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The Review of the Lost Vape Prana. While most pod mod systems are aiming for higher wattages and lower ohms capabilities, Lost Vape is heading back to vaping’s roots. Not only does the venerable vape company produce the awesome Orion pod system, but now they’ve made a strong gesture toward TRUE mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapers with the all-new Prana.


Rather than emulate similar “high-end” pod systems (like it’s own Orion rigs), Lost Vape decided to flip the script and released the smallest, simplest pod system we’ve seen in a while. If you’re not a fan of pod mods or ultra-portable devices, there’s nothing on the Prana that’s going to change your mind. But if you’re a fan or in the market to become one, the Prana might be the pod mod for you.

Lost Vape Prana Pod Mod System
The Word

Check out the new Lost Vape PRANA Pod System, heralding a compact diminutive shape, integrated 500mAh rechargeable battery, and comes paired with a 1mL refillable pod with an integrated 1.0ohm coil. Constructed from quality zinc-alloy, the chassis is impervious to light falls and drops, mitigating damage to the proprietary chipset within.


Housed inside is a 500mAh rechargeable battery, providing ample power to fire the 1.0ohm coil, vaporizing the contents to create delicious vapor from your favorite eJuice or nicotine salts. Holding up to 1mL within the refillable pod, the PRANA Pod System is the next vaping pod system that should be added to the collection, delivering a compact portable profile and exquisite vapor output that is perfect for those looking for discretion or love vaping on-the-go.

Lost Vape PRANA Pod System Features:

  • Dimensions – 66.8mm by 41.4mm by 14.2mm
  • Integrated 500mAh Battery
  • Wattage Output: 12W
  • 3 Power Levels – Low, Medium, High
  • Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • Single Adjustment Button
  • LED Battery Life Indicator Light
  • 1mL Refillable Pod – Replaceable Cartridge
  • Side Fill System – Silicone Stoppered
  • Integrated 1.2ohm Coil
  • E-Juice Viewing Window
  • Magnetic Pod Connection
  • MicroUSB Port
  • Available in Peacock Black, Black Leather, Champagne Gold Leather, Champagne Gem, Gem Blue, Brown Leather

Lost Vape PRANA Kit Includes:

  •  Lost Vape Prana
  •  Prana Pod
  •  MicroUSB Cable
  •  User Manual
  •  Warranty Card

Aesthetics of the Lost Vape PRANA

COLORS - Lost Vape Prana Pod Mod System ReviewBecause this is Lost Vape, you know there’s going to be an air of class around the proceedings, and the Prana doesn’t disappoint. Whether it’s through timeless painted acrylic or real leather-trimmed side panels, the Prana isn’t aimed at cloud junkies or competitive vapers (if that’s even still a thing). Instead, this is for executive types who don’t want to draw attention, but don’t mind being seen.


(Yes, we’re purposely avoiding all “The Devil Wears Prana” puns.)


The Prana measures a few inches in height, and a few ounces on the scale. But that’s not a measure of performance. This is a mouth-to-lung, the draw-activated, single-button mod. It includes a 1.2-ohm coil system and a 500mAh battery that should give steady users a good number of draws per charge.


One item of note – the chassis is built from the same zinc alloy Lost Vape uses on their full-sized mods, and it feels nearly as rugged and durable as its big brothers. Still, while a few drops aren’t going to affect the Prana, I would be careful about stepping on it or even sitting on it the wrong way.


Finally, one of my only complaints about the Prana’s look/feel is the dated and nearly meaningless LED light system, which has the requisite three colors to indicate battery level and other notifications. I’ve never liked these setups, but this one is particularly weak, with dim lights and unclear levels. Like so many other similar setups, green looks too much like blue, and red shows up without warning when vaping steadily.

Vaping the Lost Vape Prana

Light systems be damned, let’s get to what matters. The Lost Vape Prana offers fantastic flavor quality. Part of this can be attributed to the snug draw. It hits the back of your throat in grand fashion.

LEATHER - Lost Vape Prana Pod Mod System ReviewUsually, I wouldn’t prefer a draw-activated system, because it’s too far removed from how I normally vape. But here, it just seems to work seamlessly. I used nic salt liquids exclusively with the Prana and was rewarded with some deep, sharp flavors and more throat hit than we’ve discussed in ages.


The device provides a true MTL pull, and trying to direct lung this mod will only lead to coughing fits and frustration. But when used like a smoker, the Prana provides an authentic experience, with ample vapor quantity, to boot.


The pods themselves also need some accolades. While 1mL capacities don’t really excite people anymore, you really couldn’t expect more from a device this small. So, yes, you’ll probably be filling more than you would with traditionally sized pod mods, but this cartridge has lasted me several weeks, which is notably more than competing products.


Battery life is better than expected, even at 500mAh. With just 12 watts of output, the battery lasts a good amount of time, and it handles regular use without any excess heat. Heat is a concern we all had when first seeing the size of the Prana. I’m thrilled to report that it’s not an issue.


You shouldn’t go expecting all-day vaping on a single charge. The proprietary chipset is highly efficient, and should get through most of a workday. Happily, it takes less than an hour to go from empty to full. so You’re never without your Prana for very long.

Lost Vape PRANA Pros:

  • Outstanding flavor clarity
  • Smooth, consistent power
  • Excellent pod cartridge lifespan

Lost Vape PRANA Cons:

  • Might be a little small for some vapers
  • Limited juice capacity
  • It’s time to lose the three-color LED light indicators

Bottom Line

Pod mod fatigue is setting in around our home offices/quarantine zones. But we’re still fully behind the Lost Vape Prana.  It’s small frame and limited juice capacity doesn’t excite us. I am floored by the flavor and vape quality. Lost Vape packed rock-solid technology into this tiny chassis, while keeping a true MTL experience front of mind.


Score: A