Smokers can improve the health of their hearts within weeks of switching to e-cigarettes, the largest trial of its kind shows. This is not news to me, or most Vapers. Hell, one of the first signs after switching to vaping is better breathing, slower heartbeat, and a more relaxed appearance. It happens fast too.

Smokers, Switching to Vapes is Better for Your Heart

From CNN: Smoking Study

While e-cigarettes have been in the spotlight for their popularity among kids and an ongoing outbreak of lung injury, many have also looked to them as a potentially less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes.

New research published Friday in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology suggests that adult smokers’ heart health might benefit from switching over to e-cigarettes.
Alright, wait. The thousands of cases of lung injuries have been explained by Bootleg THC cartridges using Vitamin E Acetate to ‘cut’ the THC. So, you know, let’s get that part right. The rest of the above is, well, okay.

Any way you look at it (unless you consider huffing away on a 59mg nicotine JUUL), vaping offers so many health benefits when compared to smoking cigarettes, studies like this seem like a waste of time. Most adult vapers are using e-liquids that have much less nicotine than cigarettes. And, as a bonus? Those 4000 other chemicals in smoking are not in e-liquid. So, yea…

CNN Continues…

The [new study’s] finding contradicts the findings of observational studies that find that people who vape are at higher risk of heart disease because those studies are inevitably and irreversibly confounded by former smoking

What the hell is an “observational study”? Can you see this; “Well, looking at these Vapers sure does tell me XXXXX.” Good God man.

In this new study, it says that those who switched over completely to e-cigarettes, and those who had smoked for less than 20 years, saw greater improvements. Including in their vascular function. Check out these vapes available at 180Smoke.
As well as in women, though it’s unclear why. (What?)  The authors note,  “female smokers face more health risks than male smokers do,” including greater risks for lung cancer and heart attack. I used to tell this to my wife all the time. She didn’t quit until vaping came into the house.
The results of the study didn’t depend on e-cigarettes with nicotine or not. What?  The authors say,  “early improvement appears to be unrelated to the abstinence from nicotine but rather from other toxic material produced by combustion” in conventional cigarettes. Well, okay, more junk science or is there something to this? I have no idea.