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Celebs Still Vaping in 2019

With reports showing that millions of Americans vape every day, it is no surprise to see that many celebrities love to use e-cigarettes too. Indeed, some of our favorite actors, musicians, and sports stars have been seen using these devices in recent times.

Who are the celebrities who are helping to make vaping more high-profile and cooler? You might be surprised at a few of the names that are on this list of rich and famous people.

Celebrities Who Have Been Spotted Vaping

Leonardo DiCaprio

Arguably the most famous person to be seen vaping regularly, DiCaprio was one of the very first celebrities to appear in public with e-cigarettes. The fact that he has been photographed at glamorous events vaping with his most stylish clothes on has certainly added to the appeal.

Among the times he was seen enjoying this pastime was the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, and the 2014 Us Open. Even before then, the star of The Wolf of Wall Street and The Beach had been spotting vaping in luxury restaurants and while out cycling.

Johnny Depp

It used to the case that Johnny Depp was frequently spotted smoking hand-rolled cigarettes everywhere he went. Now, the star of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory appears to have made the move to vaping instead.

Most notably, he used an e-cigarette on screen in the 2010 movie The Tourist. He has also been spotted using his own vape pen in a number of different places.

Jack Nicholson

Legendary actor Jack is a fine example of an older person who has decided to take up vaping in order to give up tobacco cigarettes. The star of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and countless other films has been seen around LA with e-cigarettes.

A few of the other top film stars who appear to love to vape include Samuel E Jackson, Ben Affleck, Michelle Rodriguez, and Tom Hardy. This is the industry that looks to have the highest rate of stars vaping, but perhaps it is just that these people are photographed so often.

Nate Diaz


There don’t seem to be as many sports stars who vape as there are actors and musicians. However, there are still some notable exceptions. For example, UFC fighter Diaz is regularly seen vaping cannabis oil, even during press conferences or while working out. Other sports stars who vape include soccer players Wayne Rooney and David de Gea.

Given how many people in the US do this, it is highly likely that many NBA, NHL, and NFL stars enjoy e-cigarettes too. The next time you watch an NBA game or look into football odds, just consider that some of the players involved almost certainly vape.

Miley Cyrus

The star of Hannah Montana has spoken on air to Jimmy Fallon about vaping backstage at Saturday Night Live, and how Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t want to share his pen with her.

It isn’t clear how much she vapes. However, she seemed pretty clear about the etiquette involved in sharing a pen, so it looks like she is quite experienced and knowledgeable about the whole thing. Her brother, Trace Cyrus, has also switched from tobacco to vaping.

Katy Perry

Images of the California Gurls singer vaping have confirmed that she also enjoys doing this in her spare time. Perry is one of the many celebrities who have helped to make this hobby cooler than ever before.

Other singers who vape include Rihanna, who is said to take her pens on tour with her. Tom Petty stopped smoking tobacco in 2012 by switching over to the healthier alternative.

It is clear that there are many famous people who vape regularly. This has certainly helped to raise the profile of vaping and show more people that it is an option worth considering.