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KILO Black Series Eliquid

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Each 60mL glass bottle in the 4-flavor Kilo eLiquid Black Series line has a gorgeous matte-black finish and elegant, gold lettering. This black and gold bottle is neatly tucked into a soft-touch, luscious black box. In addition to the chic 60mL black and gold glass bottle is an empty 30mL unicorn bottle (translucent black), a keychain with a soft rubber battery wrap fits a single 18650-battery spare), as well as a Kilo logoed dog tag. Lastly, in the box is a square, silk-like cloth emblazoned with the Kilo logo. This is an extraordinary presentation, and it has made me wonder which was more expensive to produce, the actual eliquid in those bottles or the packaging surrounding the eliquid.

Surely this type of presentation is supposed to impress upon potential customers that what’s inside these expensive boxes and glass bottles is 60mL of remarkable, perhaps even magical, eliquid. If you are the cynical type you immediately become suspicious of this kind of presentation, thinking that the brand is trying to pass off mediocre eliquid by putting it in a luxurious package. If you’re a “glass half full” type you probably believe that the people behind the brand are so incredibly proud of what they’ve created that the decision was made to create a presentation to match the excellence of the eliquid.

Which are you? Cynical? Optimistic?

KILO Black Series – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Most of us are probably a bit of both, don’t you think? We see this kind of extreme packaging and a part of ourselves wants to believe that the e-juice inside is extraordinary, and another part of ourselves offers up a snarl, and maybe, just maybe, we’re about to be taken to the cleaners. Ultimately, I believe, or at least I try to believe… oh, who am I kidding? As soon as I opened the first box of Kilo eLiquid Black Series I thought the packaging was way over the top and that our team was facing 3 long days of vaping mediocre ejuice, exclusively.


Boy was I ever wrong…

The Spinfuel Choice Award

Spinfuel Choice Award 2016As you will see below, all four eliquid flavors have earned the Spinfuel Choice Award. This award is given to an eliquid (not the brand name, just the eliquid), when all the team members give the e-juice a 5 Star Rating. This rating is based on quality, flavor fidelity, vape satisfaction, and value. The Choice Award is never given to eliquid just because we “liked” it.

We vaped the four Kilo eLiquid Black Series for 3 days, vaping nothing else during that time. We made sure to vape them first thing in the morning, during the day, in the evening, and just before bedtime. We used various mods and tanks, different coil types, and various wattage settings.KILO Black Series – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

We did not use Nickel or Titanium wire coils, we stayed with Kanthal, Ceramic, and Stainless Steel. The reason is simple, it is our experience that Nickel and Titanium change the flavor profile too much to be a reliable indicator.

Vape Gear Used in This Review

Julia: Tanks –  SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast 0.4Ω coil head (70W), Kanger Protank 4 0.5Ω Ceramic coil head (46W), Freemax Starre Pure .03Ω Ceramic/Kanthal coil head (60W). Mods – SMOK Treebox Plus, SnowWolf 218, Lost Vape Triade, SMOK Alien

Tom: Tanks – Limitless XL 0.15Ω coil head (135W), SMOK Minos 0.3Ω coil head (52W), SMOK TFV8 0.15Ω (90W) Mods – Vaporesso Tarot Pro, Lost Vape Therion, and SMOK Alien.

Kiera: SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast 0.4Ω (65W), Freemax Starre Pure 0.5Ω (70W), Limitless XL 0.15Ω (120W) – Mods – WISMEC Reuleaux 2/3, SMOK Treebox Plus, and the Lost Vape Triade

Jason: SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast 0.15Ω (75W) SMOK Alien

Kilo Eliquid Black Series – The Team Speaks

The Nicotine strength for the Black Series is 3mg or 6mg, and of course a zero-nic option as well. Purchasing Kilo eLiquid Black Series from will run you $30 per 60ML bottle. At Element Vape the cost is even lower, at just $23.95 per 60mL bottle. There are thousands of eliquids on the market today that sell 30mL bottles for this price, so the Black Series, despite its expensive packaging, is very affordable. A 60mL bottle at $23.95 breaks down as just 39 cents (USD) per mL. I don’t know about you, but 39 cents for an ultra-premium ejuice is unbelievably nice.

These eliquids in the Black Series are 70% VG, 30% PG, and deliver immense clouds of vapor and just enough flavor to bring tears of joy to your eyes. Honey Crème and Apple Pie are all-day-vapes, while Birthday Cake and Milk and Cookies will cause flavor fatigue after a few hours.

Birthday Cake – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“Birthday Cake by KILO – Black Series is a phenomenal dessert blend with a classic yet rich yellow cake layered with a smooth creamy frosting, then topped off with rainbow sprinkles.

KILO Black Series – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Julia: 5 Stars – While I adore the magnificent flavor of Birthday Cake, it is not a flavor to switch to after several hours of vaping a different eliquid. That was a mistake I made, and was fortunate enough to learn about before deciding the fate of this flavor.

I spent the day vaping Honey Crème, which is, today, my favorite eliquid in the world, and switched to Birthday Cake in the early evening. I could not taste much of anything; I was suffering flavor fatigue because I chain-vaped Honey Crème. So I spent the rest of the evening with Honey Crème and waited till morning to switch.

When I woke up I grabbed my SMOK Alien and TFV8 Baby Beast and took a deep lung hit. The flavor was immediate, and long-lasting…and it was the exact flavor of a yellow cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. Exactly. I was so happy, and excited, I woke up Kiera and made her try it. Needless to say, she loved it as well.

The only negative I can see with Birthday Cake is that I wanted it to be an all-day-vape but it just isn’t. I mean, you can certainly vape it all day long, but after a few hours your taste buds will lose the ability to take in the flavor. Once you vape Birthday Cake you too will want it to last all day long, but just be thankful that the flavor exists, and you can vape it anytime you want.

Tom: 5 Stars – The one thing you should know about Birthday Cake is that the flavor will not show itself properly if you begin vaping it after spending time vaping something fruity, like pineapple or any berry flavors. I would suggest that Birthday Cake be an eliquid to start the day with, then the real honest-to-goodness flavor of a white frosting cake shines through. I began vaping Birthday Cake on the second morning and did not stop until the 3rd morning. Wonderful flavor, amazing vapor clouds with a good tank, this is definitely one of the best light dessert vapes I’ve had this year.

Kiera: 5 Stars – All of the Black Series have unique flavors, and they are also unique to each other. Birthday Cake tastes like a real supermarket birthday cake, but without hammering the flavor. Julia says this is not an all-day-vape for her, but for it is.

A spent the entire day and night with Birthday Cake in a SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast, 0.15Ω coil with 120W. Warm, sweet, white cake and frosting that does not overwhelm. I loved it and I have since added it to my rotation.

Jason: 5 Stars –After about half an hour I made the decision that Birthday Cake was going into my daily rotation. If “1” was the number of weak flavor and “10” was intense flavor I would give Birthday Cake a “4”, meaning that there is enough flavor to please the fussiest vaper, but not so much that you’d get sick of it in an hour or so. This one was also very satisfying in the areas of sweet flavor and a lot of vapor, so it was one of two flavors in this series that I would not want to be without. If you vape Birthday Cake with special attention to the real flavor you will recognize the flavor of an actual birthday cake, frosting with sprinkles, and a nice moist cake underneath. This stuff is truly amazing.

Milk & Cookies – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“Milk & Cookies by KILO – Black Series is a simple flavor for the simple joys in life, presenting the classic chocolate chip cookie base dunked into a glass of cold milk for everyone to enjoy.

KILO Black Series – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Julia: 5 Stars – I expected the flavor to be Oreo’s and Milk, not chocolate chip cookies. My first few minutes with Milk & Cookies produced a foreign flavor, and a stronger flavor than the others. Then my brain figured out that this was a chocolate chip cookie, not Oreo’s, and from that point on I enjoyed it more and more.

Birthday Cake is an eliquid that tastes great with warm or very warm vapor, but Milk & Cookies was better tasting in the higher wattages. The warmer the vapor the more it tasted like freshly bakes chocolate chip cookies and whole milk. Also like Birthday Cake I enjoyed for a handful of hours, or 4 or 5 Baby Beast tanks (3mL’s each), and then the flavor began to wane.

Milk and Cookies spent several hours in my Baby Beast and on the third day of the review I vape a few tanks in a Freemax Starre Pure. Both tanks delivered the identical flavors, which made me very happy indeed.

Tom: 5 Stars – While I award Milk & Cookies with 5 Stars, and will add it to my collection, it didn’t do as much for me as Birthday Cake or Honey Crème. I don’t know how this flavor was concocted, but you will definitely taste chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. Also a ton of vapor from this one with a good sub-ohm tank with low resistance and high wattage. In fact, this is an eliquid that pops the flavor much better in a low resistance/high wattage setup. The warmer the vapor the more you’ll taste chocolate chip cookies.

Kiera: 5 Stars – Going through these four flavors in the Black Series and comparing them to the other eliquids from Kilo I understood why these flavors needed to be separated from the usual line; they are very special flavors delivered in an expert fashion. This chocolate chip cookie and milk blend is surprisingly accurate, and very satisfying. At first I thought this would be an Oreo cookie flavor because it’s the only cookie I associate with milk, so when I started vaping it I was alarmed that it was drastically different than an Oreo flavor.

I didn’t immediately catch the chocolate chip cookie flavor, that happened a little ways in. I thought to myself that “if it wasn’t Oreo’s then what was it?” I took a deep lung hit, let it slowly, cleared my mind the best I could, then I just let the flavor happen, no expectations. As the vapor exhaled the flavor of store-bought chocolate chip cookies was unmistakable.

Jason: 5 Stars – I gave all 4 flavors an equal amount of time during the first two days. I made notes, I made decisions, and then on the 3rd day I decided to spend it with the flavors I enjoyed most. Cookies and Milk, a 5 Star flavor, didn’t make the cut on the 3rd day, and later I thought about why. Honey Crème and Birthday Cake are the two best flavors in this line, and it was those two that I spent the third day with, Cookies and Milk, I decided, was a true chocolate cookie flavor, and all of the cookies I have enjoyed over the years, just about none of them were chocolate chip. So while the flavor, and the vapor production, was excellent, given the choice I would vape the other two first, and I did.

Honey Crème – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“Honey Crème by KILO – Black Series, is a smooth, rich vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of sweet honey, topped with roasted nuts will have your taste buds buzzing with joy.

Julia: 5 Stars – Honey Crème was the one eliquid I thought I would have a problem with. Honey is so difficult to work with, and there are only one or two honey eliquids I would vape. When it came time to begin vaping Honey Crème I was expecting an unpleasant vape experience.

The truth about Honey Crème by Kilo is this; I have never tasted such a wonderful flavor in my vape life. Honey Crème is the perfect blend of vanilla ice cream and sweet honey. From the moment of the first lung hit to the very last, this flavor is so satisfying, so marvelously delicious, that I never want to run out of it.

Here’s an example of just how much I love Honey Crème. – On the second day of the review I filled a tank with Honey Crème, made sure I had fresh batteries, and headed out the door to run a few errands. After a little more than an hour the tank needed to be refilled so I reached into my pocketbook to pull out the 30mL unicorn bottle and I couldn’t find it. I pulled over into a parking lot and searched everywhere. It wasn’t there. Perhaps Kiera used it and didn’t put it back, or perhaps I did, I didn’t know. So I had a choice to make. I could finish my errands and meet a friend for lunch, or I could head back home immediately, grab the bottle, and head back out. That would cause me to be late for lunch, something I hate to be.

I decided to be mature about it and finish the errands first, have lunch, then head home. As I was pulling out of the parking lot and back onto the road I found myself a few minutes later heading back home, NOT to my next errand. When I realized what I had done I felt relief, and I knew that my subconscious disagreed with me. So, I drove home, refilled another unicorn bottle with Honey Crème, and my empty tank, and went out again. I was 20 minutes late to lunch…but I had my Honey Crème eliquid. And I was happy.

The best eliquid in the world

Tom: 5 Stars – To hear Julia tell it, Honey Crème is the best eliquid in the world. Honestly, in 5 years I’ve never heard her say that before, nor have I seen her order so much of any one eliquid as I have with her and Honey Crème. It is a fantastic eliquid, and the flavor is out of this world, though I’m not so sure I would say it’s the best in the world.

Honey Crème does what a lot of honey-flavored eliquids fail to do, and that is to produce a flavor that is 100% blended with a rich, velvety smooth vanilla flavor so that you don’t taste both flavors, you taste one; a perfect blend of “HoNilla”. I agree that it is an all-day-vape, which is surprising because it is a sweet vape. If you like honey, real honey, then to find out if you’ll enjoy Honey Crème ejuice, scoop some vanilla ice cream and pour some honey on it… blend it together with a spoon, and then take a spoonful and let it melt in your mouth. If you enjoyed that, you will love Honey Crème by Kilo.

Kiera: 5 Stars – I was nervous about this one, Honey Crème. I liked the description, and I love honey on toast, but it is rare to find a honey flavored eliquid that I could really get into. Thankfully, my love of this blend was immediate. Kilo added just the right amount of honey and vanilla ice cream to this blend so that both flavors mixed so well as to become one flavor, a sort of honey ice cream, a rich, full bodied flavor that I just did not want to put down. Honey has never worked better in an eliquid then here in Honey Crème.

I have added this to my rotation, and placed an order with Element Vape for more of this one, and Birthday Cake. This is going to remain in my rotation for a long time.

Jason: 5 Stars – Sometimes you are fortunate enough to find an eliquid that is so good you can’t believe it. However, if you love it enough you begin to worry about the eliquid staying “available”, especially when you see eliquid brands go out of business every day. This is how much I loved Honey Crème. So, after the 3-day review period I went on a buying spree, making sure to have at least 20 60mL bottles on hand of Honey Crème and Birthday Cake. I enjoyed the Apple Pie and Cookies and Milk too, but those two are eliquids I think I can find replacements for should the worst happen.

Honey Crème is the perfect blend of a sweet, smooth honey flavor and a deeply rich ice cream flavor, and it delivers an awesome and satisfying vape in a good Sub-Ohm tank with resistance of coil as high a 0.5Ω and as low as 0.12Ω. For the most flavor, vape warm with deep lung hits and slow exhales. What a great experience, one I recommend most highly.

Apple Pie – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“Apple Pie by KILO – Black Series is a uniquely crafted version of the iconic Apple Pie, with caramelized apples mixed into a lightly spiced cinnamon bath folded into a perfect flaky pastry crust.

KILO Black Series – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Julia: 5 Stars – My adventure with Apple Pie was all over the board. I made the mistake of vaping this flavor in a new Digiflavor tank with 0.3Ω coil head. (I have since tossed this tank in the trash) Using the Digiflavor gave me an awful flavor that tasted like Apple Blossoms and nothing else. A very floral flavor to it in this tank, so I knew I had to give it another chance using a different tank, the TFV8 Baby Beast with a 0.4Ω coil head.

As soon as I began vaping Apple Pie in the Baby Beast I tasted a delicious ‘green apple’ apple pie with a remarkable piecrust finish. Tons of vapor, loads of flavor, and it soon became an all-day-vape for me.

There was definitely a caramelized apple flavor to it, but the cinnamon was only hinted at. The more I stayed with it the better it tasted. What began as a disappointment turned out to be a delightful permanent addition to my rotation of flavors. The only warning you need from me on Apple Pie from Kilo Eliquids is that if you don’t taste the apple pie, make sure the tank and coils you’re using are able to faithfully deliver accurate flavors.

Tom: 5 Stars – The 4 members in this team have individual likes and dislikes, and even when we all love a certain eliquid it is many times for very different reasons. Apple Pie by Kilo is one of those eliquids. For me, Apple Pie made an impression on my because of the “pie” element of the flavor blend. I enjoyed the apple flavor, a lot actually, but it was that piecrust flavor than won me over. So warm, sweet, delicious, I just loved every minute of it.

I have added Apple Pie to my weekly rotation, not daily, but I suspect it will soon move into the daily rotation. If you want a real apple “pie” eliquid, Kilo Black Series Apple Pie is just that. Vape warm, be happy.

Kiera: 5 Stars – I was so disheartened when I heard Julia talk about how terrible Apple Pie was, when she was vaping it in the awful Digiflavor sub-ohm tank. So I made sure that when I got to Apple Pie it would be in one of my favorite tanks with a brand new coil. So, I chose the TFV8 Baby Beast with the 0.4Ω coil head and found the best wattage to be 58W. There Apple Pie sprang to life with a sweet apple flavor bonded to a rich, thick piecrust. So satisfying, so warm, and calming.

Jason: 5 Stars – This is the first Apple Pie I’ve added to my rotation is more than year, maybe two. What I love about this blend is how Kilo paid special attention to the piecrust, making this a real apple pie eliquid and not an apple eliquid with a hint of piecrust.

The flavor intensity in Apple Pie is heavier than in the other 3 flavors of the Black Series, and it works best this way. Cloud production is out of this world when vaping in the sub-ohm world with enough wattage to produce thick, warm vapor. I can’t remember exactly when I decided to put Apple Pie in rotation, but it was in the first hour of vaping it. A real apple pie flavor, highly recommended.

The Wrap Up

Kilo eliquids are all excellent, high quality products, and if there is justice in the world, Kilo will be around for years and years. The Black Series seems to be a very carefully chosen series of distinct flavors that show the extent of the talent of Kilo’s mixologists. While Apple Pie and Cookies and Milk are two fantastic eliquids, they are not 100% original flavors. We’ve all seen apple pie and cookies and milk blends before, but nevertheless, Kilo did a superior job with them.

The magic of the Black Series belongs to Birthday Cake and Honey Crème, these two are like nothing we’ve ever had the pleasure to vape before now. These two are the eliquids we want to have with us forever.

The price of $23.95 at Element Vape includes the super-deluxe packaging described above. For a 60mL bottle, that is an affordable price. Even if Kilo eliquids decided to offer the Black Series without the deluxe packaging we would still be happy to pay that same $23.95. In fact, we have a strong desire for Kilo to put out larger bottles of the Black Series, 120mL at least, and for all we care, these 120mL bottles and be plastic unicorn bottles. What matters here is the eliquid, not the dog tags, not the empty 30mL unicorn bottle, not the super deluxe boxes… just the eliquid. That’s all we need. After all, staying with the Black Series for a couple of month’s customers will have more dog tags and unicorn bottles than we could ever use.

It’s not often that this team will agree across the board on all the flavors in a single review, but after spending 3 days vaping Kilo Black Series I wasn’t surprised by my team’s scores.

Kilo eLiquid Black Series is available now at Element Vape. In fact, Element Vape has an extensive inventory of eliquids from some of the best brands available, all at a discounted price. The Black Series sells for $30 per bottle at Kilo eLiquid website, and a full $6.00 less per bottle on Element Vape. In the first month alone you’ll save a lot of money.

The Black Series by Kilo – Highly recommended!

Julia Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride, Jason Little, and Kiera Hartley-Barnes, the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team – October 2016