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SMOK Tumbler Review – $13.99


The SMOK Tumbler was graciously provided for the purpose of review by the good folks at Vaporetti.

You know, when SMOK creates a clone, it can be a hit-or-miss proposition. Which is all the more bewildering because, when they create an entirely original design, they more often than not hit it clean out of the park. Such is the case with the SMOK Tumbler.


Even in the packaging, you know that you’re getting something just a little different with the SMOK Tumbler. Unlike the plain — really plain, pretty nearly featureless — white box in which SMOK delivers its other clearomizers, the SMOK Tumbler comes in a box with a plastic window to let you see the SMOK Tumbler and two replacement atomizer heads resting inside.

I guess even they know that it’s just too pretty not to show it off at the earliest possible opportunity.

Features & Specs

Starting at the bottom of the device, the SMOK Tumbler features an eGo connection — meaning that if your device is 510-only, or doesn’t happily accept recessed connections, you’ll need a 510-to-eGo adapter. E liquid capacity is 2.5ml, and the device utilizes the same Kanger EVOD style head as all other SMOK clearomizer devices.

But, as with the BDC, where the SMOK Tumbler really delights me is in the…

Aesthetics & Build Quality

Again as is the case with the BDC, the SMOK Tumbler employs a plastic tank wall. However, on the Tumbler, the plastic is frosted. Combined with the overall shape of the device, which incorporates an integrated metal mouthpiece, this frosted tank gives the Tumbler an overwhelmingly familiar look.

And it took me a few minutes of just staring at the thing in my hand before I realized what was so familiar about that look. You ready? Here it is:

It looks like a tiny little lava lamp.

SMOK TumblerWhen that finally dawned on me, it took me a couple minutes to stop laughing. But I surely wasn’t laughing when I screwed it onto the iTaste SVD to give it a test spin. This thing just looks absolutely gorgeous on a PV.

But how’s the build quality? Well, the Tumbler is a little brick …house. Although it’s as lightweight as its cousin the GBC, it’s also equally solid in the hand and on the PV. The one thing that left me wanting, though, was the frosted nature of the tank wall. That can make it tough to monitor the level of liquid in the tank, based on lighting conditions.

When it comes to the build quality, it could be better in some areas. I have had many a false start when it comes to threading the base back onto the tank after a fill. The plastic threads of the tank wall, additionally, feel a bit rougher than I’m used to, even from other clearomizers with plastic tanks. I don’t know whether that’s a flaw in manufacturing or simply down to the frosted texture of the plastic, but somehow the threads feel gritty.

Overall, though, this is just an absolutely beautiful little clearomizer. But how does it perform?

Performance & Real World Experience

As it turns out: very, very well. Although the integrated mouthpiece is metal and quite narrow, which has a mildly negative impact on comfort, it doesn’t seem to impart any metallic taint on the flavor of the vapor coming out of the device.

Throat hit and visual vapor are also very, very good. As previously noted, the completely SMOK-original clearomizer designs actually seem to mitigate or even overcome the limitations of the Kanger (or maybe just Kanger-style) atomizer heads these devices are designed to use.

SMOK TumblerThe GBC is one prime example of that rarity, and the SMOK Tumbler is another. Running a 2.0 ohm atomizer head at 8.5 watts, the SMOK Tumbler produced excellent flavor fidelity — flavor presence was a little weak, but not as much so as with the Trophy SMOK ARO or Trophy V2.

The eliquid capacity also renders the Tumbler a viable candidate for a quick jaunt out on the town, while longer outings would probably see a vaper wanting its larger cousin, the GBC.


Now, then: would I recommend the SMOK Tumbler? If what you’re looking for is an eye-catching and competent clearomizer for use on just about anything with eGo threads — say, for example, any eGo battery — then yes, I would. The SMOK Tumbler can be had from Vaporetti for $13.99

John Castle