Guide To Vaping – New Vapers (2012)

Everything you need to know before you purchase your electronic cigarette kit. This Guide To Vaping is a great video for advice and tips new vapers will need to know even if you already purchased a new starter kit.

Length :14:33

Beginners Guide To e Cigarettes

As a user of a cig-a-like you might very well enjoy the ease of using a 2-piece ‘battery and cartomizer’ setup and may have no need to look beyond that point. There are several good mini-eCig brands on the market, offering a myriad of flavored cartomizers at various nicotine levels. Modern batteries, with either a 510-thread or and 808-thread, offer decent battery charges and the prefilled cartomizers can last up to the equivalent of 12-15 analog cigarettes if you vape them similarly to the way you used to smoke tobacco cigarettes.  (Forget the boasts that you see on cig-a-like websites, there is NO SUCH THING as a prefilled cartomizer that will last as long as 2-packs of tobacco cigarettes. They do not exist.)


Should the US FDA and the lawmakers in the capital  manage to severely restrict the sale of advanced vaporizers and e liquid we will take a major hit on our personal freedoms and freedom of choice. Do not let this happen. Follow Spinfuel’s Vapers News daily, both positive and negative electronic cigarette news to stay informed on what is happening on the local, state, and federal regulations. This is the first time in American History where a product that can save millions of lives is being attacked daily. It is said that money is the root of all evil, and we can add that money is the root of all bad government decisions. Make sure your next vote is given to the candidate who believes in the most freedom.

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