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Six Tobacco Flavors Rolled Into One

All our times have come
Here but now they’re gone
Seasons don’t fear the reaper
Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain… we can be like they are
Come on baby… don’t fear the reaper
Baby take my hand… don’t fear the reaper
We’ll be able to fly… don’t fear the reaper
Baby I’m your man…
Don’t Fear The Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult – 1976

 John Manzione

I get the feeling the Founder and Owner of Rocket Fuel Vapes has the same taste in music as I do. First there was Strawberry Fields, a wickedly good eLiquid from this premium brand, and now Reaper, a wickedly good, deep, dark tobacco blend that will soon, I believe, become a ‘fan favorite’ for every tobacco loving vaper.

Rocket Fuel Vapes already offers a very strong line of great tobacco eLiquids. Seven blends at the moment, and the number will soon rise to eight. With Reaper Blend and its confident and bold flavor profile, tells me that the master mixologist at Rocket Fuel has more to teach us about tobacco flavors.

Coming into Possession of Reaper Blend

Two weeks ago I ordered a couple of bottles of Dolly’s Blue Ribbon, a luscious, creamy lemon meringue eLiquid with an abundance of buttery piecrust flavor folded in, and when they arrived I noticed a couple of bottles of this new, as yet unreleased flavor, though at the time I didn’t know it was an unreleased flavor, I just thought I hadn’t seen it yet.

I wasted no time in getting my Nautilus refilled with Dolly’s Blue Ribbon and then prepared an X.Jet Spider with Reaper Blend. At that point I set it aside, ready to vape later. Despite enjoying my freshly filled Nautilus I couldn’t help but anticipate what Reaper Blend might hold for me, so I was anxious to try it.

Once I had decided I had to check out Reaper Blend I grabbed a fully charged Spinner II, attached the X.Jet and sat back in my recliner so as to enjoy the discovery of a new eLiquid without interruption.

My first pull from this extraordinary tobacco blend was so powerful that I was speechless for what seemed like several moments. I knew in an instant Reaper Blend was out to become an instant classic. Reaper Blend meant business.

How To Describe Reaper Blend?

Despite the fact that in my book this is an award-wining tobacco blend, I don’t want to go overboard and say that Rocket Fuel Vapes has reinvented the wheel or anything. This is not some ‘game changing’ tobacco blend that other mixologists will try to reverse engineer. It is, at its heart and soul, a tobacco blend, not some magical new liquid that’s never been dreamt of before. That said, it does possess certain characteristics that I’ve never seen successfully combined in this exacting manner. Never mind the fact that Rocket Fuel Vapes has carefully blended six (6) great tobacco flavors to come up with this amazing blend.

Reaper Blend is both bold and dark, yet it is the opposite of a harsh tobacco. The throat hit is solid; a deep thump, yes, but nowhere near disagreeable. It is, during every vape session, utterly and completely satisfying, but there are times I think I’m tasting just the bare hint of something different, perhaps a dark chocolate laced tobacco on the exhale, and at other times its not there at all, or its there is completely new way. I admit that I could very well be imagining it, but I don’t think so. It is neither a cigarette tobacco flavor nor a pipe tobacco flavor. It is better than both… far better.

At the same time, Reaper Blend’s tobacco flavor is not covered up with other flavors fighting for a taste bud or two, it is too well blended for that. As much as I enjoy a tobacco combination, vanilla tobacco, blueberry tobacco, and others, Reaper Blend is a pure, opulent, tobacco, made from six tobacco flavors that possesses a bit of a ‘moist sweetness’, with an unflinching boldness, and always wonderfully rewarding.

After a couple of days of vaping Reaper Blend off and on (mostly on) I decided that it deserved a Spinfuel Choice Award for excellence. But, seeing as how I’m not on the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team I took the second bottle and sent it around the team. I didn’t ask them to do a full review, but I told them to spend enough time with it to let me know if they thought it was award winning, and if it was to send me a paragraph on their impressions. If they agreed, unanimously, then they would award the Spinfuel Choice Award. For the team members that usually don’t partake in vaping tobacco, they do know more than enough to judge the quality of a tobacco vape.

Here’s what they wrote me:

Tom: Without a doubt, Reaper Blend is a solid 5 Star tobacco. Reaper Blend has an incredibly bold flavor without an ounce of harshness you’d expect from such a deep tobacco profile. It doesn’t surprise me in the least, I have each and every tobacco blend from Rocket Fuel Vapes, and I love every one. Can’t believe they used six tobacco flavors to create this though. 5 Stars

Jason: You know me, and you know that I love my tobacco eJuice. Between Rocket Fuel, Hurricane Vapor, and Mountain Oak Vapors, all the slots that I have open for tobacco vapes are full. So for me the question for Reaper Blend is, “Are you good enough to take the place of an already filled slot?” After a few hours with it I wondered about that. Yes, it is a fantastic eLiquid, bold and beautiful, absolutely. But if I am to give up one my slots to it, would I, and if so, which one?

I guess you could say that my “least loved” tobacco eLiquid is Rocket Fuel Vapes “Prospector Peach”, which is a really nice peach tobacco. I really like it, love it even, but since ‘peach’ is already represented in my fruit collection it gave me the opening I needed, if I wanted to take it.

In the end, when Reaper Blend is available to the public I will give up Prospector Peach and replace it with Reaper Blend. In fact, Reaper Blend should soon become my top juice in my Rocket Fuel Vapes Tobacco Lineup. 5 Stars indeed.

Julia: First John, let’s get it out of the way. Reaper Blend is a fantastic tobacco blend from Rocket Fuel Vapes. It is easily a 5 Star juice. If the rest agree, it will get the award.

Now let me tell you why I think it will become RFV’s #1 tobacco blend. There are vapers like me that enjoy a rich, audacious tobacco vape about once a week. Usually I’ll vape enough to satisfy my craving for a tobacco blend in less than an hour, and then I’ll switch back to something different, something with no trace of tobacco flavors.

But when I started vaping Reaper Blend I didn’t feel like it was time to stop an hour later, I wanted to keep enjoying it.

It wasn’t because I felt the need to continue vaping a tobacco blend, it was because it is such a pleasant vape, a richly rewarding tobacco vape that I didn’t want to stop enjoying it any time soon. In fact, Reaper Blend is going into my rotation. 5 Stars … and then some.

Keira: There are so many great eLiquids available today that it is difficult to “settle” for one or two brands. Maybe its because I am exposed to so many different flavors and brands that if I take one into my home and put it into my rotation it has to be so incredible that the desire to vape it breaks through even the best eLiquid reviews. I won’t break our cardinal rule of using an eLiquid outside the brand we’re reviewing, but once the 72 hours is over I will race home, if I’m not already home, and grab the one that my mind has been yearning for. (Sounds really corny, I know.)

Directly after wrapping up the Aces Vapor review, which did not feature a single tobacco flavor, I picked up Reaper Blend and was blown away by this semi-sweet, richly rewarding juice. I just ran out of what little I was given yesterday and I want more. It is now in my vape collection, and when it becomes available I’ll add it into my rotation, without a doubt. 5 Stars? Absolutely!

Spinfuel Choice Award It Is

As you can see, I’m not alone in this. Each of the team members not only thought it was a magnificent tobacco eLiquid, but what they didn’t mention is that they shared their portions with a few friends and they too loved it every bit as much as I did and the team did.

I have no doubt that Reaper Blend is on the fast track toward becoming the #1 tobacco blend in the Rocket Fuel Vapes lineup. Six excellent tobacco flavors melded into one fantastic and original flavor…that is kind of magical after all.

I’m not sure when Reaper Blend will become available, but when it does I’ll update this review and I’ll obtain several 10ML bottles and we’ll do a quick giveaway so as to get this juice out there in the community.

John Manzione with a cameo from the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team