No vaping ban in Las Vegas parks, at least for now. Electronic cigarette use and vaping in Las Vegas parks will not be outlawed for now, although the Bill’s sponsor said the issue might be raised again in the future. Well, good luck with that…

Once again, even in Sin City, vaping is the Great Evil™ that must be, at the very least, made to be feared. How incredibly ignorant of the Las Vegas official who dreamed this one up. There are more cigarettes consumed in Las Vegas in a day than practically anywhere else in the country, and no one says a word. But introduce something that is 95% SAFER than cigarettes and some people freak out.

Or, are these officials merely looking for THEIR 15 minutes of fame?

Las Vegas Is Still A Free Vape State

From News 3 Vegas:

A Bill that would ban smoking at Las Vegas parks was struck in a city council meeting on Wednesday.  Councilman Brian Knudsen introduced the bill to ban smoking and vaping at public parks, making it illegal.

Smoking and Vaping

Let’s see, cigarettes litter the city by millions of cigarette buts everywhere, causes all kinds of fatal diseases, kills tens of thousands of people in the US every year. Cigarettes have been known to kill since the 1960’s (tobacco companies knew even before the 60’s), and over the years no one has said a word.

Vaping has been around for a decade. Cigarettes have more than 4000 harmful chemicals in each one, vapor from e-cigarettes contain NO harmful chemicals. Do the math!

Los Vegas is the place for adults to come and let their hair down. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, remember? It’s the last place in the world where you would think would even attempt to curb vaping. Yes, over the years they rid the casinos of Cigarette Girls, and other such things that made Vegas SinCity in decades past, but for the most part, Vegas is the freest city in the country. When the hysteria truly dies down, when people are convinced that it was bootleg THC cut with Vitamin E acetate that caused so much trouble, and deaths, vaping will fade back into the background and Vegas won’t bother to even consider curbing it.

The Vegas Leaders

Knudsen said he is working with colleagues at the health district and community leaders “to bring about more awareness on vaping and e-cigarettes and then may reintroduce the ordinance later. “

Hey Knudsen, why don’t you put that energy into a product that actually does cause harm? Why not try to ban Tobacco Products? Cigarettes, Cigars, and Pipes? These products are the ones that cause sickness, disease and death, not vaping e-liquid. But you won’t will you?

Knudsen, I wonder, might just be an opponent of vaping because of… oh I dunno, invests in tobacco? I have no idea really, but that certainly has been the reason for other officials working against vaping before the THC cartridge bootleg crisis.

Why is it so hard to get the truth accepted these days? Study after study proves e-cigarettes are 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes… Why won’t politicians accept this? Money. Pure and simple.