In Massachusetts, the commission (CCC) that regulates medical marijuana is at odds with lawmakers that have banned vape products.  They worry that the ban will force medical marijuana patients to buy from the black market. You see, there might be a lifting of the ban next week. Today being Friday, it’s not a long time, unless you’ve been suffering without your medicine for some weeks now.

Cannabis Control Commissioner Takes a Wait N See

Boston Herald News:

Medical marijuana vape products could end up back on the shelves next week if the state ban is lifted after a confrontation broke out among Cannabis Control Commissioners over whether or not to intervene.

Yeah, but come on, if Gov. Charlie Baker has anything to do with it, his jackboot police state thugs might not want to lift any ban, regardless how silly the ban is. It’s sad really. The problem is so easy to fix. Ban THC Cartridges until such time as the Bootleg Cartridge makers are put in jail. There are plenty of Medical marijuana products that can be used for patients that are not liquid cartridges.

The Cannabis Control Commission is not very loved in the state of Massachusetts. While its mission is to honor the will of the voters of Massachusetts by safely. Equitably and effectively implementing and administering the laws.  Enabling access to medical and adult use marijuana in the Commonwealth. Some angry voters don’t feel the CCC has done a decent job.

More from the Boston Herald:

Title noted that she would like to make a formal request for information from the Department of Public Health regarding any medical marijuana vapor products sold in Massachusetts that are linked to any illnesses before having a discussion to promulgate regulations.

Oh, and this reporter suggests staying away from ANY liquid THC cartridges purchased anywhere until the Bootleggers can be shutdown.