Kanger™ Protank 4 Evolved Review

Publishers Choice Award – Best Flavor – Best Vapor – Best Mainstream Atomizer

Ever since a sneaky friend of mine passed along a late prototype of Kanger’s best atomizer tank since the original Subtank Mini, I can write about the Protank 4 Evolved.

Julia made mention of this new tank in her review of the Kanger CL tank in her last “Vaping with Julia” column, where she also wrote about the I Love Taffy eliquid from Mad Hatter, and because of her impression of the CL, as well as the rest of the Spinfuel crew, it was painful to keep quiet about the Protank 4 Evolved. We all knew the Protank was the real news.

Today I’m free to tell you all about this incredible tank, it’s available at vendor sites like Vapor Authority for about $29.99 or so. I’ll discuss the ins and outs of the Protank 4 Evolved, provide some helpful hints on using it, and finally wrap it up on whether or not the Protank 4 Evolved would make a fine addition to your vape gear collection. I think you already know my answer, but lets go through it anyway.

The last time we reviewed a Kanger Protank was way back in 2013, April to be exact, when Smokenjoey did a video review on original Protank. Since then, we’ve reviewed each new Protank as they came to market. The last review was on the Protank 3 Dual Coil, which can be read here. November 2013

Smokenjoey wasn’t crazy about the original Protank, and if you watch the video, this 3-year-old review, you’ll get a glimpse of what vaping was about back then.

Now it’s the middle of 2016, and the Protank 4 Evolved has come lightyears from the original Protank, or any Protank since.

To dispense with the anticipation on how I will grade the new Protank 4 Evolved, especially after we slammed the Kanger CL recently, I’ll tell you right now that the Protank 4 Evolved is almost perfect. A of Grade A+ will be given to the tank at the end of this review.

There is so much to say about the Protank 4 Evolved I hope you bear with me till the end.

Construction and Aesthetics

Kanger™ Protank 4 Evolved Review by Spinfuel eMagazineThe Protank 4 Evolved is one gorgeous looking tank. All Stainless Steel, large glass windows to keep an eye on the e juice level, bottom cyclops-style airflow, top Drip Tip airflow, a SIDE fill system that works splendidly, 5mL e juice capacity and a whole lot more (see official specs below).

About the Drip Tip Airflow – I don’t ever find the need to use a drip tip airflow on any tank, but for users that want to run their Protank 4 Evolved at very high wattage, the top airflow does a remarkable job at keeping the vapor cool at high wattages. Used in a temperature control environment the top airflow manages to let you increase the temperature and keep the vapor cooler, but then, why? In TC vaping your best bet would be to keep the top airflow closed because TC is mostly about warm vapor.

The Protank 4 Evolved is made of 304 Stainless Steel with grooves at the base and in the inner side fill section, and the perfectly sized black Delrin drip tip, along with the glass tank, all make this atomizer as aesthetically pleasing and the best looking tank this year, except for the Ceravape Cerabis tank, of course.  It’s almost elegant, or as elegant as an atomizer tank can be, anyway.

Protank 4 Evolved – FDA Ready?

This wonderful new tank from Kanger uses a unique child-lock feature to prevent children, and clever pets I Kanger™ Protank 4 Evolved Review by Spinfuel eMagazinesuppose, to get to the e juice in the tank. Now, personally, I think this is a really dumb, but that’s government for you. What child is going to grab your Protank 4 Evolved and try to get to the e juice inside? Really?

The Features that Count

Filling the Kanger Protank 4 Evolved

  1. First, unscrew the top cap.
  2. Once it’s unscrewed, pull the cap straight up to get to the fill slot.
  3. Hold the knurled area where the slot is and then rotate it clockwise in order to open the fill slot.
  4. Fill the tank with e liquid using whatever your eliquid bottle uses.
  5. Rotate that knurled segment counter clockwise to close the fill slot.
  6. Push the top cap back down into place.
  7. Then screw the the cap to seal it properly.
  8. If this is the first fill, let it sit a few minutes.

The Protank 4 Evolved is compatible with All Kanger SSOCC Atomizer Coil Heads, and even includes an RBA piece in the box (with a packet of organic cotton). I like the Ceramic coil head the most for flavor and vapor. It is rated at .5-ohm and can be used as a Direct Lung or Mouth to Lung coil head, depending on how you use the airflow system.

Kanger™ Protank 4 Evolved Review by Spinfuel eMagazineOther coil heads you can use with the Protank 4 Evolved include the SSOCC Nickel (Ni-200) Coils, the SSOCC Clapton Coils, SSOCC Stainless Steel (316L) Coils, SSOCC Nichrome Coils, and of course, my favorite, the SSOCC Ceramic Atomizer Coil head. Vapor Authority has all the coil heads in stock as of the time of this review.

All the coils performed exceptionally well when it came to vapor production. Some of the coil heads that we’ve used in other Kanger tanks performed twice, sometimes three times better in the Protank 4 Evolved than they did in those other tanks. Flavor from the coils varied, completely dependent on which wire coils you like or don’t like. For me, as I said, the ceramic coil head from Kanger produces incredible flavor and enormous vapor, with my sweet spot of 48w.

Priming the Protank 4 Evolved

 Don’t learn this the hard way, prevent dry hits or burnt taste, as well as wasted coil heads by priming the coil in the manner described below.

  1. Once the tank is reassembled and filled with e juice (see above), take three strong pulls off the drip tip, with airflow slots constricted somewhat. Not completely closed off, but enough to give you a fairly tight draw.
  1. After a few seconds open both airflow slots and blow through the drip tip. Don’t blow really hard, just enough to make sure no liquid is leaking out anywhere. (There won’t be) With some tanks you can wind up Kanger™ Protank 4 Evolved Review by Spinfuel eMagazineblowing out half the juice, but the Protank 4 Evolved, that won’t happen.
  1. Once you’re certain you have a sealed tank and you’re not getting any e juice by blowing out and breathing in, it’s time to pre-burn the coils. All the coils need a pre-burn, even the ceramic one, it’s the best way to break-in the coil in a hurry.
  • Set to wattage mode at 20-25W.
  • Press and Hold the Fire Button for 3 seconds
  • Release, then do it two more times.
  • Let the device cool a bit, your drip tip may be warm to the touch. But this drip tip is very heat resistant so it may not be warm at all.
  1. Sweet Spot – Once you’ve filled, primed, and prepared your tank and coils, it’s time to find the sweet spot. Veteran or advanced vapers need not follow any of these instructions because they already know how to prepare a new tank, but for New Vapers, let’s discover your sweet spot together with our freshly ripened tank and coil.
    1. Set the airflow at the base of the tank to ‘half-way’. Close off the top airflow for now.
    2. With your mod still set for 20w-25w in wattage mode, it’s time to adjust the mod to match your coils; Wattage Mode or Temp Control mode.

NOTE for New Temp Control VapersIf you’re using Ni200 (Pure Nickel), or Ti (Titanium), switch yourKanger™ Protank 4 Evolved Review by Spinfuel eMagazine mode to Temp Control and set the proper wire material. Then refer to your mod’s manual. Sorry guys, it would take way too long to walk you through TC functions, and to find the right temperature. Plus, if your mod has the ability to adjust the wattage while in TC mode, you’re going to need the manual and some outside source for finding the proper wattage and temperature to match the sweet spot you are looking for.

  1. Wattage Mode – Finding your own sweet spot in wattage mode is so much easier than trying to find it TC mode. So, at 25w take a 3 or 4 second pull on the drip tip, UNLESS you are vaping with a Plus-Ohm coil head (Read this first). Any sub-ohm can handle 25w with ease.
  2. For coil heads under 1.0-ohm, 25 watts will most certainly not be your sweet spot. Your next step is to take the wattage to 30watts.
  3. 30 watts is a nice spot for many coil heads and many vapers. Take a 2 or 3 second pull on the drip tip to test the waters, so to speak. Just enough flavor and vapor? You found your sweet spot, but you may want to try 29 watts or 31 watts just to be sure.
  4. Not enough flavor or vapor? Bump the wattage by 2-watt increments until you find the wattage that works for you. Once you have found it, back off 1-watt, then push past by 1-watt. This is fine-tuning the vape.

The Kanger Ceramic Coil SSOCC

Kanger™ Protank 4 Evolved Review by Spinfuel eMagazineA pack of 5 Kanger SSOCC Ceramic coils will run you $14.95 at Vapor Authority. I am spotlighting this particular coil because after using all the coil types it was the ceramic coil that caused me to fall in total lust for the Protank 4 Evolved. The combination of this beautiful tank and the superior ceramic coil sitting atop my Sigelei 213 or Reuleaux 200S is pure vape-heaven.

The Kanger Ceramic SSOCC Coil Heads uses a Kanthal A1 wire. That means these coils cannot be used in TC (Temperature Control mode) These ceramic coil heads are truly superior and use a high grade porous ceramic in a cylinder shape.

Ceramics work by absorbing the e-liquid in the tank, and then saturates the Kanthal A1 wire with e juice, and keeps it saturated. Rated at 0.5-ohms (this will definitely fluctuate between 0.5 and 0.68), and can be used between 35 to 60 watts.  As I said above, my sweet spot is mostly 48 watts, but with both airflow slots wide open I can vape at 60w without a problem, and with ginormous clouds of vapor, but I prefer 48w with a tighter airflow (though still Direct Lung) for pure flavor and massive vapor production. Below are the official specs for this amazing coil.

Kanger™ Protank 4 Evolved Review by Spinfuel eMagazineFeatures and Specs for the Kanger SSOCC Ceramic Coil:

  • Resistance: 0.5ohm
  • Suggested Wattage: 35.0 to 60.0 Watts
  • Designed for Wattage (Power) Mode
  • Evenly Vaporizes e-Liquid
  • Compatible with SSOCC/OCC Kangertech Tanks
  • Kanthal A1 Wire
  • A Very Long Lifespan (going on 3 weeks now)
  • Huge Vapor Production at higher wattage
  • Pure Unadulterated Flavor, even with Max VG eliquid.

The other SSOCC Coil heads offered by Kanger do a good job, and if I didn’t have access to the ceramic coil head my next choice would be the SSOCC Clapton coil head for its two-wire large-area surface for eliquid.


Kanger™ Protank 4 Evolved Review by Spinfuel eMagazineThe Kanger Protank 4 Evolved is, let’s face it, a mainstream atomizer. What that means is that the Protank 4 Evolved is a tank that will appeal to the majority of vapers. Other sub-ohm specialty tanks, like the Horizon Krixus, the Youde Goliath v2, or Zephyrus v2, the Simba, Horizon Cerakoat, or the Uwell Crown and Rafale, appeal to more advanced vapers. Having said that, I would put the Protank 4 Evolved with the Ceramic coil head, toe to toe with any of the above tanks. I truly believe the Protank 4 Evolved will be a massive hit for Kanger, and after the dismal Kanger CL, they need one.

Publisher's Choice Award
2016 Publisher’s Choice Award for Best Mainstream Atomizer


The Kanger Protank 4 Evolved is the worthy successor to the ever-popular Subtank Mini, and my immediate plan is to stock up on this tank so that no matter what happens down the road with the FDA, this tank will remain an option. I highly recommend buying one, trying all the available coil heads for it, then stocking up on the tank and the coil heads of your choice, just to be prepared for the worst.

The Kanger Protank 4 Evolved is awarded the Publisher’s Choice Award, something I thought I would never award to a Kanger tank.

Grade: A+

“The absolute best mainstream atomizer on the market right now. No leaking, great flavor, awesome vapor, this is the new Flagship for Kanger tanks, or it should be.”

John Manzione

Purchase the Kanger Protank 4 Evolved Here

To Purchase SSOCC Nickel (Ni-200) Coils, Click HERE.

To Purchase SSOCC Clapton Coils, Click HERE.

To Purchase SSOCC Stainless Steel (316L) Coils, Click HERE.

To Purchase SSOCC Nichrome Atomizer Coils, Click HERE.

To Purchase SSOCC Ceramic Atomizer Coils, Click HERE.

Kanger Protank 4 Evolved Features:

Top and Bottom Airflow Control Valves

Made with a Pyrex Glass Tank

Side Filling Ports

Child-Proof Locking Feature

Hybrid Functionality with Separate RBA Deck

Capable of Accommodating a Wide Range of Atomizer Coils

Perfect for Mouth-to-Lung and Direct-to-Lung Hits

Large 5ml E-Juice Capacity

Compatible with All Kanger SSOCC Atomizer Coils

Made with High-Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Offers Sensational Vapor Production

Provides Intense and Flavorful Taste

100% Authentic Kangertech

Kanger Protank 4 Evolved Specifications:

Manufactured by: Kangertech

Threading: 510

E-Juice Capacity: 5ml

Tank Material: Pyrex Glass

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Drip Tip Material: Delrin (with Stainless Steel Base)

Length: 2.58 Inches (65.5mm)

Diameter: 0.87 Inches (22mm)

Kanger Protank 4 Evolved – What’s In the Box?

1 x Kanger Protank 4

1 x Kanger Ceramic Atomizer Coil

1 x Kanger Stainless Steel SSOCC Atomizer Coil (meh)

1 x Organic Cotton Pads

1 x RBA Deck (with Pre-Installed Clapton Coils) (awesome!)

1 x Allen Tool

2 x Replacement Clapton Coils for RBA

1 x Set of Replacement Screws

1 x User Manual