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Motley Brew E Liquid Review


I am on a roll these days when it comes to having delicious and satisfying eliquid to review that just seem to fall into my lap. There has been five eliquid reviews I’m been busy writing that have been truly amazing feats of artistry and vapability, yet each are as different as night and day.

Something is changing in the eliquid industry, and that something is being able to finally nail down the elusive super premium eliquid that separates the everyday from the very special. As you’ll see in this review, and the remaining two others that are coming up, the choices for excellent vape experiences are looking better than ever. But never mind those other brands right now; today is all about Motley Brew.

The Motley Brew Review

Motley Brew Premium eLiquid was officially launched during the Vapor Expo in Miami last month, though they aren’t quite there on vendor shelves just yet. However, Spinfuel has had the privilege of being the first to receive the entire line of six super high quality eliquids for this exclusive review.

Whenever we get an exclusive review it is a terrific opportunity for us, yet it carries a lot of MotleyBrew-logoresponsibility with it. A responsibility we do not take lightly. Actually, exclusive reviews are kind of scary because while you want to be fair to a company that entrusts us with an exclusive, we must also maintain that promise that we made to our readers more than 3 years ago: to present, always, an absolutely honest review.

Our philosophy has always been to tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. Luckily, these six very complex eliquids made that easy. But whether you or me care for a particular flavor or not,  I don’t think there will be any disagreement on the issue of Motely Brew being a super premium label when they are finally released and vapers have tried them.

Motley Brew – The Company

There isn’t any first-hand knowledge I can tell you about the company Motley Brew because they are new to the scene and I haven’t visited their physical location or talked to the people that own the company. I have exchanged emails though, and I can sense an authenticity about their desire to create a line of eliquids that have no equal. Only time, and the vape community, will decide the ultimate success of Motley Brew, but considering what these six eliquids were like to vape over the past week, I think these guys will be around for a long time.

I do know they have committed a lot of resources to create this 6-flavor lineup. The deluxe packaging, an actual clean room lab to create the flavors, and the highest quality ingredients available anywhere goes a long way to show that commitment.

Characteristics of Motley Brew

All six of Motley Brew flavors are Diacetyl-Free, the VG component is actually a soy-based glycerin, which provides huge amounts of vapor for a 50:50 PG/VG ratio while at the same time producing intense levels of flavor from the high quality PG used. You won’t find a weak flavored blend in any of the six eliquids. In addition, the Motley Brew flavor ingredients are specifically formulated to be inhaled, and are GRAS approved. So, bottom line? Motely Brew is about as premium as you can possibly get.


Motley Brew will be available in 30mL glass bottles for $21.99. As for nicotine levels, well, the eliquids are not yet available so the only thing I can say for sure is that they will be available in 0.3% nicotine and 50:50 PG/VG ratios because I was sent 3mg nicotine strengths, and among all the information printed on each colorful label is the PG/VG ratio for all to see. There will be a variety of nic strengths but I don’t know what they will be so if I said anything it would be a guess on my part.

Best Above 1-ohm

Because these six eliquids are indeed 50:50 PG/VG blends I discovered that I could not vape them with a subohm coil. The flavor hit too hard with anything below 1.0-ohms. What I wound up doing is vaping these in two different setups; the old favorite X.Jet clearomizer (1.8ohm) atop an MVP 3 Pro  with the eGo adapter, and in Kanger Subtanks with the 1.2-ohm OCC’s. In all honesty, I enjoyed them more with the 1.8ohm coils of the X.Jet, and by vaping “mouth to lung” I was able to detect more flavor layers than I did in the Subtank with the 1.2. As you read the review keep in mind that these are my impressions in the “above subohm world”. Oh, and when in the Subtank the flavors were too strong to lung hit.

Let’s get to the eliquids…

IMPORTANT: All six flavors share one very important characteristic that I feel needs to be stated before we get to my actual impressions of each one. Because these eliquids are intensely flavorful I highly recommend that as soon as you get ahold of them to open the bottles (after vigorous shaking), and then leave the cap off for at least an hour, longer if possible. This will mellow the flavor a bit, and create a deeper, richer flavor profile. I’m discovering this to be true more so this year than in the past, as the ingredients for super premium eliquids get purer and purer.

Brew’s Brothers

“Your newest addiction, this one’s on a mission from God! When the finest darkly roasted European Brew's BrotherEspresso is blended with luscious undertones of Madagascar vanilla bean cream, further enhanced by a perfect blend of mildly sweet tobacco and notes of delicately rich butterscotch, you’ll be taken for a ride with the most indulgent of flavors.”

My Take: Sometimes I used to wonder if these fancy flavor descriptions are a good idea for eliquid brands. When descriptions are written to take you to some idealized dream world that doesn’t exist it can be a disappointment when you finally vape one. That said this is one delicious coffee vape that fits the description nicely.

I was pretty sure I couldn’t tell the difference between Madagascar vanilla bean and a capful of vanilla concentrate from the grocery store, but what I did taste here is a very complex layering of coffee laced with a creamy vanilla flavor unlike any vanilla I’ve had to date. Must be the Madagascar, no?

The vape begins with a healthy does of dark coffee and a distinct hint of creamy vanilla on the inhale, and on the exhale that semi-sweet tobacco note kicks in and right after the last wisp of tobacco vapor leaves I get this small hint of butterscotch.

Since I don’t mix my own eliquids I don’t have a clue how some of these brands can so successfully layer flavors in any kind of an order, but I’ll be damned if this one doesn’t lay it out just as described.

Is it an all-day-vape for me? Not quite. As a morning vape this hits home, but after a while I always want to swap out a coffee flavor for something less intense as an all-day-vape. If coffee blends in vapor form are you thing, this is something you have to try. 4.75 Stars

Paradise City

Paradise City“This boldly sweet treat will take you down to paradise city with the essence of exotic lychee, coupled with the juiciest pears on earth, and then blended perfectly in silky French vanilla bean cream. A sprig of fresh mint finishes this ambrosius brew for a cooling, yet contrasting delight.”

My Take: There is a large exotic fruit flavor than precedes the vanilla bean layer in Paradise City. Lychee and pears go together well, and they combine to create something exotic, yet sweet and silky. The end of the vape gives you a hint of that vanilla, which works wonderfully well with pears. The mint flavor is mild but definitely there on the inhale and exhale and it gives the overall vape a larger presence than it would have without it. If the mint component was any larger than it was I would not be able to say that this could make a fine all day vape. Yet, for me it was that small footprint of a sweetish minty flavor that kept my interest for most of the day. 4.75 Stars

Old Fashioned R&R

“The finest premium whiskey, a dash of spicy bitters, aromatic citrus notes, and a touch of raw Old Fashioned R&Rsugarcane highlight this remixed rendition of the classic Old Fashioned. Old school soul; remastered for absolute pleasure.”

 My Take: If you like the taste of a smooth whiskey than you’re going to love this one. I don’t drink much these days, but when I did I loved good bourbon, and I think I could have given this one the full 5 Stars had it left out that citrus note. For sophisticated palates Old Fashioned R&R is destined to be a classic. For my vaping pleasure, this smooth whiskey and spices vape almost made it to the top of my list. Still, the quality and execution is unbelievable. 4.5 Stars


Almost Famous

Almost Famous“A recipe from our European tour that always made our hearts sing. Delicious freshly baked cakes engulfed with warm, wild blueberries and rich praline pecans make for an exceptional flavor that’s sure to prove unlike any other. A dusting of powdered sugar completes this seductive dessert, one to enjoy on every vape.”

 My Take: Oh how I wish I could have tasted the praline pecans that my wife said was a big part of this one, but I just couldn’t taste it. What did come at me was a rich blueberry flavor embedded into a cake flavor that drove me crazy. This is the one I found too good to stop vaping. Vaping ‘mouth-to-lung” allowed me to keep the flavor coming as I exhaled slowly, letting the rich flavor make a very slow pass along the right taste buds.

Definitely a dessert vape, but Almost Famous satisfies without leaving you feeling that you vaped something too sweet.

Note* After reading all the flavor descriptions before I started the review I chose to start off with Almost Famous, and I mistakenly tried vaping it with a Subtank and a 0.5ohm OCC. Way too intense in subohm world, Almost Famous lived up to its description with the 1.8ohm X.Jet. 5 Stars

Froot Fighters

“A delectably sweet and juicy candied melon medley including chilled watermelon, vine-ripenedFroot Fighters cantaloupe and honeydew plus a few undisclosed recipe treats! Delectable and mouthwatering, this melon felon will leave you breathless in its delicious wake.”

My Take: I’m not much of a melon and/or watermelon guy, but there is something about ‘candied’ melon flavor that I found a real pleasure to vape. Froot Fighters somehow nailed the flavor of ‘candied’ melon in a way that makes melons taste a lot better. For melon vapers that have not gone subohm this is going to make you want to cry with happiness.

In fact, with flavors like this one it makes me want to see a high VG version for all of them so I can vape Motley Brew in subohm territory. 4.75 Stars

Grateful Red

GratefulRed“A mélange of tart granny smith and ripe red delicious apples bathed in a brown sugar glaze, then luxuriously layered with rich, Tahitian vanilla custard. This masterpiece is then crowned with caramelized cane sugar and lightly salted caramel drizzled on top. Behold this decadent pleasure!”

My Take: Apple lovers, like my wife who took this bottle from me after I was “allowed” to fill 3x X.Jet’s, will love this flavorful combo or a tart green apple and sweet red delicious apple, laced notes of a real vanilla custard. There are so many nuanced flavor notes in this very complex eliquid that as a reviewer I kept looking for, and finding, new flavors to taste on both the inhale and exhale. That endnote of caramel, that really is somehow actually slightly salty, is both a profound achievement in flavoring AND a magical taste. This apple blend is unlike any apple eliquid I’ve had and if I still used non-subohm coils this would be one of my mainstay all-day eliquids in the warm months. As it is, I found myself missing the bottle after the last of X.Jet’s was gone. 5 Stars.


 Now, I don’t know if there is such a thing as caramelized cane sugar, and lightly salted caramel, or Madagascar vanilla bean as a flavoring liquid, but I was very pleased to taste the accuracy of those flavors as they made their appearances in vapor form. Maybe it’s the careful execution of some very specialized recipes that mimic these flavors so well, or maybe some flavoring company actually makes them. Whatever it is, the mixologist at Motley Brew did an excellent job with them.

For me to find two new all day vapes in a six flavor review is a remarkable score. The other four were superb, but less an all day vape then they were a morning vape, a dessert vape, and so on.

The Pros of these six eliquids is the complex and intense flavors that will amaze the taste buds, and the only Con is that 50:50 PG/VG, but that a personal preference, the majority of vapers, so I’m told, still vape 50:50 or even higher PG amounts. And I’m not saying you can’t enjoy these eliquids in a subohm tank with subohm coils, but for me the flavors were too intense at .5-ohm, so I can’t recommend them in a subohm setting.

If any of the above flavors sound interesting to you, and you know going in that they are 50:50 PG/VG then by all means when they come on the market give them a try. I think you’ll agree that they are truly unique flavors.

 While Motley Brew isn’t available yet for purchase online, if you are interested in sampling them for yourself, make sure to let your local vape shop know that you’d like to see them to carry Motley Brew. You never know, they just might do it.

 Where to find Motley Brew

 John Manzione