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Joyetech Ornate Takes On SMOK TFV8 The Review

The new Joyetech Ornate Sub-Ohm Tank is the largest, most powerful tank Joyetech has ever tried to market. Clearly going after the major success of the SMOK TFV8, Joyetech looks to have had one goal in mind; to de-thrown the King of the Cloud Chasers. Did Joyetech succeed? Let’s have a look.

With a huge capacity of 6mL and a width of 25mm, the Joyetech Ornate is large, by anyone’s standards. The ORNATE Atomizer is said to have influences of “Neo-Georgian Architecture”, with its large, wide-bore drip tip with a lip. The new MGS triple coil head (Stainless Steel wire) has three free-flowing adjustable eliquid ports and on the base of the tank sits three large airflow slots. The Ornate means to allow large amounts of juice, and air, to mix together over the heated stainless steel wires in order to product an immense amount of vapor and accommodate more wattage than any Joyetech tank has even come close to. The Joyetech Ornate is not the next Delta, it’s a whole new tank with a whole new purpose.

Airflow – Juice Flow

Joyetech Ornate Takes On SMOK TFV8 The Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Each of the three airflow slot works together with the triple ejuice ports for an ultra-low resistance capability. With its unique lipped-out wide bore drip tip it seems to impress upon the user that the sky is the limit when it comes to high performance. The triple MGS coil sports a 0.15Ω resistance that the user can allegedly handle up to 260 watts of power. I couldn’t come close to that, but it was fairly easy to vape at 150W with an 80/20 VG/PG eliquid.

Joyetech Ornate Size

25mm width will cause a bit of overhang on any mod made for 22mm, but in reality it’s not all that bad. And when sitting atop something like the Lost Vape Triade or WISMEC Reuleaux, it looks quite nice, though bigger than you might think. With the drip tip the height is 2.75 inches (70mm), taller than the TFV8 Cloud Beast and the Freemax Starre PURE. It looks absolutely ridiculous atop small mods like the eVic Mini, and plain stupid atop the Council of Vapor Mega or Mini Volt, but if own a mod of this size the Ornate isn’t for you anyway.


Whenever I set out to review a new tank I start the wattage climb at 30W, unless the resistance is in the plus-ohm territory, then I begin at 20W. In any case, I began the review using my current favorite mod, the SMOK Alien. 30W wouldn’t even spark the Ornate, neither would 40W. At 50W it barely moved the needle. The Joyetech Ornate with the triple coil 0.15Ω coil takes 75W to even begin to come alive. Below is my performance report using a tank full of Lunar Rover Wicked Brulee. The airflow slots were wide open for this wattage rundown.

75W – Bare minimum, cool vapor with a touch of flavor. Glass is warm.

85W – Very Airy and cool draw, a little more vapor and flavor – Glass is warmer.

95W – Still airy on the draw, still cool vapor, but more of it. Flavor begins to come alive now. Glass is hot.

105W – Slightly warm vapor, and a lot of it. Good flavor at this point. Glass is blistering hot to the touch.

115W – Warmer vapor and lots of it, flavor is better now. Glass is wicked hot.

125W – No change in vapor warmth, but more vapor than I ever thought a Joyetech tank would produce. Touch the glass tank at your own peril.

135W – Amazingly the vapor is still only “warm”. Cloud Production is downright crazy. Flavor is holding well. Again, glass is dangerously hot if touched.

145W – Now we have adequately warm vapor, tremendously thick clouds, and strong but holding flavor. This will be the sweet spot for many.

155W – Not a big change from 145W, still able to do huge lung hits without concern for heat. Flavor is spectacular. I’m beginning to wonder what the melting point is for glass.

165W – At this point the drip tip begins to warm up. Until now the drip tip has remained room temperature. I can feel the heat from the glass from 2 inches away. Vapor production is off the charts for a prebuilt coil, flavor is particularly wonderful for a stainless steel heating element. Tom enjoys this wattage setting for his Joyetech Ornate.

175W – At 175W we begin to approach my limit. Lung hits are now just 3 or 4 seconds long before the back of my throat gets too warm. Flavor holding up unbelievably well.

185W – And this is my limit. I tried 195W and just couldn’t do it. 185W produces very warm vapor, and more of it, while flavor is still excellent. Glass tank took 5 full minutes to cool off.

Joyetech Ornate Performance/Feature Highlights

Amazingly, and thankfully, my wattage tests were 100% free of spit-back or gurgling. Once I got to 130W I began to worry that a spit-back event would blister my tongue badly, but it never happened. I have been using the Joyetech Ornate for 5 days now, and while at no point did I experience spit-back, or leaking, I have come to know the characteristics of this tank quite well.

Joyetech Ornate Takes On SMOK TFV8 The Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

At each point in the wattage test I spent nearly an hour at each level. In the higher wattages, 130W and above, e-juice is consumed quickly, very quickly. Battery power is drained fairly quickly, but with a 3x 18650 mod the user will get a couple of hours of steady vaping at 150-195W.  You’ll need to look elsewhere for results past 195W.

Top Fill

The Joyetech Ornate has an excellent, and simple, top fill method. Simply unscrew the thick top cap to reveal two large fill slots. The lipped drip tip is supposed to come off the top cap so that the user can place his or her own drip tip, but for me, the drip tip was a permanent part of the top cap. Looking closely I could see where the drip tip meets the top cap, so I’m sure the retail version allows the user to remove it. That said, I don’t think you’ll need to. The drip tip is comfortable, and more heat resistant that I ever imagined. In fact, I would recommend against replacing the drip tip with something else.

MGS Coils

Joyetech Ornate Takes On SMOK TFV8 The Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

When you purchase the Joyetech Ornate you get the MGS Triple Coil SS316L (0.15Ω) and a MGS single coil SS316L 0.15Ω coil. These new coils are incredibly effective, and, has so far held up to a lot of vaping. (But 5 days is nothing in the life of a sub-ohm tank)

The Triple coil MGS SS316L coil is rated at 70-260W, but realistically, 70W is not enough, and 260W is too much. I would put the rating at 105W to 195W for 99.99% of vapers. The Single coil MGS is rated at 80W to 130W, and that is pretty much spot on. I enjoyed this coil at 100W, but was able to hit 130W fairly easily.

The unique, and quite clever, part of these coils is the 3 e-juice ports on the sides of the coils. Outside the tank you can adjust the ports to allow in as much, or as little, e-juice as you want. If there is a way to adjust the ports while the coils are in the tank I haven’t found it.

Joyetech Ornate Takes On SMOK TFV8 The Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

During my review period I set the ports to fully open, and half open. I couldn’t believe that the MGS Triple coil with the ports only half open still provided ample amounts of e-juice for vaping at 185W for an hour. Fully open, I imagine, would definitely be needed if the user is brave enough to vape at 260W.

The Joyetech Ornate comes apart completely for easy cleaning, and in the box you’ll receive an extra glass tank, the drip tip adapter, seal ring bag, manual and warranty card, and a WARNING card. The Ornate is available in Black and Stainless Steel. My review tank is Stainless Steel and quite attractive.


Joyetech Ornate Takes On SMOK TFV8 The Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

No doubt about it, the Joyetech Ornate means serious business. This is beyond a doubt the most powerful tank Joyetech has ever made. Both Flavor Chasers and Cloud Chasers will enjoy this tanks performance, and while I still prefer Kanthal and/or Ceramic heating elements, I have to admit that the SS316L’s did an excellent job with flavor.

The Joyetech Ornate is a large tank, but not needlessly so. In order to handle the performance, it is capable of, it has to be this big. 6mL is plenty big, and the heat resistance drip tip works better than I ever imagined.

Joyetech Ornate Takes On SMOK TFV8 The Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

To be honest, I did not think Joyetech had it in them to create a tank as good as the Ornate. I was a huge fan of the Delta 2, but after the Delta 2, Joyetech’s atomizers have been disappointing. It is nice to see that Joyetech can innovate like this.

Pricing is expected to be about $25. The Joyetech Ornate should begin showing up on vendor shelves this week, or maybe next. I highly recommend it for serious cloud chasers and flavor chasers. However, if you are perfectly happy with smaller tanks, like the TFV8 Baby Beast or even mainstream sub-ohm tanks like the Kanger Protank 4, the Ornate may be a little intimidating at first. This is an excellent tank, but it is BIG.

Grade: AJoyetech Ornate Takes On SMOK TFV8 The Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

“High performance, incredible range, and superior coils, the Joyetech Ornate succeeds in its mission to compete with the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast. The one thing that stops me from grading it an A+ is the glass. The Ornate “glass” gets wicked hot, wicked fast. Be careful!”

Julia Hartley-Barnes