Jvapes Cinnamon Cake and Scouts Review

Jvapes Review – Spinfuel eMagazineWhen it comes to the “sparing no expense” philosophy, JVAPES is a real believer. If quality matters to you when it comes to the e liquids you will vape for a long time, check out these factors for JVAPES manufacturing…

 The JVAPES lab is AEMSA Certified, which means that they rigorously follow these practices and procedures when it comes to creating every bottle of ejuice:

  • Precise measuring of nicotine levels
  • Use of only United States Pharmacopeia (USP) certified nicotine
  • Use of only US Food Grade flavoring
  • Clean, Sanitary, and Safe mixing environment
  • Compliance with OSHA Standards
  • All e-liquids are packaged with child-proof caps
  • Tamper-evident and waterproof packaging
  • Smear resistant labels with safety and health warnings
  • Nicotine traceability (batch Identification numbers on every bottle)
  • Age verification (18-years minimum age for purchase, No Exceptions)

JVAPES e-liquid contains the following:

  • US Pharmacopeia grade vegetable glycerin
  • US Pharmacopeia grade propylene glycol
  • US Food Grade flavorings
  • US Pharmacopeia Certified nicotine (for e-liquid with nicotine levels over 0mg)

I don’t think you could ask for any more from any e liquid creator/manufacturer.

The Spinfuel eLiquid Team goes back to Jvapes for another round of flavors, the incredible Cinnamon Cake and Scouts, two luscious and lovely flavors that will make you instant fans of the Jvapes Exclusive Line.

Both flavors are Max VG. Nicotine strength options for this line is 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg(!), as well as Zero-Nic. Vapers can choose between 30mL and 60mL. The price is $16 and $25. Once you find the flavors you love to vape we recommend the 60mL bottles so you can save some serious coin.

We were sent 60mL bottles for each member of the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team, and because we enjoyed as much as we did, at the end of our 72-hour review period, there was nothing left.

The Review

We’ve been sitting on these two e liquids for a few weeks. When they arrived we filled a 2mL atomizer and to test the flavor and vapor. The results of that test showed us that the flavors did not have an opportunity to steep long enough before reaching us. So we had to wait.

We opened the bottles, allowed them to breathe, then resealed them and left the bottles in our dark, cool, stockroom in order to allow them to age for about 4 weeks. We’re not ready to believe that every customer will need to do the same when they order from Jvapes, but the arrival date of the ejuice suggested we received e juice directly off the line.

After 4 weeks of steeping, the flavor of these two e liquids were fully realized, and exquisite. Despite being a MaxVG formula the flavor density in both was amazing.

Vape Gear Used for Jvapes e Juice:

Julia – ProVape Procyon, Kanger Protank 4

Tom – Sigelei Fuchai 213, SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast

Kiera – Target Pro, Target Pro Sub-Ohm tank 0.5-ohm cCell

Jason – Lost Vape Triade DNA200, UWell Crown 2

The Jvapes eJuice – Reviewed

Both Cinnamon Cake and Scouts are strong flavors. One has a difficult flavor profile (complex), while the other has a singular flavor profile. It’s no coincidence that we considered one a great all-day-vape and the other a delicious, but “a few hours at a time” kind of vape.

Cinnamon Cake – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

An irresistibly tempting experience of savory cinnamon and vanilla cake smothered in buttercream icing.”

Jvapes Review – Spinfuel eMagazineJulia – 5 Stars – If any Vaper happens to enjoy real life, top shelf bakery cinnamon cake then this is an e liquid they will swear by. I have never tasted an e juice that was ‘better’ than the best real live counterpart.

The vapor produced from Cinnamon Cake in my Protank 4 at 48W was huge, massive, and aromatic (cinnamon). The thickness of the vapor and the aroma of the vapor made the flavor experience twice as good. I mean, this juice provided more vapor that you could want… this is competition level vapor from a Protank 4 (ceramic coil) and my Procyon from ProVape.

As for the flavor; not a hint of artificial flavoring. This juice was all cinnamon cake and nothing but cinnamon cake. I have put this juice in my rotation and the only thing I’m afraid of is the “too much of a good thing” syndrome. Like when someone gets on a kick of eating a certain flavor of ice cream and one day that flavor doesn’t do it for them anymore. I’m totally in love with Jvapes Cinnamon Cake that I know I need to pace myself because I want to love it just as much a year from now.

Bottom line, if you like cinnamon cake as a slice of real cake, this e juice will drive you mad.

Tom – 5 Stars – I invited my girlfriend to share a tank full of Jvapes Cinnamon Cake, and together we were floored by the intense flavor reminiscent a very expensive cinnamon cake you buy from a fancy bakery.

I vaped it with the new Smoke Beast by SMOK (TFV8), so I expected big flavors, but not this big. I was so glad that my girlfriend had filled one of those Atom Vapes Metropolis tanks and used her Tesla 100W Stealth mods, because I would have come to the conclusion that it was the SMOK tank that caused such intense flavor. The truth is, I think any tank, sub-ohm or plus-ohm, would throw off the perfect cinnamon cake flavor every time.

If you want a cinnamon cake e liquid that will trick your brain into thinking you were consuming real cinnamon cake, this is it. I don’t know what they used to make it, or what the flavoring ratio is, but this is an ultra-premium flavor you won’t soon forget.

Kiera – 5 Stars – What an unbelievable flavor from Jvapes. Cinnamon Cake like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. At the suggested wattage level of 35w the flavor is super intense, but the vapor was on the cool side. Since this was a MaxVG I knew I could push the wattage in order to taste this delicious flavor as warm vapor. I pushed the wattage in the Vaporesso Target Pro tank to 55w and BLAM, the warm luscious, to die for flavor of pure cinnamon cake blasted through every tastebud I owned and left behind this sweet aftertaste of cinnamon, and a cinnamon-like liqueur. If you like cinnamon flavors, you’ll pay anything to fill a tank with this stuff. Well, I would anyway.

Jason – 5 Stars – During the last review we did for Jvapes e liquids we received this laminated flavor chart. On this chart was Cinnamon Cake and Scouts. By the description on the flavor chart I was deeply disappointed that both flavors were not a part of the original review. As it turned out, the review came out pretty well anyway. But now, oh man…

What’s so strange about Cinnamon Cake today was that we all shared a 2mL tank of it the day it arrived. At that time the flavor profile was super sharp, very artificial, and a disappointment. Clearly it was not ready to vape.

About 4 weeks of steeping Cinnamon Cake it turned into an e liquid I will never run out of. This juice is the best cinnamon cake I’ve ever had. Strong cinnamon notes, deep “cake” flavors, my mind sees a slice of swirled cinnamon cake with every pull from my tank.

It’s strange, almost addicting, and unforgettable.  I kept my one and only bottle close to the vest because I knew we all loved it, and quite frankly, there have been times when a team member would try and con another member for “just a little more”. Most of the time its fine, we share all the time, but this time? I truly did not want to share what I had because what I had was not enough.


“Rich caramel, toasted coconut, and a chocolate drizzle are stacked on top of a soft, buttery cookie guaranteed to become your new favorite treat.”

Jvapes Review – Spinfuel eMagazineJulia – 4.5 Stars –  After reading the descriptions of both e liquids I thought that I would enjoy Scouts more so than Cinnamon Cake. While the results were close, I would choose Cinnamon Cake over Scouts. That said, Scouts is no slouch.

With a name like Scouts I figured this was going to be a girl scout cookie flavor, and it is, but not the one I thought. I was expecting, by the official description from the Jvapes website, that it would wind up tasting like a Samoa cookie, but it tastes more like Caramel Delites, a different blend of Samoa ingredients made by a different bakery than the one Samoa uses. It’s weird that I know that, isn’t it?

The flavor is sharper, with more edge, and while it tastes delicious, it is not an all-day-vape. That coincides exactly to what I think of the Samoa cookie and the Caramel Delites cookie.

Scouts has a strong flavor profile, one that many people will love, and even though Scouts is a MaxVG formula, the vapor production was noticeably less dense and aromatic than Cinnamon Cake.

Tom – 4 Stars – It was interesting to hear Kiera mention the word liqueur when discussing the Cinnamon Cake e juice because that word entered my mind while vaping Scouts. This flavor, while supposedly a girl scout cookie flavor, is quite good, but there is this sharp flavor note that reminds me of a chocolate liqueur. I plan to keep this flavor in my collection, but I just wouldn’t vape it nearly as much as I would Cinnamon Cake, which is in my rotation.

Kiera – 5 Stars – I love everything about Scouts. I can clearly taste the different layers of toasted coconut, caramel, and a sweet chocolate. Scouts hits the throat a little harder than Cinnamon Cake, but I would expect that since the Cinnamon Cake is a super smooth, yet authentic cinnamon and cake flavors. For an all-day-vape I would go with Cinnamon Cake, but when it comes time for a strong sweet flavor for an evening vape, it would be Scouts all the way.

Jason – 4.5 Stars – Scouts is a complicated flavor profile that has many delicious components that come together well, but it’s not smooth enough for an all-day-vape. And it doesn’t need to. The toasted coconut is unique and authentic, the buttery cookie is loaded with buttery flavor, and the chocolate drizzle is a hard hitting chocolate flavoring that is just shy of a perfect blend.

If Samoa cookies are your favorite girl scout cookie chances are you will love this juice, though whether it’s a flavor you can vape the entire day, or just a few hours, depends on how you handle an aggressive flavor profile.


We all agreed that Jvapes Cinnamon Cake is a God-Send of an e liquid, and that awarding it the Spinfuel Choice Award was a no-brainer. Anyone that wants to vape an honest-to-goodness slice of cinnamon cake needs to order a few bottles of this incredible juice.

Scouts, on the other hand, is a stronger, edgier flavor with a hint of a liqueur in the flavor, which

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can immediately kick it out of the all-day-vape category. It’s a good e liquid, full of flavor with better than average vapor production. But, it’s either the coconut or the buttery cookie element that comes on just a bit too strong for our tastes, although Kiera awarded Scouts the full 5 Stars.

Many Vapers are big fans of Scouts, and with good reason. Perhaps it’s the years of vaping for a living that has caused the team to crave more flavors that are first and foremost smooth, with a mild throat hit and plenty of soft, but thick, vapor. Scouts is aggressive, though with a high score from the team, but Cinnamon Cake suits us better.

Jvapes has the talent to create a diverse collection of amazing flavors. We doubt every flavor will agree with every Vaper, but quality, pure ingredients, careful execution, and consistently good manufacturing practices, no one could argue that this brand isn’t a super-premium brand.

Whether or not a Vaper likes any particular flavored e liquid will depend solely on whether the Vaper likes those flavors in their non-vapor form.

Jvapes e liquids can be purchased on their website and in a large number of vape shops around the country.

Julia Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride, Kiera Hartley-Barnes, and Jason Little, the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team