite destroying an entire industry based on untruths and outright lies, no matter how much noise is made on both sides no one is listening to the science of vaping.

E-Cigarette Safety: Scientists Still Find e-Cigarette Benefits Far Outweigh Potential Risks

E-Cigarettes Are Safer

Scientists are still encouraging ALL regulatory agencies to reconsider this disastrous police-state policy. More than 100 e-cigarette research projects were carefully analyzed to form a complete look at the health risks associated with ‘legit’ vaping.

After studying all the data, the scientists found that the benefits of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation product outweigh any potential and unknown risks. Right now, it is accepted by scientists that vaping is 95% safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Critics have often built their arguments against e-cigs on two basic issues:

  • Unknown risks of e-cig use over time
  • E-cigs’ role as a “gateway” to tobacco
  • Kids vaping high-nicotine pod mods like JUUL.

However, the scientists found these arguments to be invalid.  “If there are any risks, these will be many times lower than the risks of smoking tobacco,” commented Dr. Hayden McRobbie, from the Wolfson Institute of Preventative Medicine at Queen Mary University of London. That goes for kids that decide to use these products as well.

Spinfuel VAPE doesn’t condone teenagers picking up cigarettes or pod mods, but throughout time a certain number of kids have always chose to smoke. Thankfully, many of these teens are vaping instead of lighting up a Marlboro or Winston, while the others still find it easy to buy cigarettes just about anywhere they’re sold.

E-cigarettes drastically reduce the number of smoking-related deaths in today’s world.  It is illogical, and downright stupid, to limit their reach. “Current evidence suggests that there is a potential for smokers to reduce their health risks if electronic cigarettes are used in place of tobacco cigarettes are and considered a step toward ending all tobacco and nicotine use.”

Scientists also insisted that e-cigs do not act as a gateway to tobacco use and it’s quite rare for a nonsmoker to even try e-cigarettes.

The truth is that vaping has been a life-saving alternative for 13 million American former smokers. “There is evidence that e-cigarettes enable some users to quit smoking or reduce their consumption,” say scientists. “There is enough evidence now that e-cigarettes reduce smoking-related harm, and they should remain easily obtainable and not regulated more strongly than tobacco products.”

In 2019 vaping bans are popping up all over, but you can still buy cigarettes in every state. It’s not the health of citizens these corrupt politicians are looking to save, it’s tax revenue.

Remember before this sneak attack on vaping that some lawmakers have argued that secondhand vapor could be a threat to public health, but research removes that concern, making it harder for politicians to ban vaping, or ejuice flavors on a false claim

There is no scientific evidence that secondhand vapor is harmful whatsoever. The only controversial ingredient is e-cigarettes is nicotine, but the scientists said it is not really something to be concerned about. “It’s not the nicotine in cigarettes that kills people,” scientists have said.

E-cigarettes ARE a life-saving technology for today’s smokers. The benefits far surpass the risks and while scientists were urging regulatory agencies to proceed with caution to avoid damaging this important new industry, a devastating plan was enacted that has resulted in the almost certain destruction of one of the world’s most effective tools to stop the proliferation of tobacco cigarettes.

Want Proof?

India is a country with one of the highest percentages of tobacco smokers in the world. You might think that the Indian government might want to embrace a product that has been proven to be 95% safer than cigarettes. Yet, last week, in order to keep its citizens on tobacco, completely banned ALL vape products in the entire country.

Why would India do this? Simple. Money. Big Tobacco money.

Unless some powerful and smart American politicians understand the unjust destruction of an industry that is really making a difference in cutting the number of tobacco smokers, we can expect a nationwide ban the likes we haven’t seen since prohibition.

Someone on the Federal level needs to wake up to the truth before America loses tens of thousands of jobs, thousands of small businesses, and billions more in healthcare when many vapers return to tobacco. I just don’t see how to sudden rush to destroy the vaping industry plays a part in President Trump’s “Make American Great Again” campaign.