Totally Wicked DIY 50ml Platinum Ice 54mg/ml Mixing Kit Review


50ml Platinum Ice 54mg/ml Mixing Kit

Mix it up, Mash it up, Make it up!
Our 50ml Platinum Ice Mixing Kit has all you need to mix up your very own special flavour.

Create your own blends of e-liquid using our top quality Platinum Ice Nicotine Mixing E-liquid in a choice of PG, Glycerine (VG) or AG base, our diluents and flavour concentrates. Learn more about our diluents here:- Totally Wicked Diluents.

Why mix your own fluid?
The best base ingredients make the very best e-liquid.
Making your own e-liquid is significantly cheaper than buying pre-diluted e-liquid.

You’re in control of strength, vapour and throat hit.
You can create your own flavours or tweak an existing one to your preference.

You can make as much or as little as you want.
It’s fun! You can interact with other vapers and swap recipes.
Check out the Marvellously Magnificent Mixing Thread on Totally Wicked’s Forum.

This kit provides all you need to become a Totally Wicked Mixologist.

All in all a great starter kit, for the new mixer I would go for the Mega Kit so you get everything you need. If you already have the basic tools like syringes and measuring beakers then this is a good place to start.

Gareth Witty