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RX Vape Nic-Salt Vape Juice is for Today’s Pod Mods


RX Vape –  Nicotine Salt Vape Juice is, 99% of the time, a blend of VG and PG where PG is in the 85-95% volume. PG was the “flavor” portion of the formula for many years, back in the day of freebase (natural) nicotine based vape juice. PG is thin, intense, and can cause a heavy throat-hit. For some, high PG blends caused hoarseness and soreness if vaped often.

When nicotine salts became a hit, their inherent “thinness” was a big selling point. Tiny integrated coils, 1.5-2mL capacity pods, and very low power, a thin, intense, high nicotine blend was the best solution. Gratefully, things have changed considerably since 2015/2016.

Better Pod Mods Need Better Vape Juice

Today is not uncommon to see incredibly designed pod mods with 2ml to 5ml juice capacity, and 20+ watts of power, or even variable voltage devices. Using older formula nic-salt blends was too rough to a lot of Vapers.

Some, like the eLeaf EVIO SOLO allows Vapers to use freebase vape juice because of the pod capacity, the replaceable coils (even a sub-ohm coil) and fantastic battery life. Still, while this coil produced hi-fidelity flavor with a freebase vape juice, it was originally made for nicotine salt vape juice. What to do?

 RX Vape Nic-Salt has a VG/PG blend of 55% VG and 45% PG. Thick enough with vegetable glycerin, and flavorful enough with propylene glycol, an RX Vape e-juice delivered the best of both worlds.

The Unique RX Vape Blend Makes all the Difference

A nicotine salt e-liquid (nic-salts for short) are popular because they deliver a high nicotine content so ex-smokers can easily substitute a nic-salt vape for tobacco cigarettes and still receive enough nicotine to satisfy the urge to smoke. It was also discovered that nic-salt e-juice delivered a softer throat hit based on the nicotine content. For many it was an enormous jump and caused the pod mod to become the huge success it is today.

“What about the rest of us” you might be thinking. Vapers that used to vape larger, high powered box mods and sub-ohm tanks that not only loved the flavor of the e-juice, but enjoyed the huge volume of clouds produced by a high VG vape juice firing at 80-100W? This is where RX Vape wins every time.

Smooth High Nicotine AND Huge Clouds = Perfection

Even today’s modern pod mods are not meant to be vaped constantly. Battery power, while much better than early pod mods, and replaceable coils, make a big difference, but do not replace the high wattage box mod.

RX Vape delivers on the promise of high level of nicotine for gratification, smooth throat hits, and voluminous clouds of thick, flavor filled vapor.

About RX Vape

RX Vape was founded by former daily cigarette smokers, (the best usually are). Rx Vape has spent several years perfecting e-juice formulas and putting together killer recipes.

VG/PG Formulas and RX Vape

Before we get you confused, here’s a list of what RX Vape offers, and the main reasons the e-juices are different. Ready?

Nicotine Salts Refills

Virginia Tobacco – Nicotine Salts E-Liquid Vape

$11.99 – $49.99– 20mg/50mg/ – 30mL/60mL/120mL – $11.99 to $49.99

Beek Vape – Virginia Tobacco – Best E-Juice – E-Liquid – Nic Salts

$21.99 – $53.9920mg/50mg/ – 30mL/60mL/120mL – $21.99 – $53.99

Beek Vape

Classic Tobacco – Beek Vape – Best E-Juice – E-Liquid – Nicotine Salts

$21.99 – $53.99 30ml/60mL/120mL

Turkish Tobacco – Beek Vape – Best E-Juice – E-Liquid – Nicotine Salts

$33.99 – $53.99 30mL/60mL/120ml

RX Vape Freebase Vape Juice

Premium Vape Juice E-liquid E-juice – Virginia Tobacco 120mL – Freebase

$21.99 – 120mL bottle!

The Crown Jewel 

Rx Vape Virginia Tobacco Nicotine Nic SaltsIt is said that their Crown Jewel, and by far their most popular flavor, is their Virginia Tobacco flavor. I can honestly tell you that even taking into consideration my personal use with the EVIO SOLO (I am not usually a pod mod user), filled with RX Vape’s Virginia Tobacco flavor (20mg nic-salt) I enjoyed the best tasting, most satisfying tobacco blend I’ve ever vaped in the decade+ years of vaping.

RX Vape spent 7 years to perfect their Virginia Blend, and it shows. Virginia blend tobacco vape juice replicates the flavor of the finest cigarettes from the old days. On the RX Vape website you can read hundreds of reviews of verified customers that are consistently blown away with this “magical” blend.

Virginia Tobacco blend deserves to be named their Crown Jewel, and when it comes to price, I expected it to be much more expensive than it is. We’ve all seen nic-salt vape juice companies come to market offering 30mL bottles for $30+ dollars, but RX Vape is so proud of their company, and its products, that a 30mL bottle at 20mg nicotine salt is just $18.99. A 50mg nic-salt blend is a dollar more, $19.99. And for a special time, RX Vape is offering a 50mg nic-salt blend, called “Old Batch” for just $11.99 for 30ml.

More than 30mL Offerings

It is true that when using a nic-salt eliquid every Vaper will vape less e-juice than someone that vapes freebase nicotine vape juice. That’s the main reason they are sold in 30mL bottles. However, a big complaint over the years has been that when a Vaper discovers an e-liquid they really enjoy they want more than 30mL, and they want to save money too. This is another area for RX Vape shines.

Here is their current price structure (including the remaining “Old Batch”)

30mL – $18.99 or $19.99 (20mg or 50mg) and $11.99 for old batch 50mg.

60mL – *YES, 60mL bottles! – twice the vape juice for just $28.99 (20mg) and $29.99 (50mg) and $20.99 for 50mg for old batch.

120mL – Wow! Yep, 120mL – 4x the 30mL size for just $49.99!

For the 60mL size you’ll save $10. For the 120mL size you’ll save $26 and $27 EACH!

I don’t know any other nic-salt producer offering this kind of savings.

Other Tobacco Flavors

Beek Virginia Tobacco Nic-Salt

A strong Virginia Tobacco flavor with hints of caramel and vanilla.

60VG 40PG ratio is the best VG/PG ratio that still allows throat hit for vaping. Except for a bit of extra boldness, the Beek Virginia and RX Virginia are very, very close. A couple bucks more than the RX label, so for me it’s a toss-up between the two.

Beek Vape Classic Tobacco Nic-Salt

This is blend that reminds me most about real cigarettes. Classic Tobacco flavor combines all the aroma’s cigarette smokers are use too which will make for an easy transition to a healthier lifestyle. So, here’s my honest take; If you smoke cigarettes now, and want to switch to vaping, this is the one you need to start with. It will make your vape experience as close to the flavor and aroma of cigarettes. When I filled a new pod for my EVIO SOLO, it took me about 2 minutes to decide that after many years without cigarettes, this one was not for me. But if you smoke…. Yea.

Beek Turkish Tobacco Nic-Salt

Turkish Tobacco is a truly amazing tobacco flavor. Strong, but with a sweet and creamy aroma. I’ve vaped many Turkish flavors in the past, and most remind me of the experience of smoking a smooth pipe tobacco.

The Freebase Virginia Tobacco Vape Juice

Offered only in a 120mL bottle for a great price of $21.99. As a freebase Vaper, I was thrilled that this brand offered a freebase nicotine blend.

Overall, the freebase Virginia blend has the same flavor as their Crown Jewel Nic-Salt. The main difference, besides the nicotine, is the PG/VG blend. This is a 70% VG 30% PG, and let me tell you, the ginormous clouds of vapor I get with my SMOK Mag18 and TFV18 Sub-Ohm pushing 80W is out of this world.

RX Vape in Conclusion

The company prides itself on two things; the perfectly blended nicotine-salt vape juice that is made to modern pod mods, and their magnificent Virginia tobacco blend. After years of reviewing vape juice, I cannot remember a better Virginia blend from any company.

If you want to experience the pod mods of 2023, forget the disposable prefilled devices. Go with something you can use repeatedly, recharging the batter, replacing the coil, and refilling with the vape nic-salt sold today, RX Vape.

RX Vape should be the biggest name in pod mod vape juice. I never expected this smooth and satisfying vape from pod mod, and RX Vape made it possible.

John Manzione