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Rocket Fuel Vapes has been a favorite brand of mine for a long time now, and I am well versed in their brand ‘flavor profile’. In fact, Rocket Fuel Vapes is one of only two brands that I will buy my tobacco blends from (the other being Hurricane Vapor). Our team has honored RFV with many Spinfuel Choice Awards, deservedly so I might add.

Today I will talk about two new eliquids by Rocket Fuel Vapes. One of them is available now, and one has not yet been released.

The eliquid that is not yet released is a honey-tinged tobacco that I thought I was going to like enough but as it turned out I loved it. But, the really interesting story is about the non-tobacco blend that comes from my wife Lisa, and that one is available now.

First, I have to disclose that Rocket Fuel Vapes did not send these eliquids out for a published review. All they wanted was my input, and my enjoyment, not a review in Spinfuel. But, because they are truly wonderful blends I figured it wouldn’t hurt to let you guys in on them.

The Two New eLiquids from RFV are:

Summer Cherry Limeade – “Tart and citrusy lime soda flavors coupled with sweet, true cherries. A summertime favorite! If you like Rocket Pop, you’ll love Cherry Limeade.

Summer SweetA honey-tinged tobacco blend that heads off into a new territory for RFV. This eLiquid is not yet released.

Rocket Fuel Vapes Options

All RFV eliquids are currently 50:50 PG/VG, I believe. No one outside RFV really knows the ratios, but from my experience I would say it was 50:50 or very close to it.

RFV eliquids are available in 10ML for $6.50, 30ML for $16.00 and a whopping 120ML for just $58.00. I don’t know about you, but the option of buying 120ML bottles is completely and totally welcome news. There are 5 or 6 blends, at least, that I will now order in the 120ML size.

Nicotine strengths ran the gamut, 3, 6, 12, 18mg and of course, a zero-nic option.

To Sub-Ohm or Not to Sub-Ohm?

Personally, I don’t have a lot of luck with RFV blends when vaped lower than 0.5-ohms. If you are familiar with sub-ohm vaping then you probably know that some very thick, Max VG or 100% VG eliquids, can handle 50w, 60w, or higher fairly easily. This is not so with 50:50 or even 60:40 blends. Rocket Fuel Vapes eliquid require lower wattages in a sub-ohm tank than high VG blends. However, using the 1.2-1.5 coil heads that accompany many sub-ohm tanks works really well.

Two From Rocket Fuel VapesUsing the Kanger Subtank Mini with its 0.5-ohm OCC as an example,  any RFV blend with 3mg of nicotine, the highest wattage I can comfortably vape is 23-watts. Anything more and my OCC coils want to deliver a deadly dry burn. But, 20-23w RFV delivers a flavorful vape like nobody’s business. Rocket Fuel Vapes also does not lend itself to high wattage lung hits, especially the tobacco blends. The ‘up’ side is you’ll use less eliquid and less battery power with higher ohms coils and lower wattages.

Honestly, Rocket Fuel Vapes’s current PG/VG blends are best vaped above 1.0-ohm. Slapping the new Kanger 1.5-ohm OCC in the same Subtank Mini provides an unbelievable vape across the entire lineup, under 20 watts.

The Magical Duo

Summer Sweet – This as-yet-released tobacco blend is something very special. This time out RFV has developed a tobacco blend that is instantly familiar as a RFV tobacco, but with a new addition to their flavor profiles. The magical ingredient in Summer Sweet is honey. Summer Sweet has a sweet, but authentic, honey note that delivers a brand new tobacco experience for RFV tobacco aficionados.

The honey flavor note hits you on the inhale with a flavor so authentic the image of the beloved honey bear bottle comes to mind in an instant. I have always loved the taste of honey (not the song) and to this day I will toast some bread and smother it in honey and enjoy it in the same way corrupt politicians enjoy making decisions for you and me because we’re too stupid to know what’s good for us. (oops, sorry about that)

On the exhale I get a nice helping of a rich tobacco flavor reminiscent of Reaper, Spinfuel’s eLiquid of the Year (2014) from Rocket Fuel Vapes. On the very tail end of the exhale I’m revisited by that same honey note, to the point when all the vapor has left my lungs. A very satisfying vape, if you like honey.

I would cast a vote of 5 Stars for Summer Sweet because like all the PUBLISHER'S CHOICE AWARDother Rocket Fuel Vapes tobacco blends this one delivers exactly what its supposed to, a deliciously sweet honey flavored tobacco. For tobacco vapers, this is an absolute must try. And because I enjoyed it as much as I have, I am awarding Summer Sweet with a Publisher’s Choice Award!


Summer Cherry Limeade – This is the one that took my by surprise. I’m not much of fan for cherry flavored anything. My wife buys cherries, when they are in season, and she is always forcing me to eat some. (It is really annoying!)  Now, finally, she at least pulls out the ripest, hence the sweetest, and saves them for me…nothing worse than a tart cherry. Yuck!

Two From Rocket Fuel VapesAnyway, we were sent two 30ML bottles of Summer Cherry Limeade, one 3mg and one 12mg. I only ‘vape’ 3mg nicotine eliquid now so I gave my wife, Lisa, the 12mg Cherry Limeade and told hr that if she wanted to she could vape it, if not, that’s cool too.

I spent two days with the Summer Sweet honey tobacco and while I was vaping it Lisa decided to give the Summer Cherry Limeade a try. Lisa loves fruity vapes with 12 to 18mg of nicotine. Lisa also avoids any and all sub-ohm tanks. In fact, I can’t use a sub-ohm tank while watching TV in the bedroom. (After 29 years you learn which battles you should fight, this is not one of them) With Lisa it’s all about the flavor, not the clouds.

Let me set the scene: Last Saturday afternoon I’m watching a movie on Netflix, (Comet) in the den, vaping Summer Sweet in a cool new vape pen made by Joyetech but sold as Alpha XF by Vethos Design. I was using the pen vaporizer for two reasons, one was to review the device and the other was to vape Summer Sweet with a mouth-to-lung coil head used in the Alpha XF… two birds, one stone kind of a thing…(review Two From Rocket Fuel Vapescoming soon)

An hour or so into the movie Lisa walks into the den and asks me if I have any more Summer Cherry Limeade. She tells me the juice is to die for (in her own words), and that she can really taste the cherry flavor AND the lime, separately. Lisa wanted all the Cherry Limeade I might have, telling me that I don’t like cherries anyway, so why waste it. I told her she could have my bottle of 3mg nicotine, but she had to write a paragraph about it. She agreed:

“Summer Cherry Limeade does something I never believed an eliquid could do. Somehow when first inhaled a sweet blast of cherry flavor hits your tongue, then immediately afterwards a tangy lime flavor pushes the cherry out of the way. Once the lungs are full, the tastebuds mingle the two very different flavors and produces a new flavor that I can only describe as crushing up some ripe cherries, removing the pits, and then squeezing some fresh limes into the cherry juice, putting the concoction into a blender, filling up a glass and sip it with a thin straw. With each sip, the liquid sits on the tongue while the tastebuds absorb every molecule of flavor. As my husband would say; Summer Cherry Limeade is now a permanent part of my rotation.”Lisa Manzione 8/16/15

My official take on Summer Cherry Limeade is that Lisa got the flavor profile down pat. There are two distinct flavors at work here, and neither one gets lost in the shuffle. I am truly surprised that these flavors did not meld together into one single flavor. That said, I do not think both flavors are represented equally though. The lime flavor is dominant, but not by a lot. Because I am a huge fan of lime I found this to be a relief. But, the cherry flavor in Summer Cherry Limeade is not that tart and tangy cherry flavor, it’s definitely on the sweet side, which was also a relief.

Would I personally add this to my rotation? No, there are far too many vanilla, custard, cake, bakery, and tobacco flavors on my rotation to make room for another fruity flavor. But I would not turn down an invite to share some; it is an excellent cherry/lime flavor.


This is the easy part. Tobacco blends by Rocket Fuel Vapes are always excellent. Summer Sweet continues the tradition and reputation of RFV, and if you like honey in your eliquid and you vape tobacco blends this one has your name on it. If you vape tobacco but aren’t keen on honey I would still recommend picking up a 10ML bottle, you might be surprised.

Any and every fruity vaper will love Summer Cherry Limeade, unless cherry and/or lime disagree with them. This blend is fresh, exciting, and bold. Both flavor components are authentic, and sweet, with just a touch of tanginess. I’ve seen my wife treat eliquids with reckless abandon and with revered respect, and the way she talks about Summer Cherry Limeade while vaping it reminds me of a kid tasting a hot fudge sundae for the first time.

Summer Cherry Limeade is available now
Summer Sweet is coming soon

John Manzione