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It has come to my attention that some companies are looking at adding saline solution to the e-juices to help hold in the flavors better. Organic flavors in particular tend to be much lighter and burn off faster if they are not “held” in a solution such as propylene glycol. For those of us that have concerns about the long term use of PG, finding another alternative to enhance flavors becomes a never ending quest. I was pretty excited about trying out the saline solution idea myself until I talked with our scientists/herbalists.

Here is what I learned. Salts consist of sodium and chloride that together are simply common table salt. When sodium chloride undergoes heat vaporization, it produces pure chlorine gas. This is definitely NOT something that any of us should be inhaling. And so…. we continue the quest to find safe solutions for even more fabulous e-juice. The article below goes into much more detail on the dangers of this gas.

Chlorine gas is a form of elemental chlorine that is commonly used industrially. It is also a highly toxic gas. This compound was the first poison gas to be used during World War I.

At atmospheric pressure and room temperature, elemental chlorine is a gas. It is yellowish-green and has the characteristic smell of bleach. Chlorine gas has a greater density than air, so it tends to settle near the ground. When cooled and pressurized, the compound becomes a liquid, which facilitates its transportation and storage. If released, it turns back into a gas that spreads rapidly near the ground.

One of the reasons that this gas is so toxic is that it is highly reactive with water in the mucous membranes of the lungs and eyes. This leads to the production of hydrochloric acid and hypochlorous acid, which together act as an eye and lung irritant, corroding tissue. If one is exposed to chlorine gas, one should seek immediate medical attention. There is no antidote for exposure to this gas, so rapid treatment is paramount.


Judy Henry, Guilty Pleasures Organics Vape Juice