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Gareth’s Video Review For Craft Vapery March 2015

A monthly subscription based service.

Really good packaging. Fast shipping from USA. A UK distribution would be great. Also includes info cards as well. 0, 3 , 6 , 12, 18 Mg strengths. Also choose 2 to 8 bottles a month $61.99 (£41.68)
4 Eliquids sent out. price for 4 bottle for $36.99 (£24.21)

Tested all eliuids with IGo W Plus @ 1.4ohms and Aspire Nautalius @1.6Ohms.

Vinyl Vapes Old School Menthe PG/VG 30 70 6mg
Its menthol based but has a “Fishermans Friend” taste with a hint of Aniseed? on a lung hit but the taste changed quite a bit on a mouth to lung hit, kind of weird but in a good way. Great vapour and I do like the taste! Not what I expected but a pleasant surprise. The best flavour is on the lung hit.

Frisco from Frisco Vapor PG/VG 50/50
A sweet tea flavour almost like lemon tea and very nice in the flavour and vape. This also worked really well in clearomisers I think due to the 50/50 mix.

I’ve Got A Feeling from Craft Vapery Tester Bottle PG/VG 30/70 6mg
A very light sweet coffee flavour, could do with a little more coffee but very pleasant and worked well as a all day vape.

Vaper Storm Illusion Sub Ohm Blend 6mg PG/VG 15/85
A LIVE review on this one, got a nice custard flavours, then a nasty sweetener flavour and then could just about taste a caramel style flavour. Not the best but still nice. Plenty of clouds due to high VG.