Gareth Witty Review The Aspire Triton Tank

Purchased from for £9.99

Works fine with 50/50 eliquid but anything thicker in VG and it will struggle. The juice holes are too small at 2.4mm and with the standard 3mm coil it does not wick well. Using a 2.5mm shaft I made the holes a little bigger and build a 2.5mm coil and now works pretty well with good flavour but the vapour is a tiny bit reduced. Using a sub ohm coil of about 0.5Ohms this did work better for but for a mouth to lung users it’s ok but still not as good as the Aspire Atlantis.

Adjusting the coil is very hard due to the build area and I do like the method used to hold the coil in place. This method also allows the coil to be dry burned and the cotton to be replaced. The access is very restricted for adjustments which may cause problems, but it can be done.

The Clever design if a little tricky to build but well worth it if you are into rebuilding coils. To sum up it’s ok but not quite right there and I think Aspire need to go back and tweak this for better eliquid flow and coil size. However, for the price of £9.99 it’s worth a try to see if this will work for you otherwise you may want to say with the stock coils unless your coil building is good.