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When I heard I was getting this mod, I expected something demonic … something tough … something evil. But I couldn’t have been more incorrect, because the Rofvape Warlock Z-Box leather-wrapped box mod is the epitome of class and distinguished design. Available now at Element Vape, the Warlock Z is nothing if not interesting.


Though the Zorro-themed “Z” pattern built into the side might be a little forward, it’s subtle and easy to ignore – especially when admiring the embossed REAL leather cover that surrounds the Zamak3 zinc alloy frame. This might not be PETA’s favorite vape device, but the Warlock Z-Box leather-wrapped box mod is a showpiece for any collection.


Don’t mistake elegance for a lack of power, though. The Warlock aims to live up to its namesake when you dive under the hood. This compact, dual-18650 mod is expected to hit a 233-watt maximum, with room to accommodate up to 25mm tanks and RDAs without overhang. Plus, with a full complement of temperature control modes and adjustments, there’s a lot to like here.


Yeah, we’re pretty excited to give the Warlock Z-Box leather-wrapped box mod a spin when it arrives. But until then, let’s dive into the promo information a little further.

Rofvape Warlock Z-Box 233W Leather-Wrapped Box Mod Preview

Oh, There’s Nothing Like Real Leather…

Animal rights groups, please look away for a minute – we can’t wait to get this mod’s leather in our hands. There’s no doubt the Rofvape Warlock Z-Box leather-wrapped box mod is a high-class vape mod. But we have to spend a little more time admiring its elegant, mature, outright CLASSY exterior.


Available with either lizard or crocodile patterns, made from actual calf skin, the Warlock isn’t trying to pass off rubbery, tear-prone pleather here – this is actual calfskin leather, which should improve both grip quality and durability over the long haul. Anyone who has experienced pleather stickers peeling off their other “high-end” mods can relate to how important this is.


Of course, if you’re really against leather, Rofvape also offers an equally classy carbon fiber exterior option, as well. Regardless of which surface material you choose, the Warlock Z-Box demonstrates a nice, hand-crafted look while also functioning as a highly ergonomic vape mod.


All models will also feature a special zinc alloy frame construction, which Rofvape calls Zamak3. According to Google, Zamak3 is the world’s most-commonly used blend for zinc alloy metalwork, which leads us to believe this is nothing more than marketing jargon and creative PR work. But we’ll be sure to check for durability and heft when we test it this coming week.


Functionally, the two zinc alloy operation buttons and oversized fire key seem durable, and match the professional aesthetic of the entire device. The same can be said for the offset, stainless steel 510 connection, which seems to be press-fit, but looks pretty durable nonetheless.


Finally, I want to note how compact the Rofvape Warlock Z-Box is. Measuring just 80 x 54 x 25mm, there is no doubt this is a highly portable mod. Though most “high-end” mods are best used at home, or in environments where they’re not likely to be dinged or damaged, the Z-Box might be the exception. I expect the mod to be extremely pocket-friendly and durable, even with the pristine exterior.

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Beyond the Surface

The Rofvape Warlock Z-Box might be delicate and refined on the outside, but under the hood it’s all business. In addition to a 233-watt maximum output, there are five primary operating modes, including all standard temperature control wire types and even a “CE” setting, which we can only assume means “ceramic.” Either way, there’s a wealth of options available for any type of vaper.


One thing we need more information about is the chipset itself. Though we can see the features listed, and the size of the display screen, we actually haven’t been able to learn more about the proprietary operating system – even what it looks like. We’re planning to run this system through its paces when the Warlock Z-Box arrives on our desks this week.


Still, safety appears to be a primary component of the board, with built-in protections for low voltage, high temperature, short circuit, over-use, puff duration, overcharging and low battery amperage.


There does seem to be an onboard charging feature, but in a strange touch, the Rofvape website encourages users to charge their 18650s externally. Perhaps this slot is just for firmware upgrades, but we’ll be sure to test this thoroughly, and review the Warlock Z-Box documentation to ensure users know the best way to safely use the mod.


Finally, we need to address something we think is amazing – the price. Most leather-wrapped mod devices are priced pretty high – especially ones that exude this much class. However, the Warlock Z-Box is VERY competitively priced, despite having many of the same features and distinguished looks as mods three times this price.


Of course, none of this means anything if this leather-wrapped mod doesn’t perform. As always, we’ll use the Warlock Z-Box with a wide range of atomizers, including the TFV12 Prince, and the Uwell Valyrian, two of the best tanks of 2017… we’ll see if this well-priced beauty is more than just a pretty face.

Check back soon for our full review!

Rofvape Warlock Z-Box 233W Leather-Wrapped Box Mod Specs and Contents

Rofvape Warlock Z-Box 233W Leather-Wrapped Box Mod Specs:

  • Dimensions: 80x54x25mm
  • Material: Zamak3 (zinc alloy) and calfskin
  • Battery: Dual 18650 (not included)
  • Handmade trimmed
  • CNC-machined fire button
  • Gold-plated copper center pin
  • Output: 7-233W
  • Temperature control with NI/TI/SS/CE
  • Six safety protections


Rofvape Warlock Z-Box 233W Leather-Wrapped Box Mod Contents:

  • 1x Z-Box Body 233W
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Manual and Warranty Card