This review by the Spinfuel E-liquid Review Team was a long time coming. Happily, we’re now ready to present our findings on this premium level e-juice from High Class Vape, Bombshell.

These 70% VG, 30% PG blends vape amazingly well in sub-ohm environments with plenty of wattage. With so much new vape gear coming in for review, we decided to use some serious gear to see just how good cloud and flavor production were in these bombshell blends.

Common Traits Among the Bombshell Blends

Each member of the Bombshell line bursts with real flavor. No chemical aftertastes, nothing but good old-fashioned flavors and incredible clouds of vapor. The one thing all Vapers of the Bombshell line should remember is this; The flavors, and cloud production, benefit from low resistance coils and plenty of wattage. Vape warm, and vape often.

The Bombshell Line

Elizabeth – 60mL Unicorn Bottle - $22.99 – Spinfuel Choice Award

Official Description:

“A Decadent Cream Cheese Frosted Cinnamon Treat that tastes just like a fresh CinnaBon! Enjoy the ultimate bakery flavored e-juice with this sweet (coil friendly) eliquid in our large 60ml dripping bottles. On the inhale, you get a perfect amount of cinnamon (not too much like other vapes where it overpowers the juice) and on the exhale, you get a beautiful cream and sweetness that will make you think about those famous golden sticky buns every single time.”

High Class Vape Bombshell – An E-Juice Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

SPINFUEL CHOICE AWARD 2017Julia – 5 Stars – I did not expect Elizabeth to deliver the flavor of an actual CinnaBon, but it surely does. Pump up the wattage and vape this one warm and you’ll enjoy the amazing real-life flavor of genuine CinnaBon. A Keeper!

Tom – 5 Stars – I’m not sure what I expected with Elizabeth. Was this going to be more cream cheese flavor without a hint of cinnamon, or was High Class Vape truly going for the CinnaBon? After just a few minutes with some very warm and flavorful vapor I was convinced I was vaping a liquid form of an actual CinnaBon. Spectacular job!

Kiera – 5 Stars – I’m giving Elizabeth 5 stars for one reason; like its description says, this is like vaping a CinnaBon. Yum!

Jason – 5 Stars – This is definitely a sweet vape, but that sweetness is under control by the perfect mixture of cinnamon that cuts the cream cheese flavor to a fine level. I’m adding this one to my rotation right now.


Lucille – 60mL Unicorn Bottle - $22.99

High Class Vape Bombshell – An E-Juice Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Official Description

“Lucille is an irresistible blend on Pineapple and a super creamy coconut. If you’re a fruit vaper or someone who just wants a super smooth and delicious vape, this one is a sure thing. This bombshell flavor has just enough sweetness to make you crave another hit, but not enough to hurt your coils. All bombshell flavors including Lucille are very coil friendly. This vape produces thick milky clouds, a fragrance that people will never get tired of and just sweet enough to satiate your sweet tooth. The perfect summer eliquid to vape the day away on an island paradise.”

Julia – 5 Stars – I couldn’t believe just how good Lucille is. It’s become so hard for me to enjoy any pineapple flavors, and when you add coconut to it, it becomes a Pina Colada. This, however is different. The above official description fits this flavor profile exactly right. On my rotation now, and for a long, long time.

Tom 4.5 Stars – Although the pineapple flavor is a tad too strong for my liking, it is still an excellent juice for pineapple fans. There is a definite creamy coconut element to the mix, so I was able to enjoy this vape for quite a long time. Not going into my rotation, but it will be a go-to flavor for many others.

Kiera – 4 Stars – Julia does love this flavor blend, and I do enjoy it myself. However, as an everyday, or even an all-day-vape, it is a little strong. That’s the pineapple profile though. If you love pineapple you’ll adore this one.

Jason – 4 Stars – Lucille is a heavy cloud maker, as they all are, but this one seems to have a bit more body to the thick clouds. A nice blend of pineapple and coconut, I could see it used in some competitive cloud making.

Sofia – 60mL Unicorn Bottle - $22.99

Official Description

As the summer approached and the days in sunny San Diego got hotter we craved a tasty, fruity, menthol flavor that was better than the rest. Enter Sophia, our delicious answer to our cravings. We blended some of the finest fruits with a delicate mix of koolada and crafted these flavors to create something truly beautiful, just like Sophia. As you inhale your taste buds are engulfed in a variety of the finest berries and on the exhale, you will feel the mellow icy effect of the koolada. Menthol vapers will love this eliquid. Not a menthol fan? Don’t worry this juice is so jam packed with flavor this will break all your rules and become one of your all-time favorites. Sophia is one of the few cooling eliquids on the market that is truly worthy of the description: “Premium”. Coming in a chubby authentic bottle you will vape this flavor with the ease of the drip tip on the bottle. High Class juice all the way.”

High Class Vape Bombshell – An E-Juice Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Julia – 4 – Unfortunately we are faced once again with a menthol, or at least a cool blend. I know many Vapers that love cool vapes, especially when combined with berries, so there will be fans. A cloud maker with strong flavors, its premium alright, just not my thing though.

Tom – 4 – Thankfully the strong berry flavor does a fair job of cutting back on the menthol, but not enough to make a fan out of me. It’s always been unfortunate that our team has never been fond of menthol blends, as we surely needed one these past 6 years. Sophia is a class act, big clouds and big flavor, but I can’t see myself keeping it in stock.

Kiera – 4 – Tons of clouds, strong berry flavor mixed with a cooling menthol will make Sophia a big hit with those that enjoy the cool vapes. For me, this blend has too much berry flavor and too much menthol.

Jason – 4 – You can’t argue that Sophia is a splendid blend of various berry flavors. I wished High Class Vape would have left it as that. I found little pleasure in vaping it. Funny thing is, I ask people all the time what they are vaping, and very few people ever mention a menthol blend. I have to wonder if this type of blend is produced to fill out a menu lineup, or if there are thousands of menthol vapers out there that I just don’t every hear about.

Audrey – 60mL Unicorn Bottle - $22.99 - Spinfuel Choice Award

High Class Vape Bombshell – An E-Juice Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Official Description

“For many years we have been craving to make a lemon bar vape that is not only good, but one that will purely be the best on the market. So, for this top-notch bakery vape we thought of no one sweeter than Audrey to represent this eliquid. Imagine grandma spending all afternoon baking a fresh batch of lemon bars and then doing a pinch of powdered sugar for each one. Served with love, and no one does it better! We’re proud to serve you this premium level American made e-juice without the extremely high price point. Feel confident in purchasing a bottle because reviewers all over the world have said that Audrey, is the best lemon bar they have ever had. Still want more proof? Search for us on Google or YouTube and see how many just love our new Lemon bar vape.”

SPINFUEL CHOICE AWARD 2017Julia – 5 – Here High Class Vape has created a lemon bar blend that offers the Vaper equal amounts of sweet lemon and a cake flavor that makes it a remarkable lemon bar vape. I’m putting this one into rotation. Marvelous, plenty of clouds, and terrific flavor.

Tom – 5 – It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a lemon bar vape, so if my 5-star score is based on missing this blend, or if this blend is the best I’ve had, I can’t say. All I do know is that I enjoyed the hell out it and plan to put it into rotation.

Kiera – 5 – The perfect lemon bar vape. Clouds as thick as can be, a sweet, non-bitter lemon with a real bottom crust flavor, Audrey is wonderful. In my rotation, and especially flavorful when vaped warm.

Jason – 5 – Just in time for the fall weather (soon anyway) comes a lemon bar flavor that lives up to its name. I switched out my sub-ohm tanks and decided to see what would happen to the flavor profile in a Vaping AMP Tanker at 110W. Definitely makes a difference when you vape it warm. In my rotation now.

Marilyn – 60mL Unicorn Bottle - $22.99 - Spinfuel Choice Award

Official Description

“Marilyn in her day was one of the most well-known actresses ever on the red carpet. Even today she is still featured in commercials and loved by millions. With this eliquid, we feel that we captivated the perfect balance of a sweet natural strawberry, mixed it with sweet marshmallow fluff to make a mouthwatering vape that is so beautifully crafted, anyone that is standing around you will want a few puffs from your mod. As we vaped the days away while perfecting this juice we enjoyed long afternoons in rooms that smell of a nice creamy strawberry. If you love fruits or desserts this is definitely worth a try as this is certainly a premium grade vape for a very reasonable price. Try this e-juice that is so highly rated among reviewers and customers all over the world say that it is the best marshmallow strawberry vape liquid available on the market.”

High Class Vape Bombshell – An E-Juice Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

SPINFUEL CHOICE AWARD 2017Julia – 5 – Awesome aroma, blissful flavor profile, and thick clouds. What more could you want from a sweet strawberry and marshmallow blend? In my rotation.

Tom – 5 – A good natural and sweet strawberry blended well with a sweet marshmallow fluff. Huge clouds, big flavor, and as satisfying as anyone could ever want. Delicious. In my rotation.

Kiera – 5 – The flavor is better than I thought it would be, not overly sweet, just sweet enough. The strawberries are genuine, sweet, ripe, and delicious. Clouds thick, and relaxing. Definitely in my rotation.

Jason – 5 – I almost didn’t award the full score of 5 points because the first hour or so I attempted to enjoy Audrey in a high resistance coil, low wattage environment. While good, it wasn’t a 5-point blend. Then I filled an Athos tank and vaped it warm with the Aspire Speeder and the heavens opened. This is going to be a big favorite for strawberry vapers.

High Class Vape Bombshell e-Liquid Conclusion

When we first approached these 5 flavors we were concerned that the chosen names for the flavors didn’t allow for even a hint of what the flavor profile might be. Once we found out, most of us agreed that each of the bombshell actresses were carefully chosen, and with good reason. These e-liquids are not only premium blends, they vape wonderfully and deliver tremendous flavor.

Not every Vaper is going to like all the blends here. But if you do enjoy the flavor profiles you read about above, then chances are you’re going to enjoy them every bit as much as we do. The unicorn bottles make filling even the most difficult sub-ohm tanks a breeze, and the price allows for as much vaping as anyone could enjoy, at an affordable price.  Remember when $22.99 got you 30mL? Yea, it’s like that. Delicious and affordable.

Available Now on High Class Vape Website