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Vape Shops Harmed – Like we have said over a hundred times since this Vitamin E Acetate THC Bootleg Cartridge outbreak began, it doesn’t matter in the short term, even if President Trump were to make a speech telling the world that vaping e-liquid is as safe as can be (and it is)… the damage has already been done.

All over the country we’re hearing reports from vape shop owners (the ones that are still in business anyway) that business has been cut severely. People are afraid to come back, or even worse, they went back to cigarettes and decided to stay there. After all, in this country there will never be a ban on cigarettes. No matter how deadly they are, no matter the tax rate on them, people are going to smoke because it is reliable. Talk about stupid.

In any case, some states that did put temporary holds on vape products or flavored e-liquids, have lifted them. Now what? Well, as it turns out, government and anti-vaping groups managed to do a ton of damage, damage that proved wrong.

Vape Shop Owners: Hard Time Winning Customers

Ohio Dispatch on the Vape Shop

The Ohio vaping industry says it is suffering as a result of recent efforts to ban flavored e-liquids and reports of illnesses linked to the use of e-cigarettes. Industry leaders say they feel attacked and that business is down by as much as 70% since the initial illness reports in August. More than a dozen Ohio vape stores have closed due to a loss of business, industry officials say.

Imagine that for a moment. You put in years of hard work. You work day and night. Study the trends. Invest your lifesaving. Then, some angry, knee-jerk reactionary destroys it all for nothing. How would you feel?

Vape Shop Sales vs Cause

Vape Shop owners reports up to a 70% decline in sales since this nonsense accusation began. Some will never recover. And those behind this attack on vaping, when presented with the truth, that it was bootleg THC Cartridges made with Vitamin E acetate, feel disappointed. Not for those that suffered, but only that the truth was revealed and their war on vaping didn’t last.

The Ohio Dispatch Continues…

Bans on vaping devices or liquids wouldn’t decrease teen vape use, he added, but would drive adults who use the products to quit smoking to take up cigarettes again. “Vaping is the consumer-created solution to the tobacco epidemic,” he said. “Our whole goal is to try to convert as many smokers as possible.”

And this has always been our goal. From Spinfuel VAPE to every vape shop to every online vendor, our mission is to get people off tobacco.