The WISMEC Reuleaux Rx75 Kit Review

Reuleaux Rx75 – Two Voices – Pro and Con – Let’s Rumble


 The Reuleaux Rx75 – WISMEC, a part of the Joyetech/eLeaf/WISMEC Triumvirate has just released yet another product. This time, WISMEC/Jaybo division has lent the new product the powerful brand name “Reuleaux”, to the new device. The Reuleaux series of mods are innovative and powerful, and because today the lineup consisted of the Reuleaux Rx200 with the WISMEC designed and manufactured chipset, Reuleaux DNA200, built with the Evolv DNA200 chipset, and the newest, the Reuleaux 200S, a refined and polish device with the new WISMEC chipset.


What makes the above Reuleaux models so innovative are their remarkable body styling, triple 18650’s for 200 watts of long-lasting power, and their versatility, the device itself can be easily modified with better and better firmware upgrades or an entire chipset upgrade (as a new model of course). They are, curiously enough, appealing to both men and women in nearly even numbers, despite its larger-than-normal size. (purely unscientific polling by Spinfuel to various local, as in Florida, Boston, New Hampshire, and phone calls to more than a dozen vape shops across the country) You would not be sexist to assume such a large mod would appeal more toward men, but with color combinations currently including red/black, pure angel white, retro teal/white and a stealthy black, the Reuleaux RX 200 reaches beyond the masculine and feminine.

If you use a WISMEC Reuleaux you love that WISMEC Reuleaux.

Reuleaux Rx75 Review by Spinfuel eMagazine
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Today’s review is for the new Reuleaux RX75 Kit, a 75w mod, designed by Jaybo, in a loose collaboration (of sorts) with VapingWithTwisted420, a video personality with nearly quarter of a million subscribers. The gentlemen, which I’m sure you already know, is definitely entertaining, but the huge amount of foul language used in his videos sure is off-putting, to say the least. I mean its one thing to curse like a sailor privately, but on video it just looks, unprofessional.

Below is a video with Jaybo and VapingWithTwisted420, talking about the Reuleaux Rx75.



The Spinfuel Review – Reuleaux Rx75 Kit

Specs for the Reuleaux RX75

Size: 87*22.5*47mm

Thread Type: 510 spring loaded thread

Cell type: High-rate 18650 cell (discharging current should be above 25A)

Output Mode: VW/Bypass/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR Mode

Output Wattage: 1-75W

Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TC modes

Resistance Range: 0.1-3.5ohm for VW/ Bypass mode

Temperature Range: 100-315°C/ 200-600°F (TC modes)

Amor Mini Atomizer (Kit Version)

Length: 52mm


Capacity: 2ml

In the Box: (Kit Version)

1*Reuleaux RX75

1*Amor Mini

1*Clear Front Cover

2*Atomizer Head


2*Pin Screw

1*USB Cable

2*User Manual (Reuleaux RX75 +Amor Mini)

1*Warning Card

When the Reuleaux Rx75w arrived here at Spinfuel, Julia and Tom were selected to receive them (we rotate as much Reuleaux Rx75 Review by Spinfuel eMagazineas we can), and after a couple of days it was clear that their opinions were in direct opposition to each other. Neither Tom or Julia loved the new Reuleaux Rx75, but while Julia enjoyed using it, Tom did not.

In order to be as unbiased as possible, we decided to give both Tom and Julia the opportunity to speak their mind about the Reuleaux Rx75w. But first…

The Reuleaux Rx75 at a Glance

Main Features

The Reuleaux Rx75 has a hidden Fire Button behind the magnetic back battery cover: The hidden fire button seems to be the center attention grabber of the device. It creates a Fire Panel out of the magnetic battery cover.  The back battery cover is a lot like the eVic VTC series in appearance, making switching out batteries quick and painless, and providing the ability of firing the mod simply by pressing it.

The Front Cover

The flip out front cover is replaceable, and hides the adjustment buttons and display. This, I think, is more of an attention grabber than the fire panel/battery cover.  The Lock Switch is located on the top of the device: This safety lock is a switch that protects the fire panel from unintentionally firing. A much-needed feature in more ways than one.

Like other WISMEC/eLeaf/Joyetech’s newer devices, the Reuleaux Rx75 has Dual Circuit Battery Protection. This is a feature that adds another layer of safety, always a good thing.

Reverse polarity protection has been around for a long time, and here it does what it does, protects the device if a user inserts the battery incorrectly.

Also like all the recent eLeaf/Joyetech/WISMEC devices, the Reuleaux Rx75 uses the same chipset, offering Variable Temperature Control, including, VW (variable wattage), Bypass (mechanical mech mode), TC-Ni (Nickle), TC-Ti (Titanium), TC-SS (Stainless Steel) and TCR mode, 3 memory presets, and Upgradeable Firmware. As of the time of this review there is no firmware to update.

Real World Report

On Body Styling

Reuleaux Rx75 Review by Spinfuel eMagazineJulia: The Reuleaux Rx75 body style is decent enough, but I think it’s trying to be too ‘stylish’ for its own good. The battery’s door cover, as the firing panel, the flip out piece hiding the adjustment buttons and the display, and the sunk-down piece for the atomizer seems like it’s being different just to be different. I don’t mean that to sound harsh, I understand this is a nervous time for the industry and the need to get as many products out the door as possible during the summer. I’m sure that if the predicate date is not moved to the August 8th date, every manufacturer will evaluate what they have on the market on that date with the hope that more products than not are selling well. It makes complete sense. These products will either have to be approved after a costly battle with the FDA, or pulled from the market.

The body alone, without the Armor Lite atomizer (2mL), is going to sell for under $30, so you can’t complain about the price. With the Armor Lite, the complete kit will most likely run $10-$15 more.

I have to admit to not using the Lock switch when I first set it up for some quality vaping and got very frustrated because I continued to fire the device by accident when making adjustments on the front panel. After I began using the Lock switch it was no longer an issue.

I like the magnetic battery door, it makes easy work out of changing batteries, but the flip out piece hiding the buttons and display is somewhat annoying, but because it is replaceable that also means it can be removed. If I was going to continue using it, which I’m not, I would remove the that piece.

A give the body styling a grade of “C+”

Tom: With the release of the Reuleaux Rx75 I am convinced that the Joyetech/eLeaf/WISMEC conglomerate is designing and releasing as many products as possible before August 8th. The problem with that is, I believe, the lack ofReuleaux Rx75 Review by Spinfuel eMagazine time to dedicate to function and design. It’s as though they are throwing devices at the wall and finding out which ones stick.

The biggest issue with the body styling of the Reuleaux Rx75 is the pain in the ass mandatory access of the flip out cover to make any adjustments, or to glance at the display, especially if you make an mistake or cause an error.

In my case, after a day of using the triple coil in the Amor Lite the coil head decided to short out constantly. Each time I attempted to reseat the coil head to see if that would fix the short, I had to flip out the cover to see if it had.

In addition, because of the battery back cover pulls double-duty as the Firing Panel, if you forget to lock the device, you’ll fire it every time you make an adjustment on the front of the device. However, if you lock the device before accessing the menu you’ll be locked out, so you have to wait till the menu is accessed, then lock it. But… if you are in the menu making adjustments, let’s say you’re in TC mode for Nickel and you set the temperature to 450F. You’ll need to unlock the device to use it, and it the warmth of the vapor isn’t what you want, you have to access the menu again, which means lock it again, then make the adjustment, then unlock it and check the results. Can you imagine the nightmare of trying to discover the sweet spot for a new tank or eliquid?

Remembering to utilize that lock switch is paramount of enjoying anywhere near a decent vape.

I don’t mind that the 510 connector is set down into the front of the device, but because access to the atomizer is limited, unscrewing the atomizer takes a few seconds longer than it should. It’s not a simple ‘hold and unscrew’ situation.

On the plus side, you can use any 22mm atomizer with the Reuleaux Rx75. That said, after using the device for a day or so I went through a short period where every atomizer I used on the Reuleaux Rx75 caused the device to display a Short Circuit error. After trying half a dozen tanks, I shut the device down, removed the battery, made sure there wasn’t anything blocking a secure connection to the 510 connector, then tried it again. After that, only the Armor atomizer shorted out sporadically.

My “grade” for the body styling is a “D”

The Electronics

Reuleaux Rx75 Review by Spinfuel eMagazineJulia: The electronics in the Reuleaux Rx75 is the same as many of WISMEC’s other devices, the only difference is the power output of 75w. Accessing the menu is also identical to other devices in the 3 companies, 5-click on/off, 3-clicks to access the menu, using the + and – buttons to move through the various modes. In other words, this inexpensive device runs the latest features, that’s a good idea, for now.

Tom: Products coming from WISMEC differ only in body style and power output these days. The rest is identical to each other, and that’s not a bad move considering just how good the current chipset is.

Temperature Control is accessed through the same moves as other devices, the 3-click access to the menu and the adjustment buttons to cycle through the many modes. The problem arises when you are making repeated adjustments. That will require locking and unlocking the device constantly because the firing panel prevents you from making adjustments without firing the device.

Conclusion and Impressions

Julia: The Reuleaux Rx75 is a decent mod, but nothing to get excited about. The various modes are always welcome, and although the device itself can get a bit annoying to maneuver around, the price is aggressively low, so if you like what you see, go ahead and pick one up.Reuleaux Rx75 Review by Spinfuel eMagazineTom:  The Reuleaux Rx75 does not deserve the Reuleaux moniker. I love my collection of the 200w Reuleaux’s, and I know that this device shouldn’t carry the name. The device is overly complicated to use, the Armor Mini feels cheap, and although I understand why this device was made and released, there are so many better devices out there I could not, in good conscious, recommend it to anyone.


So there you have it. While no one was very excited about the Reuleaux Rx75, whether or not it’s a case of product fatigue or the lack of anything to truly get excited about, the plain fact is that the Reuleaux Rx75 is not a great device just because it’s called a Reuleaux.

If you’ve read Spinfuel long enough you know that various devices from eLeaf, WISMEC and Joyetech are always welcome additions to the community and are embraced by our reviewers in nearly every case. But Tom’s remark about there being so many other, better, devices on the market already, we just can’t see a future for the Reuleaux Rx75.

Team Spinfuel