Last Updated on November 16, 2019 by Team Spinfuel

Hey, did you hear the one about JUUL Pods have higher nicotine levels than other Pod Mods and e-Liquids? Duh. Sure did. Why do you think teenagers use JUUL’s so much that it’s become known as JUULING? 59mg of Nicotine Salts. Getting that nicotine buzz is real easy. And stupid.

During a review we did last year on JUUL every member of the Spinfuel VAPE staff took just a few hits from it. Yet, each of us experienced light-headedness, nauseous, and cross-eyed. After that, we all felt sick. 59mg is way too much for most Vapers, and the perfect cheap high for teenagers.

You politicians want to do something? Make JUUL offer Pods with no more than 12mg of nicotine salts.

JUUL Delivers Higher Nicotine Levels Than Others. NO!??

From UPI

Juul electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine at a much higher rate than most other types of e-cigarettes, new research shows….

The researchers said the high addiction potential of Juul e-cigarettes is a good reason for nonsmokers to avoid them, but they may still offer smokers a less harmful form of nicotine consumption.

JUUL For Heavy Smokers

We’re talking 3-pack a day smokers. They might need a 59mg nicotine JUUL POD, but no one else should. Even the heaviest smokers can lower their nicotine intake with e-cigarettes. And that should be the goal. The pleasure of Vaping comes from thick flavorful vapor, and delicious flavor experience… not nicotine.

God only knows what the Study that discovers this ‘Mr. Obvious’ Nicotine Levels, but it isn’t hard to believe. If I were the cynical type I might even believe that JUUL decided to hook teenagers with this high nicotine levels. However, JUUL does not represent the Vape Community. It’s one corporate company, looking for profit before anything else.

This Reporter believes in Vaping with my all of my heart, but when it comes to JUUL, Spinfuel Vape, as well as this reporter, just couldn’t see the charm, or worthwhile-ness of a product that has 59mg of nicotine.