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WISMEC/Jaybo RX200 Reuleaux Review


WISMEC/Jaybo RX200 Reuleaux Review at Spinfuel eMagazineWhen I first saw the DNA 200 version of the WISMEC Reuleaux (review here) I was taken aback by its large, triangular size. I wasn’t sure if it was the most amazing design for a mod, or a tragic mistake. Unconventional in the extreme, it took many vapers by surprise. Thing was, the Reuleaux housed the Evolv DNA200 board, right down to the extra large OLED display, so the urge to put it through its paces was overwhelming.

It was my understanding, at the time, that the DNA200 board had to have a LiPo pack powering it and that any number of 18650-batteries just wouldn’t cut it. Only after I took on the review did I learn that you can indeed power the DNA200 board with multi-18650’s.

In any case, the WISMEC and Jay Bo collaboration became one of my favorite devices. Kiera didn’t like it, but only because her tiny hands hardly fits around it, and the weight was too much. For me, the Reuleaux gave off a powerful aura. This was something special, 200 watts, 3x 18650’s, an inspired design by Jay Bo that had the boys at WISMEC fascinated.

But, the price tag, $159-$169, was more than many people wanted to pay. Not everyone is thrilled with the Evolv DNA200 board, but despite being overly expensive, the design and the wattage was worth pursuing.

The pursuit of an affordable Reuleaux, that could still output 200 watts, was fully realized with the release of the WISMEC/Jaybo RX200. For a third of the cost, the RX200 Reuleaux not only kept the same form factor and wattage output, it included temperature control, and went beyond the Nickel wire TC of the Evolv board. Is it fair to say the RX200 is a better Reuleaux? Maybe, maybe not. Over the next few weeks I will take both through a series of tests in a piece I’m calling “The Reuleaux Factor”.

As fun as that will be, this review covers only the RX200 Reuleaux, and as you’ll see, there is much to like, as long as the triangular form appeals to you, as well as the awe-inspiring white and teal colors.

RX200 Reuleaux – Introduction

WISMEC/Jaybo RX200 Reuleaux Review at Spinfuel eMagazineThe RX200 is a new version of Reuleaux series, designed by JayBo, and it retains the use of three removable 18650 batteries and reverse polarity protection. However, the Evolv DNA200 board has been removed. Replaced by a new and powerful chip with the same maximum output of 200 watts and temperature control functions. In addition to Nickel wire, the RX200 version can use Titanium and Stainless Steel coils.  The RX200 board is capable of making the right coefficient changes for accurate temperatures with these two additional metals.

The WISMEC/JayBo Reuleaux is also upgradeable through a firmware update and offers vivacious color options not available to the DNA200 Reuleaux. (I think that’s a mistake, but it seems I’m in a minority about that)

The RX200 Reuleaux has the same dimensions as the DNA200 version. 50.0mm by 40.0mm by 84.0mm. It uses a stainless steel 510-connector, adjustable PIN, Three 18650 cells (discharging current should be above 25A ).

The Output modes include TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/VW mode. The maximum Output Wattage range runs from 1w-200w, with a temperature range of 200-600°F in TC mode of course. Resistance ranges are  0.05-1.0ohm for TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS modes and 0.1-3.5ohm for Variable Wattage mode. The OLED Display is 0.69 inches, smaller than the DNA200 board, substantially smaller, and a lower resolution. When I think about Joyetech, eLeaf and WISMEC sharing the same resources I have to wonder why the awesome screen of the eVic-Mini isn’t used instead. But what do I know, they may not be compatible. If you own both the DNA200 and RX200 Reuleaux the RX200 display will disappoint.


The RX200 Reuleaux uses 3x 18650 battery cells to be able to maintain that 200W of high power output continuously.  The distinctiveWISMEC/Jaybo RX200 Reuleaux Review at Spinfuel eMagazine hexagonal appearance of the Reuleaux causes the RX200 and DNA200 to stand out from other mods like nothing else can. The arrangement of 3 replaceable battery cells and magnetic back cover add to the its distinctive looks.

The choices of various modes, TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS and VW mode adds a depth to your vaping choices that no other device on the market can match. Add to that the Reverse polarity protection by way of a anti-reverse circuitry makes it completely safe to use multiple cells.

The upgradeable firmware option allows WISMEC to offer enhancements to the RX200 board so that your small investment will last longer, and you’ll be kept up to speed with the changing technologies.

Although you can charge the batteries with the USB cable it is a better idea to remove the lithium-batteries from the Reuleaux and then charge the cells in a charger, like a Nitecore D4.  Charging through the USB cable and your computer will take much longer than using a Nitecore charger.

Real World Impressions

WISMEC/Jaybo RX200 Reuleaux Review at Spinfuel eMagazineSimply put, the RX200 Reuleaux is a more capable box mod than it earlier DNA200 version. If you use all the available modes of operation the RX200 has the number of coils, RDA’s and Sub-Ohm tanks are unlimited. For this review I used a few different tanks to test out the various modes, including an RDA with Stainless Steel coils. No matter what I threw at it the RX200 kept up.

The RX200 board has to be the most sophisticated boards on the market. Being able to calculate the various adjustments needed depending on the metal of the coils has to be complex as hell. Yet, with all the different coils I managed to enjoy a great vape with all of them.

The WISMEC/Jaybo Reuleaux RX200 is truly a marvel of innovative technology and imagination. The unique shape, the use of 18650’s instead of LiPo packs, a TC system that handles multiple metal coils, and enough power to run any resistance with ease is outstanding.

Bottom Line

The RX200 Reuleaux is probably the easiest box mod to recommend, or not recommend.  Here’s why:

You can tell in an instant if the unique form factor speaks to you or not. If you don’t like the way it looks, you won’t buy it. And unlike the hundreds of mods that look pretty much the same, there is only one Reuleaux form factor.

The DNA200 Reuleaux is $169.95 at Vapor Authority, while the RX200 version is just $59.95. The choice there is easy if money if an issue.

Evolv DNA200 or RX200? Do you need or want Titanium and Stainless Steel coils? Is the display size a deal breaker?

As much as I love the Evolv DNA200 board, and I truly do, and as much as I love the Reuleaux form factor, I use the RX200 Reuleaux much more than the DNA200 version. The reason is not the Titanium and Stainless Steel coils, it’s the color scheme. I just love the look of the RX200 in white and teal. But that’s me.

The thing is, unless money isn’t an object, unless you simply have to have the DNA200 board, how in the world can I recommend the more expensive version of the Reuleaux when you get everything the DNA200 version has, and more?


Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Features:

Variable Wattage

Powerful and Advanced RX200 Chip

Maximum Power Output of 200W

Tri-Cell Design for Superior Power Stability and Sustainability

Matte Anti-Slip Paint

Magnetic Battery Door

Temperature Control Capability With Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Coils

Upgradeable Firmware

Takes External 18650 Batteries (Sold Separately)

Battery Level Indicator

Ohms Resistance Meter

Large and Clear OLED Screen

Designed by JayBo

Made With Lightweight and Durable Metal

Spring-Loaded 510 Connector

Gorgeous Hexagon Design

Ergonomically Designed for Comfortable handling

Low Resistance Protection

On/Off capability

Reverse Polarity Protection

Low Voltage Protection

Short Circuit Protection

10-Second Cutoff Protection


Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Specifications:

Manufacturer: WISMEC

Design: JayBo

Threading: 510

Center Pin: Spring-Loaded

Wattage Output: 1W – 200W

Battery: Three 18650 Batteries (25A or Higher) – (Sold Separately) – Batteries MUST MATCH.

Resistance Range (TC Mode): 0.05 Ohms – 1.0 Ohms

Resistance Range (VW Mode): 0.1 Ohms – 3.5 Ohms

Temperature Range: 200°F – 600°F (100°C – 300°C)

Height: 3.30 Inches (84mm)

Width: 1.96 Inches (50mm)

Depth: 1.57 Inches (40mm)

Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Includes:

1 X Wismec Reuleaux RX200

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual