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The new HorizonTech Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank arrived today. Packaged in a similar fashion to the Uwell Valyrian Sub-Ohm (reviewed here), 2-piece plastic container tube, (though thinner and shorter), this is one attractive tank. Since this is a Preview, not a review, we’ll talk about features, specs, and initial vaping experience with it.

Because the size of the HorizonTech Falcon is smaller than my usual go-to SMOK TFV12 Prince (reviewed here), I decided to pull out a white SMOK Alien Mod (reviewed here) and attach the black Falcon atop the white mod. It looks perfectly proportioned to the size of the Alien Mod. The HorizonTech Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank has a base diameter of 25.2mm (the glass diameter is slightly thinner at 24mm), so the tank sits flush to the edge of the Alien.

HorizonTech Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank Preview - Spinfuel VAPE
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The HorizonTech Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank Particulars

HorizonTech’s Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank holds 5ml of E-Juice, and is filled by way of a threaded top-cap fill method. The threads are silky smooth, showing off some nice engineering of the parts. The fill holes are extra large, and the glass dropper I use was able to fill the tank without losing a single drop.


The Falcon uses an 11mm wide bore POM drip tip. POM is a acetal plastic, that is typically Delrin or Celcon when used for vaping. It’s a hard plastic and has a very high heat tolerance and good chemical inertness. The Falcon drip tips also have a resin look, giving each combination a unique and attractive look and feel. At the bottom of the package is an extra8mm wide bore resindrip tip.


The new Coil system is unique. With the Falcon, HorizonTech introduced the new coil, the F1 coil (preinstalled), a 0.2-ohm parallel coil head that is rated at 80W, made with 70% organic cotton and 30% wood pulp for wicking, and the F2 coil, a 0.2-ohmparallel coil head, also rated at 80W, but with natural flax fiber. The F3 coil,another 0.2-ohm parallel coil head is rated at 70W, and has a flax fiberand flax paper. Lastly, the M1 coil is a 0.15-ohmmesh coil headthat is rated at 70W, and contains 70% organic cotton and 30% wood pulp. All heating elements are Kanthal for exceptional flavor fidelity. Replacement Coils run about $14 for a 3-pack.


Initially I’m previewing the performance of the Falcon with the F1 Coil, but it does include the 0.15-ohm M1 Mesh Coil, a coil I have even higher hopes for. During the review period I’ll spend equal time with both coils.

Coil Replacements are also available at Vapor Authority

Breaking In The New Coils in the HorizonTech Falcon


I should note now that breaking in these coils takes some careful consideration based on the different wicking. Drop a couple of drops of e-juice directly onto the coil, reattach the tank, fill the glass tube with 5mL of juice, then allow at least 10 minutes to saturate the coils. When you begin vaping, start at a low wattage setting, I’m talking like 20W, and during the next 15 minutes or so, gradually increase the wattage to hit your sweet spot. Using the F1 Coil, rated at 80W, I found my sweet spot after half an hour of use at 67W. For my preferences, 67 watts popped the flavor nicely, and delivered thick, flavorful and warm vapor. For cooler vapor with exceptional flavor, I backed down to 60W and was still satisfied with the performance. Lastly, these new coils are NOT compatible the Horizon Arco Tank.


I’m told that these new coils have a nice long life to them, and this will be something I will definitely determine during the review period. I hope this is true, the coils are not exactly cheap. With the unique wicking material I’m also interested in testing the coils with coil killer e-juice to see how they handle super-Max super-Sweet e-juice.

HorizonTech Falcon and its Triple Airflow Slots

More Air Means More Vapor

The Airflow enters the HorizonTech Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank through three adjustable bottom air slots that measure 14mm by 3mm each and can be fully closed or fully opened, allowing for a Direct Lung or Mouth to Lung vape experience.

Also Included with the Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank is a spare parts pack. HorizonTech’s Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank is intuitive to use yet continues the same functionality of the tank that made it so popular for Vapers.

So far, with just an hour of vaping with the new HorizonTech Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank, I’m experiencing exceptional flavor and big clouds at 67W atop my old SMOK Alien Mod. I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with this new Sub-Ohm.

HorizonTech Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank Features, Specs, and Contents


HorizonTech Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank Features:

  • 25.2mm Diameter
    • Threaded Top Fill System
      • Two Fill Ports
      • 5ml Maximum Tank Capacity
  • HorizonTech Falcon Coil Family
    • Vertical Coil Orientation
      • F1 Falcon Coil
        • 0.2 ohm
        • Parallel Coils
        • Liquid Guiding Element
          • 70% Cotton and 30% Wood Pulp
        • 80W
      • F2 Falcon Coil
        • 0.2 ohm
        • Parallel Coils
        • Liquid Guiding Element
          • Natural Flax Fiber
        • 80W
      • F3 Falcon Coil
        • 0.2 ohm
        • Parallel Coils
        • Liquid Guiding Element
          • Flax Fiber and Flax Paper
        • 70W
      • M1 Falcon Coil
        • 0.15 ohm
        • Mesh Coils
        • Liquid Guiding Element
          • 70% Cotton 80% Wood Pulp
        • 70W
  • Dual Bottom Air slots
    • 14mm by 3mm Each
    • Fully Closable
  • 11mm Bore 510 Delrin Drip Tip
  • 8mm Bore 510 Resin Drip Tip
    • Each Resin Drip Tip is Unique
  • Gold Plated 510
  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction

HorizonTech Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank Includes:

  • One HorizonTech Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank
  • One 0.2 ohm F1 Falcon Coil Coil
  • One 0.15 ohm M1 Falcon Coil
  • One 11mm Bore 510 Drip Tip
  • One 8mm Bore 510 Resin Drip Tip
    • Resin At Random
  • Spare Glass Tank Section
  • Spare Parts Bag