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To whom it may concern … thank you. Whether you’re part of my state government. Or a neighboring state. Or some town across the country. It doesn’t matter. We owe you a debt of gratitude.


Seriously. Thank you…

An Open Letter to Vape Ban Supporters

Thank you for being a part of this growing rash of vape bans. Without them, I’d never consider going back to smoking cigarettes or spending a small fortune on ineffective gums and lozenges.


Thank you for putting the wants and needs of millions of successful ex-smokers behind those who believe illicitly doctored THC cartridges are “the same thing” as vaping. I even read several accounts of lawmakers claiming that these unfortunate incidents were “roughly” related to the larger vape market. Can’t be too safe, right? It’s definitely better to cast a wider net.


And on that note, thank you for doing such thorough research. Because how else would we know that a handful of illegal incidents involving street vendors was the same as a burgeoning, profitable industry – an industry that could have been regulated and taxed accordingly, if those same lawmakers would have given it just half a chance of proving itself.


Don’t worry, we won’t assume this has anything to do with Big Tobacco’s inability to create a viable vape product. Nor would we ever mention the dealings between tobacco lobbies and the government. Why feed into THAT hype without an ounce of proof? No, that would be the work of lesser minds.


Why pay attention to the countless international studies that speak to vaping as a viable form of harm reduction when compared to tobacco use? Why give credence to the world’s leading authorities on cardiovascular health, addiction management and actual doctor testimonial?


Why give credence to fact?


For the last seven years, I’ve managed to stave off cravings for tobacco by using a wide range of e-cigarettes and vapor products. The same cravings that most tobacco users don’t beat until the moment they die from smoking-related complications.


To stave off these cravings, I used an equally wide range of vape liquids, provided by reputable sellers, containing only food-grade ingredients, produced in ISO-certified clean rooms. Not once did I have any complications or breathing problems. And at no point did they contain street-level THC, Vitamin E acetates or anything designed to hurt people. Because these are reputable companies looking to help people.


And because hurting customers is a bad business model. (Unless, of course, you work for Big Tobacco.)


All of the vape products I’ve used have helped me stave off those cravings. And I’m hardly alone. While I know the only TRULY safe practice is to not inhale anything other than air, vaping has proven to be a much safer alternative. Studies show it. Doctors’ records show it. And my own annual chest x-rays show it.


Yet, now my state is about to make them illegal.


Thousands of up-and-coming American businesses. Millions of American jobs. And tens of millions of satisfied, safer and happier users. All tossed aside because the internet decided to latch onto a 9-person series of incidents as the latest national epidemic. The same internet that’s convinced the earth is flat and which never DID bring Kony to justice back in 2012, right?


When countless vapers find themselves reverting to tobacco use because cigarettes are (amazingly) still legal, maybe you’ll find a way to help them, too. This includes the youth who will still find ways to obtain tobacco underage, regardless of whatever “preventive measures” you think will lead the fight.


So, thank you. Thank you for taking care of a non-issue with a level of fervor and passion we all wish you used to stop violence, drug abuse and crime, instead. All in good time, we suppose.

Yeah, we can’t thank you enough.

Brad from New England