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Because Life is Just a Party, and Parties Weren’t Meant to Last

This is as good an explanation as any I’ve heard yet as to why Prince passed unexpectedly last Thursday. What does Prince have to do with vaping? Maybe nothing, maybe something, but how can I not devote this week’s column to him? I grew up listening to Little Red Corvette, Delirious, and I came of age in the Purple Rain era. My sister was lucky enough to not only see Prince in concert, but to sit in the Purple Circle. She swears Prince pointed at her while singing “I Would Die for You.” I still cannot believe that Prince died this week; too young, without any advance warning of either illness or addiction.  Since finding out, I have done my share of reminiscing and listening to old Prince Classics and watching Purple Rain (seriously, anyone who has NOT watched Purple Rain again just isn’t trying.)

And Then, Out of Nowhere, I Got the Urge to Smoke!

PRINCESo I’m in full-on eighties mode over the weekend, listening to Kiss and Darling Nikki and Raspberry Beret, and these songs bring back memories of hanging out in bars and clubs and dancing the night away, but these memories include me chain-smoking my way through my teens and twenties (and even my thirties.) And even though I haven’t smoked for over a year and a half now, with my Prince reminiscence came extremely sharp cravings for a cigarette. Will they ever pass? How can an urge be this powerful, eighteen months after quitting and even as I still vape 3mg of nicotine with regularity? It’s so disheartening; I’m almost positive I would have gave in and smoked if this was 10 years earlier and I was actually out in a bar, instead of rockin’ out (quietly) so I didn’t wake up my 7 year old.

How Did I Resist the Urge?

First of all, it is much easier to resist the urge to smoke when you have no cigarettes, no way to get any cigarettes, and have a vape pen next to you. So if you are quitting, or a new quitter, take notes. The best way to not go back to smoking is to not be near any cigarettes! This is definitely why it is so hard to quit when you are at the partying age; just trust me when I say that if you are out after midnight, there are cigarettes everywhere. I was really not able to successfully quit smoking until I aged out of having fun.  You can stop clutching your pearls, I am sure I am not unique; quitting is much easier when you are at home child-rearing than when you are out barhopping.

I Will Take Prince ’s Advice

Like life, lots of things are parties that just aren’t meant to last. Smoking is definitely one of them. I hope in the future that there is no such thing as cigarettes; that anyone who wants nicotine gets it through a vape pen or some yet-to-be-discovered super-safe technology. But for now, cigarettes remain, and I just want everyone who smokes to realize that being a smoker is not meant to last. It cannot be a lifestyle choice for too long if you want to live a long and healthy life. So smoke ‘em while you got ‘em, but maybe when your next pack ends, consider trying an electronic cigarette and see if you are ready to make the switch yet. Rest in peace Prince; thanks for all the incredible music and memories!

Julie Selesnick

In addition to being a vaping enthusiast and advocate, Julie is a writer and a lawyer. You can read her other columns here, and check out her LinkedIn profile for more information.

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